Top 7 WordPress Popup Plugins in 2023

Top 7 WordPress Popup Plugins in 2023

Increasing the number of visitors to your WordPress website and having engagement to grow your business is necessary in the current running world of digital platforms.

Such as choosing the right WordPress popup plugin which directly impacts your consumer base is hence a crucial aspect.

Popup plugins work to convert website visitors to change them into email subscribers and future paying customers for your business.

Different types of popup plugin such as popup for sale, review popups, video popups and conversion popups help businesses improve their conversion rates.

This eventually leads to the growth of business and your consumer base in the long run.

If you are new to WordPress, one can take help of WordPress plugin guide to help them understand all about different plugins for WordPress.

Even when people consider pop ups annoying, most of them still increase the conversion rate of your business.

But with hundreds of options of popups for WordPress, some of them negatively impact your website and compromise the quality of your digital business.

With the options available for the plugins and features which are used commonly over every WordPress website some examples are Woocommerce plugins, lead generation plugins and Social Media Counters.

However, with the options available, we will present you with the seven best popup plugins for WordPress in 2023 that can help you drive a high audience toward your business.

What are Popup Plugins in WordPress?

Pop up plugins for WordPress are simple tools that enhance the working of your website with creativity and advance your audience base.

These tools are basic editors, CTA widgets, A/B tests, and many more with advanced features.

From free options to the best marketing generators, popup plugins provide different analytics to your page.

With the help of plugins and WordPress pop ups, people visiting your website can navigate easily and eventually add up to your business.

Popup Plugins for WordPress can be considered tools to make your business and website user-friendly.

This way, the quality and quantity of the audience on your website increase, eventually increasing your business.

Why should you use Popup Plugins?

Multiple benefits are linked to the use of WordPress popup plugins. These tools come to the aid of your business and make a difference in growth.

With the several options available over WordPress popup plugins, some of such plugins can provide elegant themes and tracks user inactivity and activity.

People get attracted to the working of website which eventually creates personal and meaningful conversation between the user and your business.

In contrast, the other options might present you with statistics about your audience that can ultimately help you address your service's pain points.

Moreover, these popup plugin for WordPress with advanced features can also impact your SEO rankings.

With the best usages, they can directly push your sales to another level and even make your website boom through users' attention.

Hence, by using the best lead generation plugins, people can notice a miracle occurring on their website and work as their best friend through the journey of expanding a digital business.

Features to look for when Picking a Best WordPress Popup Plugin

Through our WordPress plugin guide, one can understand how the best WordPress popup plugins are a make-or-break aspect for any website working over the internet.

With all the benefits present, popup plugins can harm your website if not used appropriately.

Using accurate Wordpress popup plugins and the best WordPress popup plugins can prevent your website from lagging, ultimately impacting the user base by wasting their time.

They can also create a bad and annoying reputation by posing multiple popups, eventually irritating your audience from receiving qualitative information on your website.

Hence, one should always analyze the needs of their website and business for appropriate use of popups for WordPress.

For an easy method, one can select the following features to consider while selecting the best WordPress popup plugins that could provide you with appropriate results.


Multiple popup templates are the best to go for since they provide different aspects for personalization. In such a way, one can use those templates according to the tone set of their website and business.

Drag and Drop Builders

Drag and drop builders are always a go-to since they allow customization without having to code or take numerous steps to reach the result you have been waiting for.

Connection Through Emails

Since email marketing is one of the significant aspects of building up a business and enhancing your audience, always look for a plugin that connects you to an email service.


Always opt for the best Wordpress popup plugins which do not compromise the speed of your website and would provide high conversion rates without bringing your SEO ranking into question.

WordPress Friendly

Another important aspect to look for is the fact that the plugin should be working with your WordPress hosting environment.

Under no circumstances should you use a plugin that is poorly coded that could jeopardize your service.

The best WordPress popup plugins should provide you with advancements to create on your website, along with lead generation.

Contenders for the Best WordPress Popup Plugins Available for Use

There are hundreds of options which are available for people over the WordPress plugins to bring use of. But one cannot trust the options available blindly since there are several risks which are involved.

Some of the plugins claim to be helping but instead impact out a negative aspect to our website eventually reducing their efficiency.

Hence, we have collected the best tools present on WordPress to work as Popup plugins which can actually provide you with the best and efficient results.

Some of the options to choose from are:

  • WiserNotify
  • OptinMonster
  • Elementor Pro
  • IceGram
  • Ninja Popups
  • ThriveLeads
  • Popup Domination

These seven options are one of the best WordPress popup plugins which is available for people to implement popup maker with different popup templates on their website.

One can carefully understand their features with description and can eventually compare its price and features they have to offer.

Ultimately, one can choose for a WordPress popup plugin for popup maker with an in-depth analysis after analyzing all the possible needs and help.

These 7 best popup plugins for WordPress can provide to enhance your consumer base and would eventually improve your business towards a larger sale through their popup maker features.

Top 7 Popup Plugins for WordPress

There are hundreds of popup plugins for WordPress to choose from, but now that you have already understood the aspects that must be taken care of.

Some of these options present are free version for free plugin while some might provide premium version for premium plugin for WordPress. Here we have presented you with the seven best popup plugins and popup maker for WordPress to choose from.

1. WiserNotify WordPress popup plugin

WiserNotify is one of the most effective WordPress popup maker plugin, which works as a social proof and FOMO plugin.

It plays a significant impact in building trust and enhancing the conversion rate by displaying social proof popups on your website.

Features of the WiserNotify popup builder:

There are several features that are present in this tool, some of which are mentioned below.

Live visitor notifications, displays different social media platforms of your website for people to connect on several platforms, and even generates conversion notifications to increase the number of sign-ups to increase your audience base.

  • The plugin also provides announcements of upcoming events and generates a sense of urgency for your website users by showing time widgets and limited-time discounts.
  • Use visitor's behaviors triggers such as exit intent, scrolling the screen, and time-out to improve website engagement and increase conversions.

It is the best social proof plugin that one can opt for to enhance the social working of their platform. One can easily create their own popups and popup forms with the help of WiserNotify's popup maker and can perform page level targeting.

Their plans and package start for a price of $13.33 per month.

2. OptinMonster WordPress popup plugin

OptinMonster is considered one of the most effective WordPress tools that provides you with different functionalities.

Currently, OptinMonster is being used as a platform-agnostic SaaS tool, but one does not have to worry since they are still active with the roots of WordPress.

One can choose this WordPress popup plugin to make integration easy and be able to manage their popups to display.

Features of OptinMonster

There are several features that are present in this tool, some of which are mentioned below.

  • primary drag and drop builder, a popup builder that would allow you to build popups from zero or through an existing template.
  • Tools allowing A/B testing along with multivariate testing such that one can optimize their pop ups depending on the need.
  • Some other features on their plugin include displaying different popups to people who have already pressed on to your previous or existing popups so that they stay updated and you have a profit at the same time.
  • Scheduling of popups to be displayed at a given time
  • opting for a trademarked feature of their company called the "exit-intent."

It also provides deep targeting offers on WordPress site that target popups through aspects like page, cookie, geolocation, device, ad blockers, and new vs returning visitors.

The plugins provided by OptinMonster can be manipulated with different platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, and even Shopify.

The pricing for their WordPress popup builder plugin to create popups tools start from $9 per month which can be opted according to the business needs of your WordPress site.

It is one of the best popup plugin available for WordPress popups.

3. Elementor Pro WordPress popup plugins

Elementor is one of WordPress's most commonly and popular popup plugin used for popup builder for WordPress site, which comes with multiple tools and features.

If you struggle with tools, then Elementor Pro is one of the best options since it comes to provide easy & handy usage. It is considered as one of the best popup plugin available.

The features that Elementor Pro provides their users are

There are several features that are present in this tool, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Drag and drop builder, a elementor popup builder plugin that comes with the name Popup builder, one of the most powerful tools available for WordPress.
  • Multiple templates for easy building of popups
  • Provides content widget options

Through the help of this tool, one can single-handedly build complete popups for their website. Elementor's popup builder supports and lets you create email subscriptions, video popups, conversion popups, etc. with video lightboxes and floating bars.

It allows you to build with 100% flexibility according to your needs and provides its service just for $59 per year for an essential plan.

One can also have access to multiple templates on their tool and create different attractions for your website through the content widget options on Elementor.

Apart from such popup-building features, one can also have access to different types of popups to be built, such as modal popups, popup form, review popups, and screen overlays.

With the support of Elementor as a WordPress plugin, one can create different countdown timers, login forms, contact forms, etc., all through just one tool.

Although there are a few areas where Elementor is yet to build itself, some of the areas where this tool lags are missing A/B testing and no method to track the analytics offered in other tools for the same price range.

4. IceGram WordPress popup plugin

IceGram comes both as a free and paid WordPress popup plugin. The free version provides basic popup features, while the premium version provides people with more popup triggers or trigger popups with advanced targeting rules, analytics, and pre built templates for popups.

Features provides of IceGram

There are several features that are present in this tool, some of which are mentioned below.

  • CTA widgets along with in-forms to use
  • Multiple beforehand made themes to create popups
  • lightbox popups, header and footer action bars, toast notifications, and a slide messenger
  • Exit-intent, scroll, on-click, and JavaScript along with geo targeting options

People can opt for in-forms and CTA widgets through the help of IceGram to convert your users and audience to actual consumers of your business.

The premium features allow one to opt for 100+ premade themes and lightbox popups available on IceGram to create unlimited popups with advanced features on your Wordpress sites.

One can also select the specific pages on where to display the popups through popup windows on your website through this popup plugin for WordPress.

One can connect their popup forms with email newsletter tools such as Constant Contact, AWeber, and GetResponse so that the email list overgrows.

Although some of the backlogs of IceGram could be better user interfaces, limited targeting options, and the built-in templates could be more attractive, one has to input much manual effort.

Their services are free, but add-on features are present for a charge ranging from $7 for premium version, depending on the feature you opt for.

5. Ninja Popups WordPress popup plugin

Produced by the service of CodeCanyon, Ninja Popups provides a service of drag-and-drop builders along with about 70 templates, and animation effects present through their service.

It charges about $26 for its service, and people can access unlimited benefits on this Plugin for WordPress.

Features of Ninja Popup

There are several features that are present in this tool, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Powerful email marketing integrations
  • Drag and drop editor user interface for quick and easy popups for website
  • Anti-adblockers for use upon your website
  • User-friendly builders which can be manipulated to work over the websites even on mobiles.

One of the most excellent features which are provided by Ninja Popups is the anti-adblocker which tends to display the pop ups to people on your website even if they opt for an ad blocker.

Moreover, they have an active updating policy such that any new type of issues or bugs are addressed immediately and does not pose users of this plugin with an issue.

Although, is does not provides WordPress specific targeting rules, has a limited campaign, and does not come as a free version.

But for a price of $26, it comes as Best wordPress popup plugin for people to use to build a fantastic website!

6. ThriveLeads WordPress popup plugin

ThriveLeads is a conversion-focused WordPress theme and plugins for popup page builder which comes mainly from a theme company of Thrive Themes, which lets you build listing plugins.

Through the help of this popup plugin, one can quickly build popups and opt in forms directly through the WordPress dashboard.

Features of ThriveLeads

There are several features present in this tool, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Direct linking with the WordPress dashboard
  • A/B testing feature
  • Exit-intent feature along with advanced analytics
  • Scroll trigger
  • Pre-built templates with custom css and custom html forms

ThriveLeads is a one-time investment since people can opt for their features until they want without having to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

But it does not support some of the much-needed triggering and targeting options such as geotargeting or user inactivity.

However, this comes for a price ranging from $67, depending on the features you opt to use.

Moreover, it also has some speed issues, people looking for their websites to get loaded in an instant should not consider this option.

People having all hands on WordPress can still find it difficult to use, and hence one should probably not consider if they are still a beginner working over WordPress.

But ThriveLeads does show the stats and performance of your own popup and helps you to carry out a detailed process, making it easier for you to understand the proper working of different popups on your website.

7. Popup Domination WordPress popup plugin

Popup Domination is a SaaS tool that can be managed through the Popup Domination user interface for page builder without having to involve WordPress dashboard.

It does not work as a self-hosted WordPress plugin and rather works as an individual tool.

Features of Popup Domination

There are several features present in this tool, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Detailed popup triggers and targeting rules
  • Pre built popup templates to create different popup types such as layered popups for quick use
  • A/B testing and detailed analytics
  • Google Analytics event trackers

Apart from detailed features mentioned above, one can also get the use of templates present on their plugin.

It can be further manipulated to provide custom options according to your website.

Although it does not provide drag-and-drop builders, hence people cannot build their popups from scratch.

The pricing of Popup Domination comes from the number of views your popup receives than the number of websites you use the plugin.

Cumulating the price, which can come through the use of Popup Domination, it can range from $9 per month, which is billed annually.

Which is the Best WordPress Popup Plugin for You?

There are several aspects which have to be considered to choose the most appropriate WordPress popup plugin for use.

First, one should consider analyzing their needs and requirements.

Based on the needs and requirements, people can easily address the pain points and issues with their business which can be resolved.

By weighing in all the pain points, one can choose the tool which has capabilities to address the needs of your digital business.

Through such methods, one would not have to spend on unnecessary tools and will be able to solve the issues without having to waste time.

But with the options present, different tools have capabilities to enhance your business to another level.

One should give a chance to these tools to analyze their working and impact on the increase of your audience towards your business.

Should You opt for Free Popup Plugin?

People can definitely opt for the use of free plugins on their WordPress website. Although these free plugins might come with limited features and might not provide efficient results that people might be wanting on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which pop up plugin for WordPress can be considered as the best?

The above seven mentioned plugins are the best options which people can choose from for their WordPress website to provide the best results.

One can compare the options given above to make a final selection according to their choice and opinions.

Q2. What are some factors to consider while opting to use a WordPress pop up plugin?

There are several factors which people have to weigh in before making their final decision towards choosing an appropriate WordPress pop up plugin.

Firstly, one has to compare their needs and the features that a plugin has to offer.

Secondly, different factors like the templates which a plugin has to offer, compatibility of plugin with your website.

This helps in integration of email marketing and customer support the plugin offers.

Choosing a plugin for your website is a big decision which would impact your business in the long run, one should carefully analyze all the information and make a sound decision.

Q3. Can you use popup plugins for free?

Only a limited number of plugins for WordPress come for free use. Some of the popup plugins might come for free but would provide only a limited number of features.

After trying out the plugin, one can surely opt for other plugins for creating popups with their paid versions and can opt for the features which you think might come handy.


With the hundreds of options present for the popup plugins for WordPress, one should first analyse the need of their website and should jot down the pain points of your business, which can be targeted.

Above are the seven best popup plugins for WordPress that lets you create attractive popups with elegant themes that can be used accordingly.

Each plugin has an interactive and fantastic offer for people to choose from.

Consider using these WordPress plugins and give them a try before jumping on toward the final selection.

People should also consider the investment they are planning to make towards their website and always analyze their budget before making the final decisions.

But with several options available, people can easily choose from the popup plugins for WordPress.

Following all these processes can help you enhance and support your digitally growing business.