About us


Every day your website is visited by hundreds of people, and yet only a few take action on what you are offering. No matter how much technology transforms, we still need social proof to be assured. With Wiser Notify, we came up with a quick and easy solution to help your website visitors build trust in what you offer.

With a mission to create sales-boosting effective marketing solutions for successful e-commerce businesses, Wiser Notify turns consumer psychology into digital solutions. Offering social proof & FOMO marketing solutions that will help you catch the attention of potential customers, Wiser Notify assists you in thriving sales and builds better credibility.

Wiser Notify aims to help customers stay ahead of the curve by using social proof & FOMO marketing strategies with advanced features.

Taking businesses one step closer to growth and efficiency by increasing website credibility, not noise, and adding intriguing widgets that increase conversions rate and not the acquisition cost – it’s time to unleash your full potential with WiserNotify marketing tools and drive real profit.

Our Values

Driving is our purpose

Every widget, tool, notification that we develop and update is driven with a purpose to drive website credibility and conversions rate and supports your larger business goals.

Trust is our pride

We are not just noise. We build our relations on the foundation of trust by delivering what we promise and staying true to our words.

Customers come first

Our team is lead with a purpose to help businesses increase conversion rate. Our every decision and every product we build comply with our mission of serving our customers to the best.

Numbers are our companion

We trust data proven by numbers, and ensure to be transparent of the results with our team and our customers for effective and efficient results.