Social Proof works

We’ll tell you how exactly Social Proof works.


Imagine you just lost your headphones, and you are looking to buy a new headphone.

You log in to some random website and look for a new one.


But wait! You never bought headphones from this website before, nor did you hear about this site before.

You start getting doubts about the website’s credibility.


And then you find another website with just the same options.

But on this website, you see a popup showing the number of people shopping.

Then another notification pops up showing A man named “John purchased a headphone from New York, USA”.

It makes you feel comfortable because you’re not the only one buying from this site. You start finding this website trustworthy.

notification notification

In a moment another notification showed the number of buyers who purchased these headphones.

Now, you feel even more persuaded to buy headphones from this website.

Another notification pops up showing the “Real reviews” about the product and website. You can even verify it on Google.

Now that you are more confident about the product and the site’s credibility, you buy headphones right away.

notification bubble

Your headphone arrives right on time and is working fine.

You even get a sweet deal on this product.

Now you can finally start using your headphone and carry on with your day!

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