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Embed Social Proof
Inline text notifications

Embed Social Proof As Inline Text On Your Website

Social proof notifications can be a great way to boost conversions. However, they can sometimes distract the user and take them out of the experience.

What if we could make social proof notifications more subtle and less intrusive? This would allow users to stay in the experience while still getting social proof information. The inline text approach is less intrusive and more persuasive than a pop-up notification. It also allows you to provide more information about the offer or content that you are promoting in the notification itself.

The inline text notifications allow you to show social proof notifications as if it belongs to your own website text. It helps in improving the user experience. Here we’ll discuss some use- cases where you can use Inline text social proof.

1. Increase appointment bookings by showing recent bookings

Show recent actions on the booking appointment page

Social proof notifications are a great way to increase appointments. Adding social proof notifications on the appointment booking page is a great way to show potential customers that other people have booked appointments before them. Inline text is a great way to show these notifications because it does not take up much space on the page and it is easy for customers to read. The key factor is that they should be placed in an area where the user will see it, but not too close to the button or form so that it doesn't distract users.

2. Increase your e-book Downloads on the landing page by showing the number of downloads

Show download count on the e-book download page

Social proof notifications are small, informative, and give people the confidence that they need to download an ebook. They are a way to show your readers that other people have downloaded your content and liked it.

Inline text is an effective way to show social proof notifications. This can be done by adding a sentence next to the ebook download button that says “X number of people have already downloaded this book.” It can also be done by adding a notification bar that shows the number of downloads of the ebook. It also makes for a more fluid reading experience for the user since they don't need to scroll down through a long list of messages in order to see what they want.

3. Increase sales on your purchase page by showing the number of buyers

Show sales count on the purchase page

Adding social proof notifications on the purchase page can be a great way to increase sales. It shows visitors how many people have bought the product in the last few days and it can also help you sell more.

We want to do what others are doing and we want to be like others.

So, when we see the number of buyers in the last few days, it makes us feel more confident about our decision and thus increases the chance of purchase.

4. Increase your memberships by showing member reviews

show reviews on membership page

It’s not enough to have a membership page that looks great and has all the right information. You need to build trust by showing social proof of your success. This can include reviews, testimonials, or any other form of customer feedback that shows people are happy with what they received when they signed up for your service.

Inline text notifications can be a great way to increase your memberships by creating trust and urgency in a simple way - which also doesn't take up too much space on the page!

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5. Get more people to show interest in offers by showing the number of buyers online

show live visitor count on the offer page

Social proof notifications can be a great way to grab customer attention. As soon as a visitor lands on the offer page, show the number of live visitors on the offer page to let them know that they are not alone in their decision and that there are people who have already bought the product. This is a great way to grab customers' attention and persuade them to buy the product.

How you can set it up?

1. Go to WiserNotify Dashboard.

2. Select the Notification of your choice and click on “Edit”.

3. Here under the design section, you’ll find the “Embed into HTML option”

Design>Design Configuration>Embed into HTML

4. Turn this “ON” and copy the HTML code

5. Paste it at the desired place on your website

6. That’s it. Save it & the notification will be live on your website.

Watch this video tutorial to get a better understanding of how you can set it up.

Showing social proof as inline text becoming more popular with the rise of mobile devices and social media. So start using it now, don’t get left behind the competition.