70+ Social proof Examples

Use the power of Social Proof in your business

Social Proof examples in eCommerce

Thegolfather logo

“We are an online golf store that sells branded as well as unique golf products in canada & usa.”

Thegolfather image

“We found a marked increase in interactions, interactions and a higher perception of trust. We even had some buyers ask us if they would be included in the notifications on our page if they left a review. :-D”

Mukesh Manik
Mukesh Manik
thegolfather.ca ECOMMERCE AND RETAIL
Drsrinivasans logo

“Dr.Srinivasan.S provides Numerology services and Numerology courses through his website drsrinivasans.com.”

Drsrinivasans image

“Shows notification of latest 30 conversions. This instills confidence in new clients to sign up when they see names of real people who have made purchases through our websit. The social media notification showcases the number of likes and views on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. We use this feature off and on. Fantastic dashboard of Wiserfnotify that shows data of new purchases, goals, website visits and other useful metrics at a glance”

drsrinivasans.com ECOMMERCE AND RETAIL
Thecreativedukaan logo

“We are an online store selling creative merchandise for the creative community, agency professionals, travellers etc. Some of our products are Laptop Sleeve Bags, Laptop Skins, Laptop Bags, Mousepads, Coasters, MacBook Laptop Skins, Cushion Covers etc.”

Thecreativedukaan image

“1) Its is helping gain the trust of users when they see frequent buyers 2) Notification helps users to take decision based on the other people buying 3) Live visitors is helping users to see that the website is active and there are real people shopping from this website. 4) Also the conversion rate is improved”

Harsh Lakhotia
Harsh Lakhotia
thecreativedukaan.com ECOMMERCE AND RETAIL

“Online car buying platform allowing customers to find and fund a used vehicle”


“Increased conversions due to the fact we can display other user activity on our website, which brings an element of trust.”

James Smith
James Smith
Dapitanarcade logo

“Sell home decor a d Christmas items”

Dapitanarcade image

“Social validation gives people peace of mind to make online purchases. It gives people a window to see what other people find interesting in our online store.”

dapitanarcade.com ECOMMERCE AND RETAIL
Mes-jouets-en-bois logo

“E-commerce website for selling wooden toys”

Mes-jouets-en-bois image

“Selling more of the same item, see later section for the example. We are using the purchase social proof.”

Ahmed Jouini
Ahmed Jouini
mes-jouets-en-bois.com ECOMMERCE AND RETAIL
Metravi logo

“Manufacturing and supplying Test & Measuring Instruments. B2B engineering and industrial goods. We sell offline and online.”

Metravi image

“online orders increased”

Richa Nevatia
Richa Nevatia
Marketingautomationfocus logo

“Consulting and Online Courses for small to medium businesses (SMBs) on Email Marketing Automation, Social Media Management, Facebook Ads and ChatBots.”

Marketingautomationfocus image

“In my case, the benefits are for me to see the analytics of all the social proofs, conversion, and YouTube video notifications so that I am able to optimize my content and conversions.”

Anil Agrawal
Anil Agrawal
marketingautomationfocus.com ECOMMERCE AND RETAIL
Mmt logo

“Web Development”

Mmt image

“Regular update, communication and notification with customers and potential clients”

Mazen M. Al-Maskati
Mazen M. Al-Maskati
Neovapo logo

“We sell electronic cigarettes and e-liquid in France”

Neovapo image

“The CTR increase”

Alexandre Arnould
Alexandre Arnould
Studio331 logo

“Many moms feel like they are missing out on what it means to be a mother. We provide tools like weekly planners to help them prioritize life and imagination nurturing toys for children.”

Studio331 image

“Increased trust in our brand and as a result increase in sales.”

Reuben Hochstetler
Reuben Hochstetler
Speakerwebsitemadeeasy logo

“Speaker Website Made Easy provides a beautiful websites for speakers, podcasters, coaches, and consultants who are looking for a professional website, on a budget. These templated speaker websites are designed to help speakers book paid speaking opportunities and attract new clients to their business.”

Speakerwebsitemadeeasy image

“I’ve seen increased trust with new customers. I’ve also seen a shorter buyer journey timeline for first time potential customers who are interested to purchase a website.”

speakerwebsitemadeeasy.com ECOMMERCE AND RETAIL

Social Proof examples in Online Coaching

Growthmarketer logo

“GrowthMarketer is a free resource helping you become the smartest marketer in the room through newsletters, podcasts, and courses.”

Growthmarketer image

“Once we added WiserNotiify to our opt-in pages, we started seeing higher conversions almost right away. Our newsletter opt-in page alone experienced a 32% conversion lift after we started showing social proof and recent subscribers!”

Nicholas Scalice
Nicholas Scalice
Iphotography logo

“Digital Sea develops and sells a range of online courses and products in niche markets, including photography, creative writing, illustration and sport.”

Iphotography image

“We've seen sales uplifts from 10% - 15% and up to 25% increases on our lead capture pages since adding WiserNotify to our websites. We're currently testing between displaying reviews and conversion notifications. Displaying Reviews over conversions is looking very positive so far. The ease of use and customization that WiserNotify offers is incredible.”

Neil Maxwell-Keys
Neil Maxwell-Keys"
Theonlinedogtrainer logo

“We offer home-study courses for dog owners on how to train their dogs and puppies, as well as physical training products.”

Theonlinedogtrainer image

“The social proof has really helped us gain traction in a very saturated market. We have thousands of reviews now, and it's helped to push us above the competition. It's particularly good for launching new products and getting that instant trust from prospects.”

Dan Abdelnoor
Dan Abdelnoor
theonlinedogtrainer.com ONLINE COACH OR COURSE CREATOR
 techlibrary logo

“I help others build (WordPress) websites, and self-publish books on Amazon through KDP. I have a couple of YouTube channels focusing on tech and software reviews around these two industries.”

 techlibrary image

“WiserNotify helps me primarily in providing genuine social proof for my website visitors. I have created a notification using WiserNotify that shows / encourages my visitors to subscribe to my YouTube channel by displaying subscriber count, total views count, and the number of videos I have published so far. These are genuinely valid metrics which cannot be manipulated, and that's exactly why I love WiserNotify.”

Arun Sarathy
Arun Sarathy
Romanptemelbourne logo

“Language training and preparation for pte test.”

Romanptemelbourne image

“Haven’t checked the metrics yet.”

Roman Pathak
Roman Pathak
romanptemelbourne.com.au ONLINE COACH OR COURSE CREATOR
Ppsakhadeo logo

“We teach various programming languages and web development tools in regional languages”

Ppsakhadeo image

“There was a jump in enrolments in paid courses immediately after we integrated WiserNotify. Enrolments increased by almost 25%”

Prathamesh Sakhadeo
Prathamesh Sakhadeo
Joyfullifemastery logo

“Offers manifesting products, books and tools that help users create a joyful life.”

Joyfullifemastery image

“It adds trust and authority.”

Priya Davies
Priya Davies
joyfullifemastery.com ONLINE COACH OR COURSE CREATOR
Soulcaremom logo

“Catherine Wilde is the Founder of Soul Care Mom and is passionate about helping moms get out of survival mode and find time for themselves so they can truly enjoy motherhood. Soul Care Mom offers coaching as well as a self care membership, Vibrant Mom Life, that will help you to release mom guilt and create a consistent self care practice that you love!”

Soulcaremom image

“WiserNotify has been such an amazing growth tool for my business. It has helped to showcase social proof in a beautiful and effortless way. I appreciate the user friendly way this platform is structured as well as the updates that are released to enhance the ways you can share social proof for your business. I highly recommend WiserNotify to anyone with an online business.”

Catherine Wilde
Catherine Wilde
Powa logo

“Powa Academy helps entrepreneurs and business owners to re-wire for good their self-sabotage scripts so they can reach with 100% confidence the next level in their life and business.”

Powa image

“It helped a lot to avoid the who is this guy again? feeling when I was starting out with cold paid traffic”

Danny Sicorace
Danny Sicorace
Www logo

“Offer 7-Day Video Challenge to help entrepreneurs, coaches & consultant to get over the fear & appear in front of the camera with ease”

Www image

“Create a FOMO & urgency to other potential buyers, increase conversion”

June Low
June Low
www.amazingchallenge.us ONLINE COACH OR COURSE CREATOR
Fatherssonsbrothers logo

“we create safe spaces for men to have unsafe conversations.”

Fatherssonsbrothers image

“We support men to become more courageous by standing together as a tribe. Wisenotifier lets new tribe members know how recently someone joined the tribe. Not being part of the tribe is a base human need and a powerful convertor of traffic.”

Gareth Pickering
Gareth Pickering
fatherssonsbrothers.com ONLINE COACH OR COURSE CREATOR
Oligenesi logo

“Massage and Aesthetics Courses”

Oligenesi image

“More course enrolment”

Alessio Gironi
Alessio Gironi
Toniakendrick logo

“I teach online business owners how to create & execute strategies, organize & systematize their businesses, and level up their productivity.”

Toniakendrick image

“I've found that using social proof notification increases my conversion rate because it provides potential customers with verification that others have chosen to do business with me. It makes them feel more confident in their decision to buy from me. Plus, it's a great way to show your customers that you're a credible and trustworthy source.”

Tonia Kendrick
Tonia Kendrick

Social Proof examples in SaaS

Egafutura logo

“EGA Futura is a complete and easy-to-use business and retail management software, whether tangible or intangible goods or services, is the ideal billing inventory control and point of sale software solution with barcode processing. StockBase POS is 100% Windows compatible, launched in 1994 with over than 57,000 licenses sold worldwide. Keep your business competitive by improving results in today's marketplace. You need to track assets, billing, current accounts plus daily activities, which keep accumulating your workload. EGA Futura will help running your business, rather than you running behind it. You could be a step ahead of tomorrow.”

Egafutura image

“The daily use of WiserNotify allowed us to increase the conversion rate on our landing pages (https://www.egafutura.com/facturacion/gratis), and at the same time increase trust in other parts of our site, such as the support area (https://www.egafutura.com/soporte/inicio). WiserNotify is easy to use, easy to configure and works perfectly in multiple languages.”

Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel
egafutura.com SAAS AND SOFTWARE
Leadscripts logo

“Leadscripts is a fill-in-the-blank ai-powered copywriting engine that helps you finish your funnels, emails and sales pages in minutes without brain-freezes and ruts. our new article /blog writer will write your article in a minute simply by supplying the topic or a short sentence..”

Leadscripts image

“WiserNotify is easy to implement and has definitely helped with converting new subscribers. Since LeadScripts is fairly new to the market, social proof has been the key to giving our new customers the confidence to complete their purchase.”

Craig Kelley
Craig Kelley
leadscripts.co SAAS AND SOFTWARE
Sath logo

“SaaS product for Identity And Access Management.”

Sath image

“We don't use it for social proof, we use it for customizable exit-intent popups.”

Casey Whitcher
Casey Whitcher
 bulk logo

“Bulky eliminates the process of spending hours each week copying and pasting your evergreen updates to social media. Set them up once, and have your posts recycled automatically for you with Bulkly.”

 bulk image

“Social proof is very powerful when it comes to a site. Particularly a smaller site like Bulkly. By being able to display social proof, it lets visitors who are new to Bulkly understand the value that Bulkly offers by demonstrating others who have signed up.”

Chris Makara
Chris Makara

Social Proof examples in Travel and Hospitality

Parawanthaicookingclass logo

“We run thai cooking classes at our home on the island of koh tao in thailand as well as offering online thai cooking classes.”

Parawanthaicookingclass image

“It's hard to say as I added WiserNotify to the website when it was created, but it seems obvious to me that it's a great thing to have on any site for a business that has reviews.”

Phil Davies
Phil Davies
parawanthaicookingclass.com FOOD OR TOURISM
 travelrushi logo

“Travel blog”

 travelrushi image

“I have used Channel Subscriber, Youtube Video cards on our website which helped get more subscribers and more views for our Youtube channel”

Mounica Gurram
Mounica Gurram
travelrushi.com FOOD OR TOURISM

Social Proof examples for Other Online Business

Ccnadesdecero logo

“A blog content for ccna 190-301 certification.”

Ccnadesdecero image

“Increased sales revenue and greater confidence for our customers.”

Alexis Junior
Alexis Junior
ccnadesdecero.es BLOGS AND NEWS
Totallycodable logo

“Create code and zero code solutions for websites built on Wix, Editor X, SwipePages and SiteJet platforms.”

Totallycodable image

“It was so easy to streamline everything for my brand by using the social proof notification. It was very helpful to funnel leads to the right place for fast conversion.”

totallycodable.com WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT
Treffsikker logo

“Agency within digital marketing, web development and workflow automation aimed on the SMB market”

Treffsikker image

“Efficient way of establishing trust in users, by showing them great user reviews at the right time and in a delicious way. More flexibility than hard coding in a section.”

Kjetil Grøsland
Kjetil Grøsland
treffsikker.no MARKETING AGENCY
Paintedbrickdigital logo

“Digital Marketing and SEO”

Paintedbrickdigital image

“Leads ask about some of the notifications they've seen on our site as they are curious about how similar those projects were and if they can have the same results.”

Adam Truszkowski
Adam Truszkowski
paintedbrickdigital.com WEB AGENCY
Markind logo

“I am a french sci-fi novelist.”

Markind image

“More lead caption. More visitors redirected to a specific page. Less bounce rate. More retention on the website.”

Philippe Ruaudel
Philippe Ruaudel
markind.fr WRITER
Nextlevelbros logo

“We are a digital marketing agency mostly focused on facebook/instagram ads and conversion rate optimization.”

Nextlevelbros image

“Customers contact us for work based in part on the social proof provided by the notifications.”

Alexander Pereira
Alexander Pereira
nextlevelbros.com MARKETING AGENCY
Treatmywrinkles logo

“The websites are for skin care clinics where people book treatments for microneedling, dermal fillers, Botox, laser treatments, hair removal, acne scar removal, etc. The websites are super important for lead generation and therefore as a source of clients. The Wisernotify notifications help me increase the lead generation.”

Treatmywrinkles image

“With the notifications, I have seen an increase in the number of leads collected. Before I needed about 9 visitors to collect a lead, and now this is down to about 7 visitors (from organic traffic).”

Johan Stausland
Johan Stausland
treatmywrinkles.co.uk SKINCARE
Coversine logo

“Coversine offers comprehensive service of maintaining your online presence, whether design, development, maintenance, security, hosting or more. We excel in managed web hosting in WordPress, Magento, etc.”

Coversine image

“Noticed a bump in engagement of our visitors and reduced bounce rate from 80+ to 63%.”

Cyril George
Cyril George
Sportchezsoi logo

“Sport Chez Soi helps its readers to lose weight and develop good sports habits. The blog offers many tips on weight and resistance training and fitness for those who train at home as well as on sports nutrition.”

Sportchezsoi image

“More engagement from the readers, many clicks to subscription form or sales pages of my ebooks. Moreover, people love to know how many visitors are onsite at the same time.”

Stéphane Vierge
Stéphane Vierge
sportchezsoi.com BLOGS AND NEWS
Hyper6 logo

“We create high converting, custom landing pages and websites.”

Hyper6 image

“Higher engagement”

Alex Aron
Alex Aron
Jessieonajourney logo

“Jessie on a Journey is a solo travel blog that provides resources for hitting the road as well as building a profitable travel blogging business.”

Jessieonajourney image

“As someone who runs a membership community, it’s important for people to see that the community is truly active — with people excited to join, engage, network, and empower. Social proof helps do this, encouraging people to grow with the help of a group.”

Finanfox logo

“We help people better manage their savings by creating a personalized financial plan and advising them on where to invest their money. All this without charging clients because we charge the more than 80 financial entities with which we collaborate.”

Finanfox image

“People who visit our website and see the popup with the activity of other visitors, feel that they are not the only ones who are trying to improve their finances and feel confident that they do not feel alone doing this.”

Alex Caballero
Alex Caballero