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We aim to help marketers and entrepreneurs to discover insightful articles about online marketing strategies, SEO, Conversion optimization tools, social proof and FOMO marketing.
So if you think you could add value to our audience, read the guidelines below and submit the article topic accordingly.

Why write for WiserNotify?

WiserNotify is a rapidly growing company with 6000+ users in just one year. You will get exposure to marketers, start-ups, and founders. When you submit your article, include a link to your website or social media page, we will add it when we publish the article. Although you know what benefits you will have with these kind of audience, here is a glimpse of benefits you can get as a guest writer
  • Share ideas with 1000s of marketers that use our product
  • Promote your brand and tell people about your company
  • Get quality links to your own website
  • Connect with our expert writers & editors

What we are looking for?

1. Acceptable Content Types:

Your blog should be a minimum of 1000 words

2. Example rich, actionable content:

Theory is good but our readers would love examples with actionable tips to implement ideas in real life

3. Original content:

Your content should be 100% original and not plagiarised. Avoid sharing plagiarised content on our website

4. Research-backed content:

Your blog should be backed by deep research, feel free to add references at the end of the blog

5. Visualize the content:

Add at least one image with an image source. Add alt texts for the picture as it is really important for the SEO

6. Keep it simple:

Your content should be simple to understand. Avoid using words that are not relevant to the industry

Topics we are interested in

We write for the marketers and entrepreneurs who want to grow their websites. So, make sure you come up with topics that help them.

Social Proof Marketing

Lead Generation

SaaS Marketing tool


FOMO Marketing

Sales Generation

Social Proof Plugins

SEO guides

Website builders

Suggest topics


Must Do’s

The blog should have a minimum of 800 words

Content should be grammatically correct and plagiarism free

The title should be eye-catching and clickworthy

The title should have no more than 100 characters

Make sure to add links that add value in the article

Always provide blog description, title, & keywords before you start writing

Submit article in google docs

Strict Don’t

Irrelevant topics won’t be accepted

Do not share duplicate content, it’s always better to check plagiarism

Submission process

It is mandatory to follow the submission process, failure to do so will result in rejection and we will not approve not request

Read Guidelines

Please read our content guidelines before submitting the blog/article. Your content will only be accepted when you meet our requirements

Submit your article

Double-check that you adhere to all the guidelines. If you do, use the form below to submit your article

Review process

We will review your submission and respond to you within 7 business days. If you’re selected you will have to submit the article before the deadline. Please note that the deadline will be selected by you in the form mentioned below


Once submitted our team will check the content, images, and references. We will inform you if there are any changes required. Note that we can choose not to publish your article if you don’t meet our standards


We will publish the article and share the link with you. We encourage you to share the article with your audiences and engage them.

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