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Not Just Another Shopify Social Proof App

Wisernotify is more than just a regular social proof popup app, we offer inline social proof messaging that personalizes buying experience for every step of the customer journey to boost sales.

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SuperCharge Your Shopify Sales on PLP, PDP & Checkout Page

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When In Doubt, Follow The Crowd

Use the wisdom of crowd in your favor and give new visitors a reason to trust your products.

Show visitors your popular products & sold count to know what's in demand. Invite them to join the trendsetters and shop your bestsellers.

Your visitors are a gold mine that you never utilized. It's time to use them to showcase which products are visited more and generate curiosity about your products.
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Authentic Social Proof: A Sales Pitch That Never Fails

Let the authentic social proof do the talking because it speaks louder than any sales pitch ever could.

Use your product's recent sales to influence new visitors to maek a purchase and create FOMO among new visitors to lift sales.

Reviews can do wonders. Show reviews from popular review platforms and let your visitors know what other people say about your brand.
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Now, Say Goodbye to Friction & Hello to Hassle-Free Checkouts

Clear visitors mind of any doubts and motivate them to complete checkout process.

Encourage users to act fast and never miss a sale again! Use limited stock notifications on your Shopify store to create urgency and drive conversions.

Elevate your Shopify checkout with a winning trio of sales, offers, and free delivery. Leave no room for customers to rethink and make them hit that “BUY NOW” button.
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“Our sale increased 250% after using Wisernotify. It not only increases trust but time users spend on the website which indirectly also improves SEO.”

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We don’t want to brag about our features, but…


Points20+ Social Proof and FOMO notifications

Points50+ Notification Design Templates

Points100% Customizations

PointsA/B testing, Goal Setting, Analytics Dashboard

Points200+ Direct Integrations

PointsAdvanced targeting features and much more..

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Don't let friction hold you back - start optimizing your Shopify store today and watch your sales soar!

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Customized to your brand

WiserNotify can be customized to match your brand's tone and style. We'll work closely with you to achieve the perfect brand match.

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Integration Made Easy

Integrates seamlessly with Shopify and deploys quickly without affecting page load speed. Get instant results with our expert team.

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Continuous Optimization

Working with you in optimizing message types, designs, and placements to maximize your campaigns' effectiveness with WiserNotify.

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Our human support team is available on weekdays year-round, except during holiday breaks.