Convert Leads In The Latest Fashion With Social Proof

Hop On To The Latest Trend, Start Using Social Proof in Your E-Commerce Site

Influence Shoppers to Increase Sales

  • Show real-time notifications of customers buying a product
  • Encourage visitors to take quick actions by showing notifications on product page
  • More busier your website looks, more revenue it generates

Reduce Cart Abandonment

  • Show widgets at a right time to trigger buy action
  • Free shipping announcements on the product page work like a charm
  • Reduce Friction & Increase Checkouts!

Create Urgency & FOMO Effect

  • Show notifications with special offers with a deadline
  • Display messages on the checkout & product pages to give an extra push to visitors
  • Adding this will create a FOMO effect and it can have a straight impact on revenue

Show What Others Think About Your Products

  • Show honest reviews of shoppers from platforms like Facebook and Google
  • A live feed of realtime-reviews on the product page can boost buyer confidence
  • Showing genuine reviews will develop the site’s Credibility

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