Collect review

Build trust with every interaction—collect reviews consistently

Our automation makes it simple: customers review with click & a quick scan via QR, SMS, or email, freeing you to focus on your business.

Build flow to collect reviews

Set up once, collect forever

Enhance the review experience with automated reminders for customers to share their stories through photos and videos.

Collect reviews with photos & videos

Capture More Than Wordsr

Encourage customers to share their reviews using beautifully designed, mobile-first forms, incentivizing each valuable review.

Inspire them to write reviews

Inspire Action with Incentives


Display review

Win trust where it matters—showcase reviews with every message you send

Create a dedicated space for your happiest customers to share their experiences. This is a simple, powerful testament to your store’s quality.

Build a dedicated page

Your Customers’ Best Moments

Equip your product pages with authentic reviews. Let your customers do the talking, providing valuable insights and building trust with potential buyers.

Show Product Review Section on PDP page

Showcase Product Love from Real Customers

Strategically place key review snippets where they make the biggest impact, guiding shoppers to make informed decisions.

For your buy now button

Highlight What Matters

A simple, rotating showcase of your top reviews, demonstrating the quality and satisfaction your products bring.

Show Hand-pick reviews

Customer Love, Front, and Center


Maximize Every Review’s Visibility

Elevated Google Seller Ratings

Boost your Google Ads’ performance and cut through the noise. Elevate click-through rates with seller ratings that spotlight your store’s trustworthiness, reducing acquisition costs.

Enhanced Google Shopping feed

Integrated star ratings and customer reviews count in your Google Shopping feed, attracting shoppers with visual proof of product satisfaction.

Rich Snippets

Make a standout impression in organic search results with rich snippets that display product ratings, drawing attention and bringing quality traffic to your store.

How It Works

Built for Shopify: Effortless Integration, Instant Impact

Install with Ease

Launch in moments, not months. Our app is designed for swift action—go live in just 5 minutes.

Collect Reviews Automatically

With pre-set optimal settings, start collecting customer reviews immediately.

Showcase Reviews with Style

Show off customer reviews in attractive widgets that integrate seamlessly with your site.


Start free, upgrade as you grow

Choose a plan that’s right for you

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This plan covers up to 50 automatic review requests or submissions per month.

50 orders reviews / mo

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This plan covers up to 250 automatic review requests or submissions per month.

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/ month

This plan covers up to 2000 automatic review requests or submissions per month.

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This plan covers up to 4000 automatic review requests or submissions per month.

4000 + orders reviews / mo

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Custom HTML/CSS by our team
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Advanced Capabilities

Build unwavering trust and skyrocket conversions by showcasing verified customer reviews with our smart, automated system.

Highly Customizable Layouts

Design with freedom. Tailor review displays with customizable layouts to match your brand’s vibe and style.

Seamless Integration

Connect effortlessly. Integrate review collection flow with your SMS, WhatsApp, and email marketing channels.

Product Review Grouping

Organize smartly. Group similar product reviews together


Measure Your Success. Track the performance of your review campaigns.

Multi-Store sync

Expand your reputation. Share and sync reviews across your portfolio of stores to amplify customer trust and loyalty.

Custom CSS

Tailor Your Review Look. Ensure your review section perfectly matches your site’s style.

Increase visitor engagement & online conversions

Increase visitor engagement & online conversions upto 17%

Don’t waste your traffic, act now.