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Top 15 Shopify Product Review Apps to Boost Sales in 2024

E-commerce stores have grown tremendously in the last few years. With advancements in technology and the changing behavior of customers, eCommerce is becoming more successful than ever before.

That said, Shopify has become a popular online shopping platform among eCommerce owners. In addition, the sheer availability of third-party software has made the platform popular for merchants.

Among those over 6000 apps on the Shopify store, the product review app for Shopify can help your eCommerce store to influence customer purchasing decisions by showcasing reviews. Almost 95% of customers read product reviews before purchasing, and 58% say they would pay more if the brand had good reviews.

The Shopify product review apps help eCommerce store owners collect reviews for their products, increase brand awareness, and give customers a way to express their views about the product.

In 2024, the range of apps available offers a variety of features tailored to improve customer engagement and boost your conversion rates. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of Shopify’s 15 best product review apps with their features and pricing.

The Importance of Product Review App for Shopify

The review apps for Shopify might not appear to be a significant investment in your eCommerce store, but it is. When viewed through customers’ eyes, product reviews play a crucial role in purchasing a product.

Did you know 84% of consumers trust online as much as they trust personal recommendations to get product reviews on Shopify?

Customers like to see many reviews about the product. A single review with some positive words can make customers’ opinions, but dozens of reviews on identical products can influence their decision.

A few words of positive reviews can create a measurable impact on your eCommerce store, bring more sales, and create a customer base of consumers. In addition, using product review apps for Shopify stores can help you build trust and create brand awareness, and using keywords in reviews can help SEO ranking.

At last, customers use reviews to learn more about your brand.

What makes the best product review app for Shopify?

Shopify’s best product review app is user-friendly, easy to install and configure, and offers features tailored to your store’s needs.

It should also provide features like customizable product reviews, review moderation and analysis, and integration with other Shopify apps. A good customer support team should also be available to assist you with any questions or issues.

They should also make featuring photo and video reviews easier, making them more reliable and captivating. Further, it must be cost-effective with unique features like allowing easy importing reviews, adding loyalty programs, and featuring rewards or discount offers to loyal customers.

It should also allow eCommerce store owners to automatically collect customer reviews after purchase and have an easy drag-and-drop option to customize the design.

With these components, you can ensure you get the best product review app for Shopify.

15 Leading Shopify Review Apps

1. WiserNotify Product Reviews

WiserNotify is one of the popular Shopify popup apps that helps to create FOMO and social proof notifications on your eCommerce Shopify store. It allows you to add social proof like a pro for your products/services on every page, category, and other page.

Adding the WiserNotify social proof app on your Shopify store can help you to show recent sales popups, customer reviews, visit counter, countdown timers, and a limited stock notification to influence customers’ decisions.

WiserNotify allows easy import review from platforms like Google, Facebook, Capterra, and other popular platforms. In addition, you can embed reviews and ratings and automate review notifications on your store without using a single code line.

The user-friendly interface and unique features can help you collect product reviews, boost sales, and make it a great product review app. You even announce upcoming events or sales using announcement bars.


  • Automate review notifications,
  • Collect reviews from popular platforms like Google, Facebook, Capterra, and more.
  • Embed reviews and ratings on your Shopify product pages without using a single code of line.
  • FOMO widgets to increase Shopify store revenue.
  • Display notifications on your Shopify store.


  • 50+ Pre-made templates
  • A/B testing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Powerful dashboard
  • Easy Installation


It starts with a Free plan.

WiserNotify CTA Image
Accelerate Shopify Growth with Social Proof

Add notifications that convert visitors into customers.

2. is one of the best product review apps for the Shopify store, allowing you to display and collect reviews about your product and the store. It is a popular product review app with a free plan, a 5-star rating, and 13,783 reviews on the Shopify app store.

It is a fast-loading and fully customizable app that supports 37 languages. It provides easy installation with two options – automatic and installation by yourself using snippets code. It displays reviews using a widget & trust badge on the product page and a badge on the collection page.

It also has unique features, like customized review widgets, importing existing reviews from different platforms, collecting customer reviews, and sharing site reviews everywhere. The app allows users to send unlimited review requests via customized emails, push notifications, web, and SMS. The app auto-publish new reviews, and you can do it manually too.

You can allow users to send photo and video reviews, set rules for auto to publish with minimum rating, and set auto remainders to collect reviews.


  • Unlimited email review requests with photo and video reviews, customize in-email forms
  • Display start reviews, product reviews, trust badges, and review carousels
  • Share reviews on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Rich Snippet, and Google shopping
  • Auto-publish reviews and collect unlimited reviews
  • Engage with reviewers using Q&A, coupons, and email marketing integrations


  • Easy Import/Export reviews
  • Great Analytic Tab
  • Easy Installation
  • Customizable templates


Forever Free plan

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3. Loox

Loox allows your customers to tell their stories about using the product using visual reviews. With a 4.9 star rating and 11k+ reviews on the Shopify app store, it is one of the popular review apps for Shopify used by eCommerce store owners to improve sales and build trust among visitors.

Loox allows customers to add photo reviews to your store and enhance user experience. It allows you to set a star limit before auto-publishing new reviews on the store, and lower ratings can be approved manually. You can even offer discounts in exchange for photo reviews.

Loox allows you to import/export reviews from other platforms. You can even send personalized review requests via email. You can customize the look and feel of your review widget elements.


  • Send automatically personalized review requests to your previous customers
  • Showcase reviews using widgets in the list, grid, popup, and sidebar
  • Integrate with other popular Shopify apps
  • Offer discount coupon codes in exchange for photo reviews
  • Customize emails and set minimum review star for auto-publishing


  • Fully Customizable
  • Support Multi-lingual stores
  • Import/Export reviews
  • Official Google review partner
  • Automate review collections


It starts at 9.99 USD per month.


With a 4.7 Star rating and 5.9k reviews on the Shopify store, is another of the best product review apps to collect product reviews for your store. The interface is user-friendly with a 1-click setup.

The app allows collecting reviews in written, photo, and video forms and product ratings using a 1-5 point scale. It also allows automated review requests that collect, moderate and analyze reviews.

You can even showcase photo & video reviews on your social channels and in marketing campaigns. Customers can submit UGC with their product reviews. The app supports 25 languages and offers many customization options to personalize display widgets.

You can show reviews in the visual gallery, full page, wall photos, site badge, and more. There is no limit on the number of reviews per page; you can set your theme color.


  • Request reviews using FB messenger, emails, and SMS
  • Customize and personalize review forms
  • Display the same review of the same product on different websites, domains, locations, and more
  • Auto-publish, moderate, and filter reviews
  • In-depth Analytics and Reporting


  • Multi-lingual support
  • Social review sharing
  • Insights Analytics
  • Seamless Integration with popular marketing platforms, productivity apps, and more


The basic version starts at $23 monthly or $19 paid annually.

5. Fera Product Reviews

Fera is a popular Shopify product review app with a 4.9-star rating from 4k+ users, which provides customizable widgets. You can easily collect, show, and grow customer reviews using the Fera Shopify product review app.

The app allows you to collect your business’s customer reviews in written, video, and photo reviews. It allows importing manage and syncing reviews of platforms like Facebook, Google and Trustpilot. You can approve or decline the review submission from your customers, reply to positive and negative reviews, and edit reviews before they appear on your store.

It allowed you to customize customer reviews and show them anywhere on your store page. Display average product star ratings, customer photo & video reviews, and overall ratings across multiple sites and on Google search results.

Ask for reviews by automated review request emails, offering discounts, SMS review requests, and other communication channels—request reviews from your past customers by importing CSV lists and sharing quick-review links and QR codes.

It seamlessly integrates with popular platforms and review apps.


  • Manage and Import reviews from popular platforms
  • Customize review widgets to display genuine product reviews
  • Automate review requests by offering discounts, points, or cash incentives
  • Collect reviews in text, video, and photo format from customers
  • Show all the reviews on the search results and Google shopping results


  • Easy to setup
  • Seamless integration with popular platforms and apps
  • Trusted by Top Brands
  • Fully customization


Free plan

6. Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews is another popular Shopify product review app with a 4.9-star rating and 12k+ user reviews. The app is user-friendly and simple, which makes it easier to collect reviews and showcase them on your store.

The Ali Reviews provides a flexible way to collect site product reviews, easily connect social proofs, and import photo reviews from other platforms. Ali Reviews allow collection reviews using SMS requests, Social reviews, QR codes, and Manual review requests and offers discounts in exchange for reviews.

Ali reviews provide stunning widget designs with a modern layout and display them in 3 styles: Review box, Review popup, and Carousel slider. Ali reviews offer 9 styles that are 100% responsive and customizable. You can even import reviews from Spreadsheet using CSV files.

Ali reviews app seamlessly integrates with popular apps and software like PageFly, GemPages, Ecomsolid, Rise, and more.


  • Show video and photo reviews
  • Import reviews from Spreadsheet
  • Review requests via Emails, SMS, QR code, Social review, and manual requests
  • Show reviews in Star ratings, product review boxes, carousel sliders, and more
  • Personalized reviews by Product or Audience filter
  • In-depth Analytics and Insights


  • 24/7 Email and Live chat support
  • Onboarding customer support
  • Easy customization
  • On-Site Widgets


It has a free plan available.

7. AiTrillion

AiTrillion is a popular Shopify app that lets merchants create loyalty programs to reward their customers, collect site product reviews, create personalized offers, launch affiliate campaigns, and more. You can easily display Shopify product reviews on your store with Google’s rich snippets features.

The app quickly collects site product reviews through automated request emails and customizable email templates. In addition, you can manage how your reviews are displayed on the store and featured on Goole with the help of structured data.

You can also create personalized offers based on customer behavior and show them as the customer moves in a different stage of funnels. In addition, the apps can help to recover Shopify’s abandoned cart by sending the customer the remainder about the cart recovery, web push notifications, exit intent popups, and more.

You can collect rich reviews incorporating product images and automatic post-purchase emails and share them on social media.


  • Powerful All-in-one marketing app
  • Send automated review request emails, SMS, and Web push
  • Collect reviews on autopilot mode
  • Personalize offers with the stage of funnels
  • Integration with popular apps
  • Customize templates for emails and pop-ups



The pricing starts at $65 per month.

8. Yotpo

Yotpo product reviews help store owners to display personalized reviews based on photos, videos, Q&A, and other User-generated content to drive traffic and improve sales. With 4.9 Star reviews from 5k+ users on the Shopify store, Yotpo is one of the best product review Shopify app.

It allows users to collect bulk reviews using email and SMS requests, brilliant review prompts, custom questions, photo & video requests, and Community Q&A. You can customize the templates and measure the analytics.

It allows displaying reviews on the site, checkout pages, and everywhere else. The customers can view reviews by filtering ratings, positive & negative reviews, and adding custom questions. You can also showcase reviews on Google shopping ads, rich snippets, Google search result pages, and Facebook & Instagram shops and share them on social platforms.

It can seamlessly integrate with popular platforms and apps like Adobe, BigCommerce, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Walmart, and more. It has advanced performance analytics using the dashboard.


  • Ask for reviews via SMS & emails
  • Smart filters to build trust among the customers
  • Collect photo & video reviews to build trust
  • AI solution to amplify performance
  • Committed to GDPR complaints and SOC2 & Privacy Shield approved


  • Content Moderation
  • Performance Analytics
  • Seamless Integration with popular platforms
  • Advanced customization


Free plan available.

9. Vitals

Vitals is All-in-One marketing Shopify app that assists your store in increasing credibility, gathering leads, decreasing cart abandonment, increasing sales, collecting reviews, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

With over 22k+ merchants using Vitals apps, it helps shop owners turn visitors into happy customers. The Vitals got unique product review features like multi-photo reviews, import & export reviews in .CSV, collecting product reviews from platforms like AliExpress, and review requests via email autopilot.

You can also feature reviews on the homepage and dedicated review pages and add verified review badges.


  • Collect, import, and export reviews from popular platforms like AliExpress,, and more
  • Push and pull email campaigns and set up automatic funnels
  • 40+ Fully integrated features to retain customers
  • Showcase reviews, trust badges, sales notifications, and a shoppable Instagram feed


  • Seamless integration
  • Sort reviews by newest or photos first
  • Auto-publish new reviews with minimum ratings
  • Customize the look and feel of reviews
  • Quickly moderate the reviews before publishing


$29.99 per month.

10. helps you add product reviews to your store, which helps customers make a more informed decision. You can display review ratings, easily import reviews from third-party platforms, and display them anywhere on your site.

In addition, it allows customers to do reviews according to attributes like fit, comfort, quality, and overall experience. You can even highlight the most compelling part of your review and publish them as standalone snippets.

The loyalty and referral feature allows you to leverage points and rewards to generate more sales and promote brand loyalty. It seamlessly integrates with 100+ popular platforms and apps like Klaviyo, Shopify plus, Gorgias, Influence, eCommerce platforms, CRM platforms, Social Networks, Marketing, and many more.

You can import reviews and sync them to auto-publish on your store. You can even collect video reviews from your previous customers.


  • Display reviews on Google Shopping and Google Ads
  • Send automated review requests
  • Collect user-generated content from your previous customers
  • Import reviews from different platforms


  • Seamless integration
  • Easy Customization
  • Easy installation with no code
  • Auto sync reviews


The plan starts at $65 per month for new brands starting.

11. Trustoo

Trustoo is one of the popular review apps for Shopify that helps to auto-collect and show product reviews. It allows merchants to import product reviews from AliExpress and DSers quickly, adjust the review widget, and encourage customers to leave more reviews.

You can display customer reviews on store pages like the homepage, collection pages, and a popup. Choose multiple styles from customized layouts, colors, and other elements. In addition, you can automate the customer review collection and request via emails, SMS, or push notifications.

The app supports multiple language translations allowing users to send reviews in their preferred language. You can analyze the sale data with the easy analytic dashboard.


  • Display review with customizable widgets
  • Auto translate with multi-language support
  • Import Review from AliExpress and DSers
  • Automate review requests
  • Share reviews on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Unlimited reviews and imports


  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • GDPR compliance
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Multi-language translation


Free plan forever

12. Growave Reviews

Growave is another popular All-in-One marketing Shopify app to help you build trust, increase sales, and build trust with reviews.

The product review app helps you generate reviews and user-generated content for your Shopify store and build strong social proof. You can collect bulk reviews automatically with review request emails based on the customer’s purchase. You can schedule emails, customize templates or build new ones, send reminders, and gather reviews via emails, social platforms, SMS, and push notifications.

Display reviews on the sidebar, product pages, review carousels, and the dedicated review page. You can embed a Growave badge on review, customize review widgets, auto-sync reviews, and display them on Google search results with rich snippets.

Auto-publish reviews with mandatory minimum stars, curate and approve manually, highlight your best reviews and edit reviews for typos and grammatical errors. Easily import from Yotpo, Loox, and many other apps.


  • Manage and Curate reviews
  • Create customized forms to collect bulk reviews
  • Increase customer retention with loyalty points and rewards
  • Seamlessly integrate with popular apps and platforms
  • Generate reviews via emails, SMS, push notifications, and social platforms


  • Easy to setup
  • Auto-sync new reviews
  • Collect photos and product reviews on autopilot
  • Show Instagram photos and User-generated content


The basic plan starts at $9 per month.

13. Product Reviews App by Opinew

Opinew is designed to collect product reviews from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. It can help to collect bulk reviews from current and past customers.

With the advanced flows via integrations with Klaviyo, Omnisend, and LoyaltyLion to build custom review collection experiences via email, SMS, offer coupons, and rewards. With 1-click import, you can import review data in bulk within minutes.

You can customize widgets with drag and drop editor in 8 theme styles, change colors, font sizes, languages, and more. The 8 theme style includes a widget, floating widget, product & collection stars, review requests, review pages, carousel, footer & email badges, and Facebook reviews tabs.


  • Automate review requests on autopilot
  • Import bulk reviews from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress
  • Automatically promote the best-converting review with the AI review assistant
  • Display reviews in 8 different theme styles


  • Easy Migration from other apps
  • Onboarding video tutorials
  • Import bulk reviews with 1-click import
  • Sync new reviews periodically


The plan starts at $19 per month.

14. Rivyo Product Review by Thimatic

Rivyo helps to easily collect customer reviews and add them to your Shopify store. With a 4.9 star rating and 1.9k reviews, Rivyo is one of the best Shopify product review apps available on the store.

It offers to display a customer review feature, testimonials, ratings, and product reviews using a different style of widgets. You can also collect
bulk reviews from multiple platforms like Amazon and AliExpres. In addition, import unlimited reviews using CSV files and request email reviews monthly.

You can highlight your best reviews on Google shopping and boost organic traffic to increase visibility. It is also integrated with popular platforms and apps.


  • Quickly import bulk reviews from multiple platforms
  • Showcase product reviews & testimonials
  • Customize your product review widgets to improve engagement
  • Get notified about new reviews via emails
  • Collect reviews by sending an automatic customized request via email


  • Import customer reviews from Multiple platforms
  • Send unlimited review requests
  • Easy displaying customer reviews on Google rich snippet and store


Free plan.

15. Product Reviews, Photo Reviews by Junip Inc.

Junip is another best product review apps for the Shopify store to collect more reviews from your customer. You can send requests from Junip or via email & SMS tools.

Junip allows you to showcase reviews everywhere n your PDF, reviews page, and more with one click. You can automatically collect video & photo reviews, add custom questions to collect bulk reviews, and seamlessly integrate with other apps.

You can even engage with your customers by replying to their reviews, featuring the best review on top, and customizing them. The app is the official partner of Google shopping; thus, you can send reviews for use in product listings, Ads, and more.

Customize the theme and widgets using CSS or display API available. The app provides an easy, simple, and animated form so customers can submit it easily.


  • Mobile-Friendly and responsive review forms
  • Easy and animated review forms
  • Add reviews on PDF files, Storefront, and anywhere
  • Customize reviews with CSS or display API
  • Collect bulk video & photo reviews
  • Showcase media gallery of UGC reviews
  • Seamlessly sync between storefronts


  • Easy integration
  • Google review snippets
  • Email & chat support


The plan starts at $59 per month.

Which is the best product review app for my Shopify store?

Your Shopify store’s best product review apps depend on your needs and preferences.

The Shopify product reviews can help you build trust, improve sales, bring more traffic, and influence customers to purchase. Choosing the right site review app can help you easily collect customer feedback, automatic review request emails, showcase store reviews, and quickly collect reviews from other review apps and platforms.

However, we have listed some of the best Shopify product review apps that best fit your site reviews. These apps offer great features, such as collecting ratings and reviews, displaying reviews on your website, importing existing reviews, responding to reviews, and more.


As you can see, many great Shopify product review apps can help you boost sales in 2023. Each app has its own unique set of features. Be sure to choose the app that best fits your needs. Thanks for reading!

This article lists some of the best Shopify product review apps with key features.


You can use the product reviews app available on the Shopify app store that can be easily added to your online store. Some have a free plan, while some have paid plan available.

Fake reviews are deceptive and can be very damaging to a business. Consumers rely on reviews to make informed decisions, so when the reviews are not genuine, the consumer is misled.

Fake reviews can also damage the reputation of the business and can even be illegal in some areas. It is always best to use honest and accurate reviews to provide a true representation of the product or service.

Getting reviews for your Shopify store is easy; you can follow this-

  1. Ask for reviews in emails and on your website. You can do this by review request emails, SMS, QR codes, or popup notifications.
  2. Leverage your social media accounts. You can ask your followers to leave reviews on your app and encourage them to share their experiences.
  3. Reach out to influencers and partners. If you have any influencers or partners, they can help spread the word about your app and encourage their followers to leave reviews.
  4. Make sure your app is high quality. Customers will likely leave positive reviews if your app is high quality and offers great value.


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