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12 Best Shopify Trust Badges Apps to Build Customer Trust

E-commerce businesses are booming in the digital era and growing tremendously. Still, potential customers are hesitant to purchase businesses they don’t trust or know, irrespective of how excellent the product is.

Gaining customer trust is Important because 81% of online shoppers feel concerned when shopping with a new brand. This lack of trust can lead to cart abandonment and reduce conversion rates.

But how can brands tell customers that they are reliable? That’s where trust badges can help you out. This comprehensive guide will discuss the Trust badge and the 12 best trust badge apps for the Shopify store and boost sales.

What is a Trust Badge?

A trust badge is a badge or seal placed on the website to build trust among the customers and let them know their personal & financial data is transmitted through a secured medium. You can place them anywhere on the homepage, landing pages, cart, and during checkout.

They can boost your sales by building customer trust and ensuring an eCommerce website’s legitimacy. In some cases, trust badges are simply symbols, but clicking them opens a popup window with information about the badge in others.

Types of Trust Badges in Shopify

Numerous types of trust badges can be used on your website. Each one has a different use and purpose – you can use it all simultaneously. Here are 5 popular Trust Badges types to add to your Shopify store.


SSL Badges

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) badge showcases that the website uses SSL encryption to secure customers’ data between the server and the browser. It signifies that the website takes security seriously and can be trusted.

Payment Badges

Consumers love to make payments from a secured choice like Visa, MasterCard, or a UPI. It makes them feel secure in using the recognized payment method. A Payment Badge is a visual symbol displayed on a website to indicate that the website accepts specific payment methods, such as credit cards or digital wallets.

Third-Party endorsement badges

Few badges endorse your business, but they are challenging to earn. Third-party endorsement shows that your business is credible and trusted as the process involves application and review. Think about Google Customer Review badges, an example of third-party endorsement badges.

Free Shipping Badges

Free shipping badges assure customers they can receive and return any product ordered without extra charges. The badge has more flexibility in placement on the product or checkout page, gaining trust among the customers.

Money-back guarantee badges

The money-back guarantee badge is the most effective trust badge among customers that eliminates the fear and risk of buying a product or service from your business. It lets your potential customer trust you and know that you have your best interests in mind.

Why do you need Trust Badges on your Shopify store?

Trust badges are essential and can help to increase customer loyalty and trust in your business. Here are a few reasons to add trust badges to your Shopify store-

Increases Credibility

Trust badges are symbols or logos indicating a business is legitimate and trustworthy. This helps increase credibility with potential customers and encourages them to purchase.

Builds Trust

Trust badges can create a sense of trust between businesses and customers. They indicate that a business values its customers and is committed to delivering a positive customer experience.

Reduces Cart Abandonment

Trust badges can help reduce cart abandonment rates by reassuring customers that their personal and financial information is secure.

Improves Conversion Rates

By creating a sense of trust and credibility, trust badges can help improve business conversion rates. This means that more customers are likely to make purchases from the business.

Enhances Brand Reputation

Trust badges can enhance a business’s reputation by demonstrating its commitment to providing reliable and secure customer service. This can help to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

List of 12 Best Trust Badges app for Shopify



The first on our list is WiserNotify, a Shopify social proof app that helps build trust using Social Proof Notifications. The WiserNotify can help you win the customer’s trust on the first visit by showcasing social proof notifications of recent visitors, recent reviews, view counts, live visitors, review and sales popups and conversion counts.

You can add popup notifications, embed live feeds, show visitors’ actions, display announcements and reviews from popular platforms, and many more to build customer trust. In addition, the app has 50+ eye-catching social proof templates, which support 30+ languages, and you can even set a clickable CTA.


  • Integrate with 200+ Business tools,
  • Showcase Social Proof to build trust,
  • Increase sales by showing recent activities, reviews, recent view count, live visitors, and conversion count,
  • Show notifications in feed, popups, or Inline text,
  • Advanced reporting system to set goals & track notification performance.

Pricing: Free plan available.

AVA Trust Badges

AVA Trust Badges
AVA Trust Badges

AVA trust badge is another great and powerful Sales popup app that can help increase sales and customer trust. With ready-to-use templates, the app allows showcasing trust badges on your site anywhere.

Using 30+ customized and checkout trust badges reduces concerns over payment security and builds customer trust. In addition, you can create FOMO by showcasing recent activities, information, and reviews. You can even show the number of stock left and the countdown timer to create urgency.


  • Create multiple trusts badges with stunning designs,
  • 30+ Customize and checkout badges or upload your own,
  • Add a customized countdown timer,
  • Sales popup pages on product pages,
  • Live chat to connect with your customers via Whatsapp.

Pricing: Free

Trust Me By SEOAnt

Trust Me By SEOAnt
Trust Me By SEOAnt

With Trust Me, you can easily add trust badges and icons to your Shopify store. It is one of the highly rated trust badge apps on Shopify that can help you to establish customer trust.

The trust badge app is easy to set up with just a few clicks and customized with colors & sizes that match your brand. It allows adding 150+ badges like Free shipping, SSL security, No Animal testing, Organic product, Money back guarantee, and many more.

The badges are mobile-friendly, responsive, and easy to customize the size for desktop. You can position the badge anywhere on your website, from product pages, checkout pages, stores, footer, and any position.

The app has an effective preview feature that displays the preview of your badges on Mobile and desktop versions.


  • One-click selection of badges, no extra button required,
  • 150+ Free badges,
  • Responsive badges,
  • Easy customization to match your brand,
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support,
  • No code is requi

Pricing: Free

Trust Hero

Trust Hero
Trust Hero

Trust hero is another free Shopify app on our list that can help to add trust badges on various pages of your store. You can select from 115+ fully customizable trust badges like payment badges, security badges, premium badges, and many more to add to your store with just one simple click.

You can customize icon color, fonts, text, trust badges displayed, and displayed alignment instantly that matches your store design. Add trust badges and custom icons to increase trust and your conversion rate by adding on different pages of your store.


  • Choose from 115+ Trust badges,
  • Fully customizable badges and custom icons,
  • Simple and user-friendly,
  • Customize colors, fonts, text, display alignments, and more,
  • One-click Install,
  • 24/7 email support.

Pricing: Free

Trustbadge: Reviews Toolkit

Trustbadge: Reviews Toolkit
Trustbadge: Reviews Toolkit

Trust badge is another free-to-install Shopify app that helps to manage and store your product reviews and show trust badges on your online store. The easiest and fastest way to connect to your Shopify store.

You can easily send out review invites, activate Buyer protection, and build trust at first glance. The trust badge is responsive and adjusts to every screen size automatically. You can simply publish reviews to prove the quality and security of your store.


  • Present your collected reviews with a trust badge,
  • Collect and display product reviews,
  • Show trust badges, integrate buyer protection, and collect shop reviews,
  • Responsive design.

Pricing: Free

Incognito – Trust badges & icons by Royal Apps

Incognito - Trust badges & icons by Royal Apps
Incognito – Trust badges & icons by Royal Apps

Incognito is a popular Shopify app that helps add badges, payment icons, and features or upload your icons to build customer trust. The setup is easy, with no code or technical knowledge required.

There are 5k+ icons and trust badges that perfectly align with your online store design. You can add them anywhere on the store – product page, footer, cart, or custom placement in categories. The app can integrate smoothly with any theme with a drag-and-drop editor to customize the badges.

It also has a Live chat option 24/7 to help you with technical support and queries.


  • 5k+ trust badges and icons,
  • Easy setup with no technical or no coding experience needed,
  • Place badges or icons anywhere in the store,
  • Customize badges with an easy drag-and-drop editor to match your store design,
  • Live chat support 24/7.

Pricing: Free plan available

Ant Trust Badges by PB Apps

Ant Trust Badges by PB Apps
Ant Trust Badges by PB Apps

Ant trust badges is another excellent Shopify app that can boost customer loyalty and sales. You can apply badges to any store theme without technical knowledge or experience.

You can customize the badges by changing colors. Numerous badges are available, including credit cards, banks, currencies, and security badges. The search box can help you to find the right badges and icons to add to your stores.

It has a good customer support and offers a mobile-compatible layout for any device.


  • No technical knowledge is needed,
  • Hundreds of badges and icons in different fields,
  • Custom trust slogan for any website slogan.

Pricing: Free

Trust Badges Master

Trust Badges Master
Trust Badges Master

Trust Badge master is another free trust badge app listed on the Shopify app store. It has a trust badge for every page of your store.

The app allows badge customization; the users can add a tooltip and a redirect URL to the trust badges to personalize the display. The apps are fully customizable to add a custom pitch message by adding header text and selecting fonts, colors, and sizes to reflect your brand’s visuals.

There are 125+ trust badges, and you can use unlimited trust badges for your Shopify store for free. The badges are responsive and customize the appearance of the icons based on the device. In addition, there are 150+ payment badge templates to add to your store.

The badges include Security badges, Shipping badges, Theme badges, FOMO Badges, and Miscellaneous trust badges.


  • Add unlimited badges in your stores,
  • Add a security badge, shipping badge, theme badge, FOMO badge, or any other,
  • 150+ Payment badges,
  • Customize badges as per your brand,
  • Regular updation of badge library.

Pricing: Free

Ping Trust Badge

Ping Trust Badge
Ping Trust Badge

Ping trust badge helps to increase orders and convert more of this lost traffic by adding trust badges to your online store.

In addition, it allows capturing new customers by email capturing, discount, and wingback features on your store. You can upload unlimited icons and create unique features on your store.

You can add three trust badges to your stores: Payment & security, Store policies, and Unique Selling points.


  • Add modern-style trust badges,
  • Incentivized discounts,
  • Size charts.

Pricing: Free

Badgify By Smart Product Badges

Badgify By Smart Product Badges
Badgify By Smart Product Badges

Badgify makes it easier to highlight your products with eye-catchy badges that grab customers’ attention and influence them to make a purchase. You can add trust badges or upload your own within a few clicks and in a minute.

You can select badge types like General, Low Stock, New Product, On Sale, and Sold out or upload your badge. In addition, you can customize the apps for the Shopify store. YOu can position these badges anywhere in your store at your convenience.


  • Real-time badge updates,
  • Create new badges using HTML and CSS,
  • Support animated badges,
  • Offer multiple badges in combination.

Pricing: The plan starts at $5.99 per month.

Trusted Site

Trusted Site
Trusted Site

A trusted Site is an excellent way to tackle the trust issue in your store by adding trust badges that help improve conversions and boost sales.

The app seals show certifications and trust marks throughout the store or website. You need to signup and pass a weekly security scan to earn the Certified Secure certification. In addition, you can showcase the trust badges throughout the store or website, which convince customers that the store is secure.

Further, the app offers responsive banners to show off multiple certifications on your site.


  • Earn certifications with weekly security scans,
  • Address visitor concerns about malware, viruses, and phishing,
  • Display trust marks that increase conversion and sales,
  • Issue-free orders certification.

Pricing: Free

Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear

Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear
Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear

The Ultimate Trust badge is another great trust badge app on our list that allows you to easily add trust badges and security seals to your Shopify stores. You can design badges to match your brand styles and colors.

It lets you see real-time previews of your badges inside the design panel. Over 300 badges and icons can be added anywhere to your store and website. The badges and icons are mobile-ready and support different sizes per device type.

It also supports built-in animation options to make your badge stand out. You can customize badges and add messages, colors, alignment size, and more to make them look fab. The setup is quick and easy with no developer or code needed, just one click and you are ready to go.


  • Offers unlimited free badges,
  • 300+ badges and icons to choose from and match with your brand,
  • Customize badges as per your need,
  • Support animations
    and simple design settings,
  • Around-the-clock support,
  • Auto-update badge weekly.

Pricing: Free

Which is the best Shopify Trust Badge app?

There are several Shopify apps available, each with its features and benefits. Shopify trust badges enable store owners to build trust, reduce bounce rates, increase conversion rates, and display secured sites that build confidence in customers to make a purchase.

Different types of displaying badges are available, like Shopify secure badges, payment badges, Shopify trust badges, Shopify secure badges, discount badges, shipping badges, and other badges that can be added to your store.

These badges can be added anywhere on your store, from the home page to the footer, product page, and checkout page. These trust badge apps work with the latest technology and are compatible with the software, apps, and other platforms.

We’ve handpicked the best trust badge apps for Shopify to help you add the proper badge to your store and achieve your goal. It’s best to research and compare these apps to find the one that best fits your needs and budget.


Utilizing a Shopify trust badge app is a great way to increase customer confidence and show that your store is credible. With so many options available, choosing the right one for your business can be tricky.

To help you make the best decision for your store, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best Shopify trust badge apps in 2023.


Trust badges can increase customer credibility and trust, leading to higher conversion rates and sales. However, the effectiveness of trust badges can vary depending on various factors, such as the type of badges used and the target audience.

You can get free trust badges on the Shopify store by installing the trust badge apps available on the Shopify app store.

Adding a discount badge on Shopify is simple and easy. You can use built-in Shopify trust badges, an app that allows you to either add badges or create custom badges directly. From your Shopify admin panel, you can select the badges to display and add directly to your store.

To add trust badges to your Shopify store, you can install a trust badge app from the Shopify store app. Once you have installed the app, you can select the badges you want to display and customize their placement on your website.

The most crucial Shopify trust badges for your store are those that establish trust with your customers, such as security badges, payment badges, and satisfaction guarantee badges. Some popular badges include an SSL security badge, payment badges, and a money-back guarantee badge. However, the badges most important for your store may depend on your industry and customer base.

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