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11 Best WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins in 2024

Every business aims to increase sales and attract new customers. But, with the increasing competition, it becomes difficult to grab customers’ attention. Businesses must use different tactics to attract and influence visitors to buy products/services.

One such tactic is using a countdown plugin.

When you promote your products/services, do your visitors know they can buy products with a huge discount for only another 30 minutes? Or that there is free shipping on all products for a limited period?

Probably not. That’s why you must tell them that time is ticking tik tok, tik tok!

Countdown timers are a great way to create FOMO and grab visitor’s attention. It makes customers make instant decisions by creating a scarcity of losing a great deal. It influences customers by creating urgency before the offer gets close.

What are the types of Countdown plugins?

There are different Countdown timers, each with a different purpose. In general, they can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Normal Timers: These timers count to a fixed date or time and remain the same for every visitor. It could be the launch of a website, end sale, seasonal sales, and so on.
  • Evergreen Timer: These timers are unique for every visitor; in short, it’s dynamic. These great marketing tools create urgency and scarcity to drive more sales. It starts when a visitor arrives on your site.

What features should be considered to find the best countdown timer plugins?

When choosing the right countdown plugin for your WordPress website, consider the following factors:

  • Easy to use: Ensure the plugin provides an easy user interface, no coding, and easy configuration.
  • Price: The plugin should offer free and paid versions to accommodate different budget levels.
  • Compatibility: The plugin should be compatible with the different versions of WordPress and PHP too.
  • Customizable: The plugins should offer effortless customization options to ensure users can customize as per their needs.

These are some basic features every countdown plugin must have, but different users might have different feature requirements. Check each countdown plugin’s feature and find the one that suits you best. In addition, make sure the plugin is compatible with your other plugins, hosting, and software you use with your website to make it run seamlessly.

When to use Countdown timer plugins?

One of the key reasons to use a countdown timer is to make visitors take some action; it might be buying a product or booking a seat within a limited time to grab an early bird discount. They can be used to make customers aware of the limited-time offers or encourage them to complete a purchase within a specific time.

For example, building anticipation for the newly launched product or service.

Countdown timers can help you create FOMO, anticipate for new launch products, prepare for upcoming sales countdown timers, and make other updates.

What are the benefits of Countdown timer plugins?

Countdown timers can help brands, from grabbing customers’ attention to influencing them to purchase by creating urgency. Here are a few benefits of the Countdown timer plugin-

  • Boost Conversion Rate: Countdown timers can encourage people to complete their purchases and incentivize them to do so before the timer runs out. It creates urgency and motivates website visitors to take action.
  • Highlight Promotions: WordPress Countdown timer plugins can help you highlight special offers or promotions.
  • Push Customers to Make a Purchase: WordPress Countdown timers influence customers to purchase using psychological tricks, i.e., by creating demand and FOMO.
  • Attract Traffic: Countdown timers can help you attract a lot of traffic; for example, you can add a countdown timer to show upcoming events, sales, or about launching a new product.

List of 11 WordPress Countdown Timer Plugins

1. WiserNotify

WiserNotify is one of the best social proof notification plugin that helps you to increase conversion rate by creating FOMO and urgency.

It offers 10+ social proof notifications and 20+ urgency CTA widgets, including a real-time visit counter, real-time conversion, sales countdown timer, countdown timer, email collector, and many more.

It can integrate with 200+ business tools seamlessly and got some premium features like Loop & orders, A/B testing, powerful dashboard, and more. With 50+ pre-made templates, you can add countdown timer with seconds and customize it.

You can add Countdown timers without writing a single line of code. So, how do I add a countdown timer to my website? It’s simple make an account, install Wisernotify, add pixel code to your website, and you are ready to go.


  • 50+ Eye-catchy design
  • Data and time control setting
  • A/B testing to test multiple variants
  • Integrate with 200+ business tools
  • Social proof notifications like recent activities, reviews, conversion count, countdown timer, and more

Price: Free version available.

2. Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown

The countdown widget is a simple countdown timer that is free. Thanks to the easy drag-and-drop interface, even beginners can customize the widget easily.

The plugin is translation-ready and supports customization through CSS. It is fully responsive and you can create unlimited countdown timers on any page/posts. There is also Pro version available that adds premium features like animation effects, action after time expiration date or time, circle and vertical slider countdowns, and many more.

In the pro version, you can also change the background color, text color, border, font size, and many more. It is one of the popular WordPress widgets.


  • Easy to install and use of countdown timer
  • Gutenberg ready
  • Unlimited timers anywhere on your website, landing page, blogs, and more
  • User-friendly back-end for WordPress countdown plugin
  • 39 Awesome animation effects

Price: Free version. (Premium starts at $13)

3. Easy Timer

Easy Timer allows you to create as many timers as you want on your pages, posts, and widgets on your website. It is a straightforward timer plugin that allows to display the time remaining until the date you choose and can reveal hidden content when the time is reached.

Depending on your website, you can utilize the countdown clocks on this plugin. You can use them to inform about the new product launch, website, upcoming sales countdown timer, etc.

It displays the time that has passed from the date or the amount of time visitors spend on the website. The plugin includes an unlimited count-up and count-down timer that shows the date or time and refreshes every second.


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited count-up timers and count-down timers
  • Schedule automatic content modification

Price: Free

4. Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown timer ultimate is easier, simpler, and more beautiful plugin for your WordPress website. It provides 13 countdown styles with lightweight and responsive designs that can create scheduled, recurring, and evergreen countdown timers.

Countdown timer ultimate provides 13 different Styles of Countdown timers like circle, simple, vertical flip, horizontal flip, round the clock, bar clock, night clock, and more. It can seamlessly integrate with your favorite page builders like Gutenberg, WPBakery, Siteorigin, Beaver, Elementor, and more.

Countdown Timer Ultimate provides premium features like clock animation, timer completion text, and customizable background colors for days, hours, minutes, and seconds. It is fully responsive and has a custom CSS editor.


  • Create multiple timers
  • eCommerce coupon integration
  • Customizable background color
  • Timer label text color
  • Custom CSS editor

Price: Free version (Pro version starts at $169 annually)

5. HurryTimer

Hurry Timer is one of the powerful WordPress countdown plugin that helps to create urgency and scarcity with standard and evergreen countdowns. The evergreen timer uses IP detection and cookies to display the right timer at the right time with manual and auto restart functions.

It also provides different expiry actions like redirect to another page, hide countdown timer, displaying custom message, and more that boost traffic and improve customer experience. The recurring function self-reports countdown timer that runs according to set of rules.

The pro version includes functions like recurring timer, expiry actions, sticky announcement bar, a customizable countdown timer, custom CSS, and more.


  • Auto restart evergreen countdown timers
  • Integrate with WooCommerce easily
  • Fixed deadline campaigns

Price: Starts at $39 per year

6. Evergreen countdown timer

The Evergreen countdown timer plugin is a fantastic tool for creating conventional and evergreen timers. Evergreen countdown timer enables you to build a countdown timer using scarcity and influence people’s decision-making process.

The evergreen countdown timer has premium features like unlimited evergreen & standard countdowns, unlimited colors, redirect URLs, Custom CSS, and monitor visitors using cookies and IP address.


  • Redirect visitors to new page
  • Detect visitors using browser cookies and IP address
  • Unlimited countdown timers and colors
  • Countdowns for seats or tickets

Price: Free plugin (Pro version costs $47 per year)

7. Sales Countdown Timer

The sales countdown timer by VillaTheme is a perfect WordPress countdown plugin to increase your sales. It shows a sales countdown timer on your single product pages and shop pages to influence customers’ purchase before timer expires.

It has dedicated options and features to promote sales and attract buyers purchase new products. The features include an automatic offer changer, customized offers, a sale progress bar and stock quantity bar, and fully responsive.

It also allows you to set checkout countdown timer for a minimum cart total to get special offer.


  • Automatic Offer Changer
  • Display in checkout, category, shop, and other related pages
  • Position on single product pages
  • Sale ends message
  • Sales progress bar and Stock quantity bar
  • Customize font size, color, background, and text color
  • Multiple profiles setting with unlimited countdown timer profiles

Price: Free (Pro version at $20)

8. Countdown Builder

Countdown builder has a user-friendly interface making it a simple countdown timer builder. Countdown builder is a freemium plugin offering many features, including WooCommerce and sticky countdown timers.

It provides different countdown timer styles like circle countdown, digital, clock, simple, sticky, flip clock countdown & popup, Woocommerce countdown & coupons, and the Coming Soon page.

In addition, the countdown builder allows duration restart, coming soon whitelist IP address, show only on mobile devices, and many more pro features.


  • Unlimited sites
  • Countdown button extension, analytics extension
  • Hide on Mobile devices
  • Duration restart and save duration on each user
  • Customer and plugin updates for 1 year

Price: Free (premium starts at $ 94.96 one time)

9. SeedProd

SeedProd is one of the popular website builde plugin for your landing page. It is also a great option to add countdown timer to your landing pages.

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easier to customize your pre-made templates hassle-free. The coming soon page creator helps you to hide your website until it’s ready, and help you grow subscribers with professional coming soon page templates for WordPress site.

It gives full access controls and give clients a sneak peek before launching. It adds mobile-friendly pre-launch pages that are responsive and functional. You can customize any templates in real time like background image, fonts, colors, CSS, and more without any code.

In addition, you can customize your mobile landing pages for any device coming soon. It integrates with email marketing services, contact form builders, marketing tools, and SEO plugins.


  • Vast block and pre-built templates
  • Seamless integration
  • Customize templates in real time
  • Visual drag-and-drop builder

Price: Free (Pro version starts at $39.50 per year)

10. EventOn Countdown

The EventOn Countdown display a real-time countdown timer for events to increase demand and drive visitors’ attention. You can display dates, timings, locations, and event cancellations presented directly on the main page.

It also triggers action when timer expires like do nothing, hide event, make event unclickable, blackout event, and set as soldout. It has additional features like a capable event management application, venue administration, an outstanding visitor search bar, and more.


  • Countdown to start or end
  • Trigger action when time expires
  • Custom expiration time
  • Event edit countdown settings
  • Real-time countdown timer for events

Price: Single site price starts at $40

11. Countdown for Elementor

The countdown element is one of the essential eCommerce plugin that enables you to create highly convertible countdowns for your WordPress site. It helps you to build and design your timer using different styles and customize them as per your requirements.

There are tons of designs that can be customized easily. If you are a beginner, you can easily customize using a built-in label timer. The support and documentation help you learn how to create countdown timers and add them to your website without hassle.


  • 70+ different elements
  • 100% customization of each element
  • Lifetime support and updates
  • Flexible and attractive countdown designs

Price: Free version (Pro version starts at $39.98)

To Conclude

Countdown timers are becoming highly popular to improve conversion rates and sales, irrespective of the type of online business you run. It can help you inform users about the upcoming sale, events, offer ends, and huge discounts for a limited time.

It uses FOMO effects, influences the users to make purchasing decisions immediately and encourages them to complete the purchase. With our handpicked plugins and countdown timer WordPress plugins, you can pick anyone and enjoy fully responsive countdown timers for your website.

With these plugins, you can create timer counts and evergreen timers. Fixed countdown timer, and increase your sales.

These timer plugins for WordPress allow you to position timer anywhere on the same page, and are fully responsive countdown timers. In the end, pick the right plugin that suits your needs and budget.

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