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10 Best Notification Bar WordPress Plugin in 2024

Notification bars can help you to show important announcements, capture emails, promote offers, and a quick CTA button to make them take certain actions. If your website is built on WordPress, you’ll be glad to know numerous WordPress notification bar plugins can make your task easier.

It is a simple addition yet very effective in improving your conversion rate, and it only takes a few clicks to add it to your WordPress website. This post lists the best WordPress notification bar plugins. By the end, you can make a choice that fits your needs.

Why should you add a Notification Bar Plugin to a WordPress Site?

Adding a Notification Bar Plugin to your WordPress site can be highly beneficial. It lets you easily communicate important information to your visitors, such as new product releases, discounts, upcoming events, etc.

In addition, if you’re a blogger or eCommerce store owner, these plugins can help build trust with your visitors, as they can see you regularly update your site and stay up-to-date with new content. Not only that, but it also makes it easier to collect email subscribers by displaying opt-in forms and other call-to-action items.

All in all, It is an excellent addition to any WordPress site. And it doesn’t need any coding or design skills to show custom notifications from the landing page to the website anywhere.

What to Look for in a WordPress Notification Bar Plugin?

With hundreds of WordPress notification bar plugins available, not all seem to be the best fit for your WordPress website. To get maximum results, you must consider the right features you need for your website.

Here are some essential features.

  • Dynamic Elements: The notification bar plugin should allow you to customize and add elements such as a countdown timer, animation effects, CTA buttons, and more to boost your conversion rate.
  • Customer Support: There should be excellent and responsive customer support to solve your issues and queries quickly. They also need help with the plugin installation and technical support.
  • Cookie Settings: The notification bar WordPress plugins allow you to customize the message for different sections and have the cookie functionality to remember users’ last visit. Such functionality improves user experience.
  • Newsletter Integration: If your goal is to increase subscribers for your newsletters, you need to ensure that the notification bar plugin easily integrates with popular email marketing services.
  • Easy Integration: Look for a plugin that effectively integrates with other WordPress plugins, such as analytics or contact forms, so you can easily add additional features to your notification bar.

List of Top 10 WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

1. WiserNotify

WiserNotify is one of the popular social proof notification plugins for WordPress websites to increase sales and trust among visitors. It can help you to showcase recent activities like recently sold products, signups on your newsletters, new YouTube videos uploaded, view counts, live visitors on a specific page, and more.

It allows you to integrate with 200+ business tools that can help you enhance your website features and grab visitors’ attention. The plugin has a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use options to customize at your convenience.

It has customized 50+ template designs to support 30+ languages and add elements like set clickable CTA, icons, product images, in-built data collectors, and more. You can also do A/B testing with multiple variants to compare the performance of different notification bars and popups.


  • Advanced reporting to check stats like impressions, clicks, and hovers.
  • Integrate easily with 200+ business tools.
  • Set delay timers between notifications, countdown timers, limit to show notifications per page and more.
  • Get branded dashboards and showcase notifications on multiple sites.


  • 50+ Pre-made customizable templates.
  • Supports 30+ languages.
  • Target new and existing customers with custom notification bars and popups.
  • Set clickable CTA.
  • In-built data collector form.

Price: The free version provides basic features, and the premium version costs $16 monthly.

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2. Easy notification bar

The easy notification bar plugin is a simple and free WordPress notification bar plugin to add a simple notification bar with a message and button on the top of the website. It doesn’t have advanced options compared to other plugins but is customizable to set up.

The plugin includes a customizable notification bar, preview changes in real-time, type-in text, font size settings, custom links, and custom colors. While it offers fewer options, you can also set a custom background.

The website is a decent choice if you want to create simple notifications. The notification bar is static, so when visitors scroll down, it will hide.


  • Sitewide top notification bar.
  • Custom background, colors, text alignment, and font size.
  • Easy setup in the WordPress customizer.
  • Optional sticky display, close icon, and more.


  • Optional callout button.
  • Minimal code.
  • Responsive designs.

Price: Free.

3. Brave

Brave is an all-in-one visitor conversion engine for your WordPress website. It offers many features, including a sticky bar, advanced forms, interactive popups, cookie notices, social chat, and more.

There are 20 plug-and-play visitor pre-built conversion tools, including user acquisition, sales growth, visitor engagement, blog growth, social growth, and more, to help you convert visitors on autopilot.

It connects 50+ services, including MailChimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, Integromat, Sendinblue, MailPoet, Zapier, and more. You get 150+ high-converting built-in popups and widgets that are easily customizable.


  • Drag and drop builder to create customizable popups.
  • Easily create newsletter opt-in popups, contact forms, a sticky bar, and more.
  • 10 Beautifully designed elements: text, shape, button, form, list, posts, images, etc.
  • 23 Newsletter service integrations.


  • Advance analytics.
  • Intuitive visual editor.
  • WooCommerce integration.

Price: The pro version starts at $59 per year.

4. WPFront Notification Bar

WPFront notification bar is one of the great options for creating WordPress notification bars to display discounts, news, or any other information with a CTA button. You can make it sticky or display it on a scroll.

The WPFront notification bar has a unique feature: setting dates and user roles to display notification bars. It has dozens of setting options
to control the notification bar’s display, content, filters, and color.


  • Display a message with a CTA button.
  • Position the notification bar on top or bottom.
  • Customize colors, content, and more.
  • Set dates for start and end.


  • It can be sticky or fixed in position.
  • Display the reopen button.
  • Processes shortcodes.

Price: Free

5. WP Notification Bars

WP Notification bars are lightweight plugins with a user-friendly interface and easy for beginners. The plugin allows unlimited notification bars with shortcodes for CTA posts, pages, and home pages.

It is perfect for promoting events, social media followers, email subscribers, sales, and more. It also allows setting the priority of the notification bars so that your website displays the important ones and completes your goal.


  • Create Unlimited notification bars
  • Set display notification bars for specific target audience groups.
  • Slide in the notification bar to communicate with your visitors.
  • Support popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, and more.
  • Different types of notification bars like Fixed, text only, buttons, and more.


  • 18+ social media services included.
  • 14 Pre-defined Color Schemes.
  • 100% responsive plugin and unlimited color choice.
  • Set notification bar priority.
  • AB split test.

Price: A free and paid version is $29 (one-time).

6. Announcement Bar

The Announcement bar plugin can help you to manage announcements on your website quickly, easily, and more efficiently using the notification bar. You can automate and schedule announcements for a specific time range, customize design and use present beautiful design to make it more personalized.

A single announcement bar can handle multiple messages and set a timer to launch at a specific time. You get complete control over the look and customize the elements like text alignment, position, font style, colors, scrolling options, close button, and more.


  • Schedule announcements with the custom announcements option.
  • Customize the appearance as per your brand.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, newsletter plugins, and more.


  • 12 background colors/styles,
  • 2 Style elements,
  • Fully customizable notification bar.

Price: The pricing is $19 one time.

7. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is another popular notification plugin with an easy-to-use interface and straightforward settings, making it a beginner-friendly option. The plugin works seamlessly with any WordPress website, eCommerce, blog, or other.

Hello Bar offers a handful of pre-built designs that can be customized with color, size, and more settings. The plugin can also integrate popular platforms like GoDaddy, Weebly, AWeber, GetResponse, Shopify, ConvertKit, etc.

HelloBar allows us to keep track of performance with custom reports and analytics and optimize them for better performance.


  • 100+ pre-built themes to choose from that suit your brand best.
  • Customize elements, like color, text, layout, and more, with the visual editor.
  • Add different types of popups like bars, modals, sliders, page takeovers, and alerts.
  • Track and optimize with Advanced reporting.
  • Use the design assistant to make the design match your website automatically.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Run A/B testing.
  • Create custom reports and analytics.

Price: It has a free forever version.

8. Hashbar

Hashbar is another top-rated WordPress notification bar plugin that is lightweight and open-source. The plugin is compatible with Visual Composer and the WPBakery page builder, which can help you customize it easily.

You can customize text, background, and button on the notification bar, add a close button, and hide it for mobile devices. You can also schedule and set the position and pages to display the notification bar.


  • Compatible with popular page builders Visual Composer and WPBakery page builder.
  • Multiple display options.
  • Targeting options to set notifications for the entire site, homepage, posts, or all pages.
  • Schedule notifications.


  • Options to show or hide.
  • Set positioning.
  • Customize background, color, text, and more.

Price: There is a free version and a premium version too.

9. Top Bar

The top bar is a simple WP notification bar plugin with a basic build to let you design the top bar on your terms. You can add messages, CTA, and links to your notification bar.

You must install, activate, and select the color & visibility option for your notification bars. It also offers a stick bar feature and has only limited customization options. The premium version offers advanced features such as initial state, bottom border, timer setting, font size, and more.


  • Delay by setting the timer.
  • Show/hide the top bar’s specific role.
  • Custom colors and font size for message text/button background.
  • Add a border to the bottom.


  • Fully responsive.
  • Stick bar feature.
  • Custom message option.

Price: A free version is available, and the pro version costs $16 annually.

10. MailChimp Top Bar

MailChimp top bar can help you to add and customize the notification bar to grab visitors’ attention and increase Mailchimp subscribers. It can enable you to add a stylish opt-in bar to your website and grow your mailing list.

You can position the notification bar anywhere on the page. It can easily integrate with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, BuddyPress, and Events Manager are some of them. The visual interface is easy to use, which makes it easy to modify the visual appearance without using a single code of line.


  • Create signup forms for your email subscribers.
  • Customize the notification bar with text and color.
  • Position the notification bar at any place from top to bottom.


  • Lightweight
  • Single 4kb Javascript file.

Price: Free

Which is the best Notification bar Plugin for WordPress?

Many popular WP notification bar plugins might confuse you when choosing the best WordPress notification bar for your website.

Every website has different features; some provide advanced ones, while others have basic ones that vary with the pricing. Choosing the right notification bar plugin depends on the required features to ensure it runs smoothly.

If you are a beginner, the basic features and easy-to-use interface plugins like WiserNotify, Hello Bar, Easy Notification bar, and others can be great options with freemium features. At the same time, WPFront Notification Bar, Announcement Bar, and others can be budget-friendly options.

Every plugin has features, pros, and cons that might not suit your website’s growth and attract new customers. We recommend reading the features of the WordPress notification bar plugin before choosing one.


Notification bars can be a great way to improve conversion rates, make announcements about sales, discounts, and new launches, and even get email subscribers. It can help you promote offers and add quick CTA buttons to direct them toward the specific page.

It is a great way to draw attention to important information.

Feel free to use plugins that suit your budget and features and fit your needs.

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