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16 Best Social Proof Tools in 2024 ↗️ (Free & Paid)

Tired of seeing your website visitors bounce without taking action?

The solution might be simpler than you think. Social proof tools are your ultimate weapon to build trust, credibility, and urgency.

Discover the 16 social proof software that can build trust and credibility with your website visitors and improve conversion rates.

But what exactly is social proof, and why is it so crucial for your website’s conversion?

Let’s see…

What Is Social Proof?

In Layman’s terms, Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation.

In simple terms, people look to others before making any decision.

If someone you know made a decision, you’re more likely to make that decision too. That’s social proof.

“Trust is the biggest hurdle. And trust largely comes from social proof.”    -Seth Godin

You know who this guy is, right?

Don’t buy my words, but when this guy says social proof works in marketing, you must believe it.

It’s not just him; big companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Wix are using this concept to lower barriers in customers’ minds while buying online.

I hope that you have already decided to consider social proof in your next marketing campaign.

Well, I will get there in a minute, but before that, you must consider some features and social proof types to help you get the desired results.

Here are some of the proven notification types that drive customer actions.

1. Live Visitor Counter

Live visitor Counter
Live visitor Counter

Show a live number of visitors to your website. It helps in building the trust and credibility of your website.

2. Recent Conversions popup

Recent Conversation popup
Recent Conversation popup

Show the number of people signing up for your service. You can also show the conversion count in specific time durations.

3. Recent sales popups

Recent Sales popup
Recent Sales popup

Show sales data along with the buyer’s name and product details. To encourage visitors to take action faster, you can show this notification on the cart page.

If you are looking for more recent sales popup apps, check them out: 20 Sales Popup Apps Compared to Help You Choose Right for Store

4. YouTube Video Subscribers popup

Youtube Video Subscriber Popup
YouTube Video Subscriber Popup

Promote videos and show views, likes, and comments on your website. You can even add a CTA to get more people to subscribe to your YouTube channel

5. Embed Reviews on Website

Embed Reviews on Website
Embed Reviews on the Website

Over 92% of people read reviews before buying a product. To increase sales, show reviews from real people on a product page.

6. Urgency Call To Action widgets

Urgency call to Action Widgets
Urgency Call to Action Widgets

Limited stock notifications help in creating urgency. Show livestock details along with live notifications and convert more customers.

Different notification types work differently under different scenarios.

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Now that you know what type of notifications you can use, you will need some pro features to make the most out of it.

Essential Features of Social Proof Tool

Evaluating a social proof tool? Here’s what to look for in terms of features.

1. Social Proof Design templates

It is always good to have options. Choosing a notification design that suits your website is really necessary.

You don’t want to compromise the look & feel of the website.

Always consider buying a social proof tool that has design options available.

2. Widgets

Widgets can help you show pop-up videos and social media followers, make announcements, etc. Widgets can be a great way to show announcements.

3. Ways to show social proof notifications

If you prefer not to display notifications in a specific style, it’s essential to have alternative options.

Not all website designs are compatible with pop-up notifications. Notifications can be presented as a feed, a pop-up, or embedded within the text.

This feature becomes especially crucial if you have an app.

4. Universal Pixel

You don’t want to install pixels on every site that you want to show social proof notifications. Your tool should be able to use one pixel for multiple websites.

5. AB testing

We never know which copy is working and which isn’t. It is better to test multiple copies and then choose the best one.

In-built AB testing features can help you reap more benefits with social proof.

6. Intelligent Targeting

Targeting the right audience at the right time is important for converting customers.

The tool you use must be able to intelligently target an audience in a specific geographical location with applied time and display rules.

7. Reporting

You should analyze and improve your strategies regularly. To improvise, you need a detailed analysis of customer behavior, which your tool should be able to provide in real time.

8. Multi-language support

No matter where you live, you can connect better with people in their regional language.

Many social proof notification tools like WiserNotify, and Nudgify are offering multi-language support for notifications.

10. GDPR compliance

You don’t want to compromise your website visitor’s data. Privacy should be the first priority of any website.

Always choose a tool that complies with the General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR)

12. Customer Support

Customer support is a must-have for any software service. You should look for tools that offer live chat support or seamless customer support from a real person (not a bot)

Check out the 16 Best Social Proof Marketing Tools for Your Online Business in 2024

1. WiserNotify

Wisernotify - Social Proof Tool

WiserNotify is one of the best social proof tools that help online businesses and e-commerce stores increase conversions.

The software displays social proof notifications such as recent sales, product reviews, and user behavior based on real-time data. 10,000+ online businesses trust it.

Best Features:

  • Display real-time visitor and purchase data to boost customer confidence and increase revenue.
  • Show customer reviews from Facebook and Google to build trust with your audience.
  • Customize notifications like sales pop-ups, review alerts, live visitor counts, and free widgets.
  • Use A/B testing to optimize social proof notifications for maximum impact.
  • Grow your email list with an inbuilt email collector.
  • Reach your desired audience with intelligent targeting using display rules.
  • Track progress and achieve business objectives with goal setting.
  • Agencies can create sub-users and team members for efficient collaboration and project management.

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large enterprise looking to expand your online reach, It has all the features you need to succeed.

The best thing about WiserNotify is that it offers direct native integration with 200+ marketing software, including popular website builders, email marketing platforms, landing page builders, and review platforms.

WiserNotify is the best social proof tool, offering a range of advanced pro features for businesses looking to improve their online presence.


Wisernotify offers a 7-day free plan, and Its paid plan starts from $16/month for 10,000 visitors.

Adding Social Proof to Your Website

Interested in understanding how to integrate social proof into various types of websites or website builders?

Dive into this comprehensive guide on how to add social proof to different types of websites and improve your online presence.

WiserNotify CTA Image
Finding Best Social Proof Tool For Your Business?

Try WiserNotify and build your website’s trust and credibility.

2. Nudgify


Nudgify creates a sense of urgency and popularity around a product or service, increasing conversions.

Nudgify’s social proof tool or software integrates easily with any website, and the customizable notifications can be tailored to the brand’s style and messaging.

Best Features:

  • Users can also track the effectiveness of their social proof campaigns with the tool’s detailed analytics.


It lets you use Nudgify for only 7 days. After that, it will cost you $9/month for 10,000 monthly visitors.

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Fomo claims to be the first and best social-proof software or social-proof tool. It offers various templates and display rules to suit your website requirements.

Best Features:


FOMO offers a 14-day free trial period and a different range of plans to meet your visitor quota requirements. Its most popular plan is around $39/month for 50,000 visitors.

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4. ProveSource


ProveSource is also easy to set up and powerful social proof software. It lets you customize notification icons, title colors, links, texts, and more.

Best Features:

  • Provesource automatically collects data like clicks, hovers, impressions, engagement rate, etc.
  • You can connect it with Google Analytics to get a deeper analysis.
  • It shows off a verification badge on notifications.


ProveSource’s free plan is limited; paid plans start from $21/month.

5. Proof


Proof Pulse is one of the best social proof tools. Proof lets you customize notifications and add custom notification messages like any other social proof tool, but it has one unique feature.

Best Features:

  • It offers a social proof campaign like Hot streaks, live sales, etc.
  • The biggest downside here is the price.


Proof Pulse Paid plan starts at $29/month, but it is limited to 1000 visitors. After that, the price jumps to $79/month.

6. Provely


Provely is a powerful social proof software that shows real-time customer activity on a website to boost conversions. It is flexible and adaptable to the needs of any business, thanks to its three distinct campaign types: current activity, activity from a rotating set of dates, and historical activity.

Best Features: 

  • Provely requires no more than a single line of code to get up and running.
  • You can display notifications on any page, including checkout pages.
  • This social proof tool allows businesses to design their own unique popup notifications or select from a variety of premade designs.


With annual pricing for a single site license starting at $97, Provely is an affordable option.

7. Evidence


Evidence is the best social proof app. It has a simple interface and can be set up quickly. However, there are a few cons that need to be addressed. Some users may feel that additional design options and integrations are necessary to utilize the tool fully.

Some customers may also have trouble with integrations, and others may feel that product updates could be communicated better.

Best Features:

  • The inclusion of support for multiple languages also makes it a viable option for companies with a worldwide reach.
  • It provides a pleasant experience for customers and has multiple integrations, such as a website chat box and mobile optimization.


You can try out Evidence with a free 14-day trial before making a long-term commitment. The starter plan costs $40 for 5,000 visits.

8. OptinMonster


By increasing trust and creating a sense of urgency, OptinMonster’s social proof software solution features help businesses turn more visitors into buyers.

Indicating to site visitors in real-time when a new subscriber or buyer signs up for your email list or makes a purchase is one way to encourage more people to take action and increase your site’s conversion rates.

Best Features:

  • Custom success messages can reinforce the benefits of taking a certain action and show visitors that others are seeing success with your business.
  • Easy to set up features and modify to fit your site’s aesthetic.


Its low starting price of $9 per month makes it an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.

9. TrustPulse



TrustPulse social proof tool works by showing visitors real-time notifications of recent activity on your website and landing pages, such as when someone subscribes to your email list or makes a purchase.

This creates a sense of urgency, fear of missing out, and social proof, which can motivate site visitors to take action and help increase your site’s conversion rate.

Best Features:

  • Easily integrate TrustPulse notifications into your site’s appearance.
  • Sync with popular email marketing software to add new customers and launch targeted campaigns.
  • Conduct A/B tests to see which notifications and messages resonate most.
  • Monitor campaign success in real-time and adjust your strategy accordingly.


It starts with $5/month for 2 sites and 2500 site views with limited feature access.

10. Smash Balloon


The Smash Balloon plugin allows you to showcase user-generated content, testimonials, and reviews from real people on social media platforms, creating a sense of credibility and trust with your target audience.

With 5 different plugins to choose from, including Instagram Feed, Twitter Feed, YouTube Feed, Facebook Feed, and Social Wall, Smash Balloon provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for displaying social proof on their websites.

Best Features:

  • Display likes, comments, shares, and followers in social media feeds to boost social proof.
  • Smash Balloon is responsive, SEO-friendly, and easy to set up for quick social media feed display.
  • Customize the plugin to match your website’s design.


With its affordable pricing options, starting at $49 per year per plugin or the All Access Bundle for $299 per year, Smash Balloon is an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes. This is the best social proof tool.

11. LetConvert


LetConvert is a social proof tool that shows your visitors the conversions that have taken place on your site by showcasing the most recent user activity, a live visitor count, and Power Trails.

Best Features:

  • Customize LetConvert’s social proof notifications with various fonts, colors, and animations to match your site.
  • Track user details and activities with customer cards included in the software.


LetConvert’s base price is $5.99/month for 10,000 visitors. Starting at $11.99 per week when billed monthly, a growth plan is required to access premium features like Power Trails and user reviews.

12. Repuso


Repuso is a highly effective social proof tool that keeps an eye out for online reviews and testimonials on your various social media platforms and provides widgets to collect reviews from site visitors.

Once you have gathered just enough reviews, you can sort them in your dashboard and select the ones you wish to display on your site.

Best Feature:

  • You can show off your positive feedback in a number of different ways on a Repuso site, such as with a review grid, in-line reviews, floating badges, or a slider of customer photos.


Repuso’s pricing structure kicks off with a free, though somewhat restricted, tier. The Professional Plan, at $12 per month when paid annually, gives you access to all features without branding.

13. WPFomify


WPfomify is a powerful social proof plugin for WordPress that is easy to set up and includes powerful integrations that work with the best WordPress plugins and email marketing services.

Best Features:

  • With WPfomify, you can integrate real-time data, subscriber activity, and customer reviews into your site while maintaining a consistent look and feel.
  • In addition, it is fully responsive, so your social proof will appear beautifully on any device.


WPfomify’s annual fees range from $99 for a single-site license to $299 for an unlimited-site license. Unlimited sites and a lifetime license can be purchased for $399. Use this social proof tool today.

14. Yotpo


Yotpo is an all-inclusive eCommerce marketing platform that uses social-proof marketing techniques to boost conversion rates.

Best Features:

  • Yotpo helps companies collect customer reviews, ratings, and Q&A to build product trust.
  • Offers visual marketing content and referral programs to boost revenue and client connections.
  • Simplifies collecting testimonials and enhancing ads with a user-friendly dashboard and data-driven tools.


Yotpo offers various pricing plans, starting with a free plan for basic features. Paid plans vary based on features and usage, starting from $19 per month for individual products and increasing with additional functionality and order volume.

15. NotificationX


NotificationX is a powerful social proof tool for WordPress that helps you increase conversions and build trust with your audience. With its simple setup process, you can easily display real-time notifications of sales, blog comments, email subscriptions, and more.

This helps visitors see that other people are buying, commenting, and engaging with your site, encouraging them to do the same.

Best Features:

  • NotificationX offers 6 notification types, including sales alerts, WordPress reviews, and notification bars.
  • The responsive design ensures notifications look great on any device.


Pricing is affordable, with a limited free plan available and paid plans starting at just $49/month when billed annually. You can also opt for a lifetime license starting at $39 for a single site.

16. NextSale


NextSale is a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses boost conversions through the implementation of social proof strategies. It’s a great social proof tool for small and medium-sized businesses to promote sales and special deals with this helpful tool.

Best Features:

  • NextSale allows marketers to build their email and SMS subscriber bases by using pop-ups and top bars to advertise specials and request contact information.


NextSale has drawbacks. Because only the highest-paying customers receive priority service, it may not be the best option for corporations. NextSale pricing starts at $39/month for one website and 20,000 visitors.

What are the Best Social Proof Tools?

So, these are the social proof tools you can use to show social proof and implement social proof marketing techniques in your marketing campaigns. Till now, you must have understood how your customers can help you sell more.

Your site offers an abundance of social proof; you must use it correctly to build trust and generate more sales.

Out of all the social proof marketing tools you have seen here, we recommend you go for the WiserNotify Social Proof Tool. WiserNotify is undoubtedly the best social proof tool or social proof app available in the market.

The only reason here is that WiserNotify lets you use all the features in the free plan, which is free for a lifetime. Getting a first-hand experience of all the features is always better before upgrading to the paid plans.

No matter what tool you use, adding social proof to your website will surely help you get more conversions. It is time to use social proof to get ahead of your competition.

WiserNotify is compatible with over 200+ platforms.

Here are a few of them:

Wrap up

Right now,  social proof has become a potent tool that helps firms build their online credibility and boost conversions.

By using the appropriate social proof techniques and tools, businesses can successfully establish trust with their target audience and induce potential customers to act.

In order to increase conversions, we looked at some of the top social proof softwares in this post.

The finest social proof tools are ones that complement your marketing objectives, target market, and business goals.

Businesses can greatly increase their online conversions by combining customer evaluations, user-generated content, social media notifications, influencer connections, and trust badges. Effective use of these technologies will, over time, not only boost sales but also build customer loyalty and brand reputation.


A social proof tool leverages customer actions like reviews, ratings, or purchases to build trust and encourage potential customers to convert.

You can add social proof by using social proof tool like wisernotify.

Advertisers can utilize social proof to sell their products by:

  • Featuring customer testimonials and reviews in ads.
  • Showcasing user-generated content (e.g., customer photos with the product).
  • Incorporating star ratings or review snippets in ad copy.
  • Displaying trust badges or certifications (e.g., “Best Seller” or “Award Winner”).
  • Utilizing influencer endorsements to leverage their social proof.
  • Creating ads that highlight the popularity or demand for the product.

Show customer reviews, ratings, user-generated content, and trust badges on your product pages. Encourage social sharing and leverage influencer marketing to build trust and increase sales.

Track metrics like conversion rates, engagement (likes, shares, comments), website traffic, and sales, comparing data before and after implementing social proof tactics.

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