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How to Create Limited Stock Notifications on Your Shopify Store?
Create Limited Stock Notifications

How to Create Limited Stock Notifications on Your Shopify Store?

Shoppers are constantly looking for products to buy. They have a short attention span and will often abandon their shopping cart if they don't find what they want in the first few pages of search results. And even if they do find something they like, they'll often leave the site to search for a better price.

Limited stock notifications are an effective way to increase sales on Shopify stores because it informs customers that the product is about to sell out, and that there is a limited number of items left. This helps shoppers make decisions faster, and prevents them from leaving the page because of a lack of information on when or how many items are available.

The idea behind this technique is that people want what they can't have. It's human nature to want something when we know that it won't be available for long. If you're running out of stock, then make sure your customers know about it!

  • Limited stock notifications will increase the number of customer conversions by increasing urgency and decreasing decision time.
  • Customers who are presented with limited stock notifications are more likely to buy the product because they feel like they have missed out on an opportunity if they don't buy it now.
  • Limited stock notifications also provide an opportunity for you to up-sell products that complement what the customer is looking at, increasing your revenue per customer.

How to Create Limited Stock Notification for your website?

  1. Install the WiserNotify App from the Shopify App store and Create an account.

2. Now log in & click on the “Add Notification” button.

3. You will have different types of social proof notifications and widgets here. Navigate to Limited stock sales, and click on “See Designs

You’ll see different design templates here. Each one has its unique customization options.

4. Select the design of your choice, and you’ll see a pop-up asking name and URL. Enter a name that is easy to remember, and enter the URL where you want to display notifications. Once you fill in this information, click on “Create & Customize”.

5. You’ll be redirected to the customization page. Here we’ve two sections- Design & Display

6. In the design section, you can change the look and feels of the notifications.

  • Change notification designs
  • See Preview on mobile and desktop screen
  • Change theme
  • Edit text, Icon, position, animation, shapes, borders, etc.
  • Set conditions for quantity count and other data being displayed in notifications

7. Once you’ve customized the design section, save it and move to the next option by clicking the continue button.

8. The next section is the display section; here, you can set display rules.

9. Once you complete both these steps, click on “Finish.

And turn the notification ON

That’s it. Limited stock notifications will be live on your website. You can check it on your website

So that’s how you can create Limited stock notifications on your Shopify Store to create urgency and increase sales.

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We have also created one video on how you can create Limited Stock notifications, you can watch it here.