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How to Use Social Proof Notifications on Shopify Stores?
Social Proof notifications on Shopify store

How to Use Social Proof Notifications on Shopify Stores?

In this digital world, the e-commerce business is growing rapidly, and the competition is as well. Because everyone is selling the same product with the same photos in their store, it's becoming necessary for any e-commerce business to do something unique that stands out its brand and increases its sales and conversions.

Social Proof Notifications is one of the most trusted, powerful, and fastest ways to take customers' attention and stand out from the competition to increase sales and conversions.

If you're running a Shopify store like others, it's the right time to do something unique to stand out from your brand. By adding social proof notifications on your Shopify store, you can grow your store faster, make it more profitable, and build a brand.

In this article, we've discussed social proof notifications, their types, and how you can add social proof notifications on Shopify stores.

Let's begin

How to use social proof notifications on Shopify stores?

According to statistics:

  • 87% of customers make buying decisions based on research conducted for any product or service
  • 92% of consumers trust recommendations other than any type of advertisement.

It clearly shows that reviews play a major role in customer buying decisions. When customers see thousands of people recommending a product with its benefits, these reviews influence new customers to make purchase decisions faster.

So eCommerce businesses need to showcase reviews/ratings on their e-commerce store so that potential customers can make buying decisions because of fear of missing out (FOMO).

To showcase reviews on your Shopify store, some popular pop-up notifications are available for different purposes that give desired results.

These are eight types of social proof notifications for a Shopify store:

  • Sales Pop-up notifications
  • Sign-ups notifications
  • Live visitor counter
  • Reviews/ratings
  • Limited stock notifications
  • Announce offers notifications
  • Countdown timer
  • Lottery widgets

Let's discuss this in detail!

1. Sales Pop-up Notifications

Sales Pop-up notifications are one of the powerful marketing methods to increase sales and conversions.

Whenever any visitor comes to your e-commerce store and sees hundreds of pop-up notifications back to back

For example:

"someone has purchased a product/service," then it takes customers' attention and forces them to think that products are selling faster and may lose if they didn't make buying decisions faster.

It creates a sense of urgency and fear of missing out on the product, encouraging them to make buying decisions.

These are small, attractive, and eye-catching pop-up notifications on the left corner below with customers' details and which products were purchased recently. It looks realistic that customers believe and make their purchasing decisions.

You can use these sales pop-up notifications on e-commerce stores, SaaS, E-learning, and online food websites.

With Sales Pop-up notifications, you can get desired results:

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase email subscribers
  • Increase pageviews
  • Increase Checkout
  • Many more…

For increasing sales and revenue, sales pop-up notifications are a one-stop solution.

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2. Conversion notifications

These are conversion notifications that help showcase real-time activities on your E-commerce stores like sign-ups, subscriptions, or any free trial.

Whenever visitors come to your e-commerce store and see different pop-up notifications about " someone has subscribed to email, or someone has booked their seats, " it catches customers' attention. It encourages them to be a part of these activities.

You can display different eye-catching pop-up notifications like free-trial, email newsletters, booking seats, or appointments that surely encourage other visitors to take similar actions.

Almost all e-commerce businesses can add these sign-up notifications to their store and get desired conversions. It also helps brands to build trust and credibility.

3. Live visitor counter notifications

Live visitor counter is one of the best ways to showcase activities heavily on your e-commerce store that attracts customers and considers your brand popular and in-demand.

You can display live visitors to your store to build trust and engagement that your store is genuine and shows how many people are taking an interest in your products.

You can display live notifications on your store like:

“93 Shoppers are live now”

This type of live visitor notification is building trust in your brand and increasing the chances of getting sales and conversions.

Showing real-time live counter notifications can grow your business and increase conversions.

4. Display Reviews/Ratings

Showing reviews/ratings is a must-have for any business website because 91% of customers see reviews first before buying any products/services.

Millions of people trust Google, and Facebook reviews because customers share genuine feedback on these websites. So you can display Shopify, Google, and Facebook reviews to display on your Shopify store.

This is one of the powerful pop-up notifications that build trust and increase sales and conversions.

5. Limited stock notifications

Limited stock notifications create urgency and scarcity of the product that may lose customers if they don't take action instantly. And no one wants to lose something limited and beneficial.

For example:

Only 3 Products left, and ten visitors are already viewing!

When a customer sees this pop-up notification, it creates an urgency to make purchase decisions faster.

These types of notifications help customers to create urgency and increase sales. It's entirely driven by human psychology that attracts customers' attention when something is limited.

If you want to boost your sales and want faster results, showing limited stock notifications can get you the desired results.

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6. Announce offers

Announcement notifications can help announce any big discount or limited-time offers that catch customers' attention and increase sales & conversions.

These notifications catch customers' attention and encourage them to see the benefits they'll get in this deal.

Some kinds of exclusive deals can be displayed on pop-up notifications to catch customers' attention and increase sales.

7. Use a Countdown Timer

If you want to launch any products or make a heavy discount offer, the countdown timer can create curiosity, urgency, and interest in the customer's mind about the pop-up notifications.

For example:
"Big discount with countdown timer"

It catches customers' attention and lets them think about the offer repeatedly. Boosting sales it's one of the best ways to make any limited edition product.

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8. Video Pop-ups notifications

If you're a social media community, you can showcase your YouTube subscribers to build authority and engagement with visitors.

You can promote any video, and social media subscriber's to increase audience base and brand awareness.

Showing videos on your website can increase engagement on your website and gain new customers.

These are eight types of pop-up notifications that you can use to display on your Shopify store as per desired results.

How to add social proof notifications?

Now, you've seen different social proof notifications, and it clearly shows numerous benefits of showing social proof notifications on your Shopify store.

But the question is, how can you add these social proof notifications?

WiserNotify is a one-stop solution that can help you to link your social proof notifications with Shopify stores. It offers 10+ social proof notifications and 20+ urgency widgets. It is power-packed with advanced features like A/B testing, goal settings, intelligent audience targeting, 50+ notification templates, and more. It integrates directly with 200+ platforms to automate the process.

To add social proof notifications on your Shopify store, you need to follow the simple step by step process we've given below:

Step 1 - Install App from Shopify Store

First, you need to integrate with the Shopify store.

And for this, you need to install the WiserNotify app in your Shopify store.

Click here to find WiserNotify App in Shopify.

Click on "Add App" and install WiserNotify in your Shopify store.

Step 2 - Go to the official WiserNotify website

Once you've installed the WiserNotify app in your Shopify store, you need to create a free account in WiserNotify to link with Shopify.

Click here to create a free account on WiserNotify by filling in the details like

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password

There's no credit card required to create an account in WiserNotify.

Once you've created an account in WiserNotify, go to its integration section and search "Shopify."

You'll see an option to "Install" Shopify in WiserNotify so that you can link this account with your Shopify store.

You can go to your Shopify store and see a connection built with the WiserNotify app.

Step 3 - Customize notifications

You've successfully linked your WiserNotify account with the Shopify store, and now it's time to display pop-up notifications.

Go to the WiserNotify Dashboard!

First, you need to select which type of notification you want to display on your Shopify store and select notifications design.

You can customize the notification design and make it more attractive and eye-catching to catch customers' attention.

Do all the changes and set up your notification as per the Shopify store.

Step 4 - Make it Live

Now you're ready to publish your notification on your Shopify store.

Congratulations! you've successfully done all the changes and are ready to get more sales and conversions.

Final Verdict

Social proof notifications can stand out in your Shopify store and increase sales & conversions.

WiserNotify is the #1 best social proof notifications platform that supports 200+ platform integration, including landing page builders, email marketing tools, etc.

If you want to increase sales, subscribers, and desired results on your Shopify store, install WiserNotify and start showing some eye-catching pop-up notifications.