Use The Power Of Social Proof In Your Customer’s Travel Journey

Grow Your Travel Business With Social Proof

Let The Visitors Know How Popular Your Business Is

  • A nudge of a total number of live visitors does a great job
  • Make your visitors realize that they are at the right place by showing how popular your site is
  • Crowd attracts a crowd and builds trust

Show Live Bookings of Suites or Trips

  • A widget of live bookings effectively increases chances of booking
  • Trigger FOMO and create urgency by showing a limited number of spots left on the listing page
  • Automate conversions & watch them boost up on their own

Social Media Is The Key

  • Show your social media stats and encourage more to join your network
  • Bring all your social media achievements in one widget
  • Use your social media influence to show your popularity

Genuine Customer Reviews Builds Credibility

  • Show honest reviews of customers from platforms like Facebook and Google
  • A live feed of realtime-reviews on the product page can boost buyer confidence
  • Showing genuine reviews will develop the site’s credibility

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