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Top 5 Social Proof Widgets (Build Trust & Drive More Sales)

I’ve spent over 8 hours researching and testing different social proof widgets. This guide will share the top 5 that actually move the needle.

But first, why should you even care about social proof? Well, studies show a whopping 92% of people trust non-paid recommendations from other satisfied customers, over ANY marketing material from brands.

Let that sink in for a second. If people don’t see trusted social signals backing up your product or service, they’re far less likely to convert.

The good news? By leveraging the right widgets to display social proof, you can easily overcome this trust barrier for new visitors and boost conversions.

What Are Social Proof Widgets?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people are heavily influenced by the actions and opinions of others.

It’s why people are more likely to try a restaurant if they see a line out the door versus if it’s empty.

For websites and marketing campaigns, social proof widgets aim to replicate this behavior by displaying user activities and feedback in real-time. Integrating social proof widgets into an e-commerce site is crucial to build trust, boost sales, and establish credibility with potential customers.

The goal is to trigger a “fear of missing out” (FOMO) in prospects and persuade them to convert potential customers.

Think about it – if someone lands on your website or gets a marketing email and sees a constant flow of other people signing up, buying, leaving glowing online store reviews, etc., they’re going to think:

“Wait, what am I missing out on here? If all these other people are doing it, I should probably get involved too!”

It’s a crazy-powerful psychological trigger rooted in our pack mentality as humans. And if you aren’t leveraging it with social proof tools and widgets, you’re 100% leaving conversions on the table.

Here is a quick overview of social proof widgets:

  1. Live visitor count
  2. Real-time sign-up notifications
  3. Review/testimonial widgets
  4. Sales popup notifications
  5. YouTube subscriber count

Each widget explains how it creates social proof, taps into psychological principles like authority bias, and persuades people to convert.

5 Social Proof Widgets You Can Use

1. Live Visitor Count

Live Visitor Count - Social proof widget

Live Visitor Count Displaying real-time visitor numbers on your website is an easy way to create social proof and a fear of missing out. I mean, no one wants to be the last person to show up to the party, right?

A live visitor counter sends signals like:

  • Our product/service is actively being used by others right now
  • There’s real activity and engagement happening on this site
  • You better get involved before it’s too late!

It’s super simple but incredibly effective.

2. Recent Sign-ups

Recent Sign-ups Widget

Recent Sign-ups If you’re looking to capture way more email subscribers, real-time sign-up notification widgets are a total conversion goldmine.

The idea is to cycle through the actual names of new members entering your list in real time. This demonstrates that you have an active and engaged audience.

More importantly, it taps into those basic human desires:

  • Following the herd
  • Being part of the “in” crowd
  • Getting in on a rapidly growing trend early

With notifications popping up every few seconds showing new red-hot leads flowing in, prospects on the fence will be way more likely to opt in themselves, thanks to this whole social media and proof factor.

3. Review/Testimonials Widgets

Review/Testimonials Widgets

In the age of infinite choice, reviews from satisfied customers have become absolutely crucial for any business owner to land new customers and clients.

The key is to feature reviews, customer feedback, and video testimonials from recognizable, credible sources that your target audience sees as authoritative.

An embedded Review widget displaying a steady stream of testimonials and reviews from review platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter adds social validation & builds trust.

Displaying these ever-updating customer reviews and positive sentiments capitalizes on something called “authority bias.” Put simply, people are way more likely to take an action if it’s been validated by a reputable source they trust and find credible.

4. Sales Popups Notifications

Sales Popups social proof widget

Sales Popups: These are about as “in your face” as social proof widgets can get, and they’re extremely effective at displaying recent sales! Sales notification popups let your visitors see what other people are buying from your online store in real-time.

Seeing a constant stream of popups hitting people with messages like:

“Jonathan F. from Austin, TX just purchased the Pro Plan!”

“20 minutes ago, Sarah K. bought 3 units of Product X!”

Once prospects on the site realize they may be “missing out” on a hot product or limited-time deal, they’re significantly more inclined to buy it themselves.

It’s an example of proof that other people are taking action, and our human psychology compels us to follow the same.

5. YouTube Subscriber Count

YouTube Subscriber Count Widget

YouTube Subscriber Count For the content creators and YouTubers here, your total subscriber count is basically a built-in social proof goldmine! Embedding that number on your website with a widget is a no-brainer.

Sure, it’s a simple little stat. But seeing that “400K subscribers” or “1.2M subscribers” number instantly tells website visitors that your content is legit – it’s been vetted by a massive audience that finds value in it.

This taps into not only traditional social proof psychology by showing others approve of your brand and user-generated content but also a psychological phenomenon that plays on authority bias since large subscriber numbers position you as a leader in your space that people should listen to.

So, while it may not seem like much, that subscriber widget can go a long way toward boosting trust and credibility for your site.

Wrap Up

There you have it – the 5 best social proof widgets to boost conversions this year by capitalizing on FOMO and herd mentality. Social media posts can also play a crucial role in building trust and credibility for your e-commerce website.

Things like visitor counters and sales popups generate visible urgency signals. Social widgets like review carousels and subscriber counts bolster that all-important trust and authority factor.

At the end of the day, people need that extra nudge and validation from others before pulling the trigger on a purchase or conversion these days. Don’t let them hit the back button – show off those big social proof numbers!

So get out there and start implementing social proof across social media platforms and all your marketing channels.

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Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya is a marketing tech expert who boosts e-commerce conversion rates with automated social proof and FOMO strategies. He loves to keep posting insightful posts on online marketing software, marketing automations, and improving conversion rates.

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