WiserNotify vs Influence

Are you lookinfg for more design options, features , A/B testing & reporting?

WiserNotify Influence
Live icon icon
Conversion icon icon
Purchase icon icon
Counter icon icon
Announcement ( Intent) icon 10+ design options icon
Recently Viewed icon icon
Review( Directly from Fb, Google, Twitter) icon icon
Review Counter icon icon
Social proof with collecter icon icon
Social Media Counter icon icon
YouTube Subscriber & Video views icon icon
Template designs options icon Many icon Limited
Add On
Review Feed icon icon
Collector icon icon
WhatsApp Widget icon icon
CTA links icon icon
Blinking Tab icon icon
Timer Widget icon icon
Advanced Customization icon icon
Hide data that once seen by visiter for a specific duration icon icon
Timing & data rules Notification level Campaign level
In-built A/B testing & Reporting icon icon
Notification level performance icon icon
Visitor engagement reports icon icon
Goal Tracker icon icon
Display web pages rules icon icon
Audience targeting (Cookies, UTM based, Reffer) icon icon
23+ language supported icon icon
Embed notification on HTML icon icon
Web form & Webhook integration icon icon
Direct integration with platform - Click here icon icon
Completely white-label solution for an agency icon icon
Pricing start per month 10,000 Visitors / $12 10,000 Visitors per $15
visi engage

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