Why WiserNotify?

More types of social proof & FOMO Widget with Advanced reporting


Wins Visitors' Trust

Trust can be gained quickly by showing customers' activities & their reviews as social proof notificaiton on your site.


Boost Conversions Rate

Uses nudges to apply marketing effects such as Scarcity and FOMO that enable you to Increase conversions & save on acquisitions.


Measure Performance & ROI

Enables you to understand audience behaviour on notification & helps you to manage your future customer engagement strategies.

What we offer

10+ Social proof Notification Tailored to Your Needs

Show live & recent activities

Let visitors know what other people took action when they visited the website. It builds website credibility & influences the visitor's decision to take similar action.
Live Visitor
Show how many customer or visitor are online
Show notifications of real people taking action on your site like signed up, download, started using free trial or subscribed.
Show any purchase or booking activities like order product, subscribe plan or buy online course.

Show the numbers

To really convince visitors that you’re the right brand for them, take the number of users, sales, reviews, and more, that you’ve collected and put on the website.
Recently visited
Show no. of visitors viewed your website
Conversion counter
Show no. of potential customer signed up, download something or contacted you in specific time duraiton
Purchase counter
Show no. of customers or buyers ordered your product or booked something or pay fees
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Show real-time review & recommendation

Increase social media reach while increasing your website credibility by showing Facebook Page, Google My Business, or Twitter reviews & YouTube recommendation.
Review & Review count
Show what your customer saying about you on Google, Facebook & other review platform.
YouTube Subscriber & video views count
Show YouTube Video with its views, like, comment & subscriber counter
Social Media counter
Show number of subscriber & Fan following count.

Use eye-catching widgets to prevent website visitors from leaving without taking action

Powerful Features with Advanced control

Template gallery

50+ design templates with 100% customization options like text, branding, CTA, image, shape & size.

Intelligent targeting

Determine who sees the notifications using display page rules, audience targeting based on cookies, UTM & refferer site options.

Data Source

Auto capture any form submission event & Easy to use any external third party platform data

Timing & Data Control

Set delay between notifications, display time for each notification, Initial delay to start showing first notification & Also, apply data related setting like show max. number of data or skip already seen data.

In-built A/B Testing

Create notification varrient and do A/B test with different copy, CTA, images, and setting to achieve best results.

Reports & Goal Tracker

See in real time what's happening across all your sites with detailed analytics and insights for each notification.

Third-Party Apps?

Integrations 150+ More

WiserNotify flawlessly integrates with more than 10 website builders & Natively able to get real-time data from your favorite website building, marketing, communication, reviews, CRM, page builder, billing & booking tool.

Using Wiser Notify in your marketing strategy can boost
your leads and sales up to 18%. Easy setup & affordable pricing