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Role of Social Influence on Consumer Trust Decisions

Social influence can play a significant role in influencing consumer decisions.

Nowadays, Everybody has Google in their pockets. Whatever you want to do, run ads, send a mail, set a reminder, etc.

Google is the first thing that comes to our mind. Now, let me ask you a question.

Do you think the result appearing on SERP (search engine results pages) is 100% reliable?

When a consumer is looking for a Yoga trainer, he will ask a yoga practitioner for the best institutes around; they will suggest based on their experience.

On the other hand, if I ask Google, they will suggest me according to their algorithms and ranking system because, ultimately, Google results are influenced and programmable using SEO tactics.

Most people know that everything we search on Google and the results are unreliable.

The products or services that appear on the search results are promoted products followed by results based on SEO.

Whoever will have the best content on their website, performs the best SEO tactics, or has promoted their product/service will rank higher on the SERP page.

And when they know the truth, they will not rely on the search results.

So, now the question is: “How do they identify the sources?”

If you are a yoga trainer in your city and your customer is in another city. So before joining your program, your client will google you, your active presence on social media or Google, your business reviews, etc., and then they will build trust in you. In this case, Social Influence and crowd wisdom will play a role.


Google is a search engine that utilizes algorithms and keywords to find relevant information from multiple sources.

In most cases, people decide based on Social Influence (Social proof and Crowd Wisdom).

Social Proof is when a user endorses your product or services based on their experience with your brand.

So basically, it is the idea that customers will convert their behavior according to what other people do.

For example, when you are browsing a website, and you are on a landing page, and suddenly you see a testimonial from an industry expert that you respect or a celebrity endorsing it, that is social proof.

Crowd Wisdom is a shared opinion of a group of individuals rather than of an individual professional.

It means that a group of people will come up with better ideas than any individual expert.

According to Harvard, it is a process where an independent judgment is numerically combined to accomplish the final judgment with utmost accuracy.

The crowd’s wisdom is utilized for problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and prediction.

The wisdom of the crowd in marketing is a platform where people give you honest reviews, share their thought processes, and share their experiences.

For example, Quora, Facebook groups, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc., are platforms where people share their real experiences.

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Crowd Wisdom

Google is a Search Engine that shows results based on algorithms and your search history.

Google is like a library where you can probably find the answer to a book type.

  • Google is a machine because it’s a search engine that uses algorithms to find appropriate answers from multiple sites.
  • Here, you can get an artificial experience.
  • Google is a very influential & paid listing portal where those with the best content and perform the best SEO tactics rank on the first page of SERP. For example, if you ask Google: Which is the best smartphone for gaming? Then they will recommend website links and Google ads of E-commerce companies or superstores.
  • Google is for information.
  • When you ask a question on Google, they will provide you with the entire content of a particular question.
  • On Google, we have to figure out if the site is reliable or not.
  • Google shows the website according to the best match of algorithms.

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These platforms play a significant role in Social Influence.




  • Quora is an area full of intellect and professionalism.
  • Quora is a man-type where you can find more direct and experienced expert answers.
  • Here, you can get Human – experience.
  • Quora is an authentic platform for consistent writers who share their knowledge without expecting any money in return. For example, If you ask Quora which is the best smartphone for gaming, people will give you suggestions according to their personal experience and thought process.
  • Quora is for knowledge.
  • Whereas Quora’s expert will give you the answer that a simple Google search cannot answer.
  • On Quora, the work is shared within a community.
  • Quora serves content based on experienced experts in that particular field with various intuitions and writing styles.
  • Most marketers and business owners are active on Quora. There is also a voting system, so whoever will write the answer & if upvotes are higher, their credibility will increase. Once the credibility increases, Google will rank them on the first page.

How to use Quora for your Business?

  • Quora helps you learn more about your targeted customer. e.g., if your customer is stating a problem, how can your brand provide the best solution? you can even get precise details about your primary audience by paying attention to what your customer is asking.
  • If your customer is experiencing any problem with your brand, product & services, then take the time to step into the discussion and offer a solution to be the best customer service & management tool.
  • If any customer mentions positive reviews about your brand, express gratitude and build a stronger relationship.
  • Quora is best for gathering competitor’s perceptions.

Now, you can rank higher on Quora by getting upvotes. Quora ranks answers on the page based on how helpful you are and how trustworthy, comprehensive & accessible your answer is for a reader.

Also, votes and answers from the user will be ranked according to how well you have written answers in the past.

Similarly, like Quora, there are many other platforms like Facebook groups, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., where people share their wisdom, thoughts, and expertise.

Facebook Groups for Business

  • By using Facebook groups, you can be the direct line to the customer where you can get a chance to tap into some real visions from the people who know your business.
  • Inviting customers and engaging with them will build a long-term relationship, loyalty, trust, and care for your customers.
  • By actively posting, sharing thoughtful ideas & interacting with your customers, you can increase your business’s organic reach.

YouTube for Business



  • Regularly creating videos will open the door for the consumer who never comes across your Business.
  • By seeing videos, customers will help your business increase conversion because, ultimately, people buy from them whom they trust the most. You have to create that trust by relating your customer to an expressive level.
  • It is said that no digital marketing strategy is complete without YouTube videos, as videos will get more traffic. It will keep the traffic for a more extended period, and even videos are better for people to decide whether to buy the product or not.
  • When viewers subscribe to your channel, they will get updates on your latest videos so you can have a notified connection with your customers.

To conclude, Consumers use Google for research and educational purposes to increase their product knowledge, which can be influenced by SEO and PPC. Platforms like Quora, FB, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc., are significant sources of social influence. So, make sure to include Social Influence in your Marketing strategy.

Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya is a marketing tech expert who boosts e-commerce conversion rates with automated social proof and FOMO strategies. He loves to keep posting insightful posts on online marketing software, marketing automations, and improving conversion rates.

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