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Top 10 WordPress Social Media Plugins for 2023

We are aware of the dominance created by the internet all around the world for the last two decades. The internet has made everything available to us within a few clicks.

We can rely on the internet for anything as it is a store of information. With the help of the internet, it has become easier to share and gain information.

This information can be in the form of audio, video, or text. Content in the form of text is called either an article or a blog.

There are various types of platforms to share information with the rest of the world. There are multiple online services like different social media networks, blogs, and websites available where information can be shared and read.

Online services like social media platforms and personal blogs are considered appropriate and convenient to share content.

As social media networks and blogging websites make it easy to search and post content. Usually, the free version of these websites or social media platforms is available to use.

So, you can post and consume content on these platforms without spending any money. Hence, many people have started content creation to earn extra income.

WordPress site is one of the most popular and oldest blogging services to post written form of content.

People use this website due to its unique and multiple features that make it easier to function. It also pays bloggers for posting content on their websites.

What Is A WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is an additional software used in WordPress to introduce new features. As the name suggests, it means to ‘plug in’ other features on WordPress. These features could include social media icons, social media networks, advertisements, brand content, etc.

WordPress plugins help blog owners to add multiple features to their blogs for enhancing and promoting them. These features can work as keywords for your blog and can improve the results of your blog on google analytics.

With the help of these WordPress plugins, you can add many different kinds of functions along with the existing ones. Along with blogging, multiple plugins for WordPress have been introduced so bloggers can make good use of them.

You can use these plugins for WordPress to customize or add any features to the WordPress site. Social Warfare is also a WordPress plugin and is very easy to use. As you just have to search and add images according to your wants.

These WordPress plugins are very useful for customizing the SEO, display of content, and content details. For example, you can display social share counts, view counts, etc.

So, once you attach social media plugins for WordPress, all your content from other social media platforms is displayed on your website or blog. This helps both your social media networks and blog to grow simultaneously.

How to Use Social Media to Encourage WordPress Site Visitors?

Only having a blog on WordPress is not enough as you need a platform to promote your work. Multiple social media networks or sites can be used to do so as it is one of the leading online platforms right now.

While publishing any form of content, you must always take care of its constant growth. Once your blog or social media networks or sites stop growing, your content does not reach its target audience.

Hence your views, likes, share counts, and followers get stuck on the same numbers. Repetitive content is the major reason for fewer views and shares.

Hence, you must be innovative and informative in your content creation or writing. Less promotion and marketing can also result in lesser growth of your blog.

Social media is the most appropriate platform to advertise or promote your content. Promoting your blogs from WordPress on social media networks helps to increase their view and share counts.

This helps your blog to reach its target audience easily. You can share the link to your blog on your social media networks so all your followers can easily find it.

If you share the link, it becomes easier for your viewers to access your blog and even they can forward the same link ahead. So, WordPress always encourages its bloggers to attach their WordPress social media plugins to their blogs.

This helps your content to grow across all the social media platforms along with WordPress. Hence WordPress social media plugin is really important for the reach of your blog.

Why Should You Add a Social Media Plugin to WordPress Site?

We all are aware of the fact that WordPress social media plugins can be customized according to our needs. Various features and functions can be added, removed, or customized with the help of this software.

By using this social media plugin or wp software, you can create a WordPress dashboard or floating sidebar on your blog. Then you can add social media plugins in the form of social media icons for your viewers to refer to your social media.

You can create or customize the social media icons of your social media accounts by direct linking them to your social media plugins for WordPress.

You can add these social media icons on a floating sidebar so it does not take up a lot of space on your blog. This way all the viewers from your blog can directly jump to your social media feeds or social media profiles.

It will help your social media profiles to grow rapidly and you can earn money from all the sites. People can scroll through your social media accounts and find your old posts to understand your content type.

Sometimes, viewers can relate to your old posts on social media too which can also increase your audience.

Social media plugins for WordPress are also important in the sense of SEO. You can add your contact information or create online stores to sell your merchandise on the blog.

Hence many website owners add social media plugins or social media icon widgets to their blogs. It also helps to increase the speed of your site and remove the website traffic.

Social media plugins for WordPress help your viewers to directly contact you once you mention your email address. You can add it on the WordPress dashboard or the floating sidebar.

Social media plugins for WordPress can also help different brands to find your social media profiles easily. So they can directly contact you for the creation of brand content or promotion of their products.

How to Add a WordPress Social Media Plugin?

It is very simple to add social media plugins for WordPress on your computers. You will require just a few minutes to create a single social media plugin on your Computers.

Best social media plugins for WordPress are used on different websites to add social icon widgets. So you can take inspiration from these websites to create your own social icons widget. Many website owners use the same best WordPress plugins from other websites.

The Process of Adding a WordPress Social Media Feed Plugin

Here you can read the steps for installing the “Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed” plugin on your WordPress website, using the same steps you can also download and install any other WordPress Social Media plugin you want.

1) Log in to the WordPress dashboard

Go to the WordPress website and login into your WordPress admin dashboard.

2) Go to the Plugins page

Click on the “Plugins” menu on your dashboard, it will redirect you to the “Plugins” page, and click on the “Add New” button.

3) Using the Search box find a plugin

Click on the search box and enter the name of the plugin “Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed” to install it.

4) Download &
Install the plugin

On the search result page, you can find the list of plugins,  now select the “Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed” plugin and click on the “Install Now” button to download and install it.

5) Activate the plugin

Once your WordPress social media feed plugin is installed, you can click on the “Activate” button.

6) Customize the plugin

After you activate the social media plugins for WordPress, now you can customize your WordPress plugin using its settings page.

Once you complete the entire process, you can use this plugin to add social sharing widgets to your blog posts.

Along with widget social media plugins for WordPress, you can also add social media share buttons. These buttons help to display your eCommerce details and share counts of your social platforms.

As many people or customers of small eCommerce businesses use social media. The social media share buttons help to promote your social platforms and online business without any paid promotions.

How to Add Social Media Networks and Share Buttons for WordPress?

If you want to add share buttons on your webpage, you need to download and install the “Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons” plugin. This plugin is the best pick for adding social share icons to your website.

1) Log in to the WordPress dashboard

Login into your website and go to the admin dashboard.

2) Open the Plugins page

Now head to the “Plugins page”, you can find this menu on your WordPress dashboard’s left side panel. After opening the Plugins page click on the “Add New” button.

3) Search the plugin

Type the name of the plugin, “Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons” in the search box and you will get the list of the plugin. On the list, you can see the plugin in the first place.

4) Download & Install the plugin

Now you need to download and install this plugin using the “Install Now” button. After installing the plugin you need to activate the plugin.

5) Open the plugin settings page

On the admin menu, you can find the “Ultimate Social Media Icons” menu item, click on it and you will be redirected to the plugin page. From here you can set up and control your social share buttons for WordPress.

6) Select social media icons

On the setting page, you can see one option named “Which icons do you want to show on your site?”. Click on it and you will get a list of social media platform icons, choose the share button icons for the social media platforms you want to add. At the last click on the “Save” button.

7) Set the click event of the share buttons

You can set the click event of the social share buttons. You can control what will happen when users click on that buttons. This all can be set using the second option named “What do you want the icons to do?”.

8) Select the position of the buttons

Now using the option “Where shall they be displayed?”, you can select the position of the button on your website. This means you can select the place where to display the share buttons on your website. The positions are as follows Floating over your website’s pages, Showing them via a widget, Placing via shortcode, In your theme’s header, Showing icons after posts, a Sticky bar, etc.

On the plugin settings page, you can also have other extra features for the social share buttons. You can change the appearance of the plugin like design, size, and alignment, show follower count,  different events for mobile view, open in a new window, sticky icons, etc.

Once you add these social media sharing buttons, they are easily visible to all the visitors to your website. This plugin very easily adds social share buttons to your website.

Popular social media plugins are available on the internet to take some reference. Many of these available social sharing plugins are free plugin supports.

So, you don’t need to worry about paying any money or buying a regular subscription for them. But some advanced social sharing plugin supports can be acquired by making a payment.

What to Look for in a WordPress Social Media Plugin?

The most important and difficult part about adding a WordPress social media plugin is choosing the right social sharing plugins. All website owners need to learn how to find the best social media plugin for their blogs and WordPress website. There are multiple ways of finding the best WordPress plugins on the internet.

  • Using Google Search based on your needs
  • Using the
  • Taking reference to the plugin listing websites
  • Take an expert’s advice

You can use any given method to choose the social feeds plugin to add social share buttons on your blog. Now below you can read some necessary points when you looking for a WordPress social media plugin for your website.

1) Reviews of WordPress social media plugins

Reviews given by previous users of the social media plugin are the best way to decide on adding any particular social sharing plugin. These reviews are usually honest and on the spot except for a few ones. Hence, one should not go through each review posted.

You can make your decision based on the highest-rated review. This will save a lot of time and you will be able to choose the best social sharing plugin.

If the same type of complaint is posted by multiple reviewers then you must keep that in mind while choosing your WordPress plugin. Never choose or add a WordPress plugin with the most negative reviews or no reviews at all.

2) Forum of WordPress social media plugins

All the WordPress social sharing plugins are supported by an online convention for active documentation. If this WordPress forum is active from time to time then it is considered a green flag.

So you can go ahead with those WordPress social media plugins. But if you don’t observe any active sessions on those forums then the WordPress plugin developer could be ignoring them.

Hence, any social media traffic is not being resolved. So there is no point in adding these WordPress social sharing plugins.

Though some developers prefer to work on the forums outside the WordPress website as it is comparatively easier. But if you don’t find any regular documentation then you must proceed at your own risk.

3) Ratings of WordPress social media plugins

Another thing one should do before adding WordPress social media plugins is to check their average user rating. If the user rating is high, it means a lot of other bloggers and website owners are using the same social sharing icons.

The ratings are given one to five stars for each social media feed plugin. With one star being low ratings and five stars being the best ratings. These ratings are displayed on every WordPress social sharing plugin page.

Many advisors recommend adding the best WordPress plugins with the most star ratings instead of the lesser ones. The lower ratings could be harmful to your WordPress website.

4) Downloads of WordPress social media plugins

Many bloggers believe that the higher the number of downloads of the easy social share buttons the better. People tend to trust the lightweight social media plugin with the highest downloads.

As it might be giving better results than other WordPress social sharing plugins. You can check t
he number of downloads on the WordPress plugin website.

It is displayed in the description option on the website. One should never add free plugin supports with less than a thousand downloads.

But sometimes new social sharing plugins might not have many downloads. So, sometimes you will have to take a chance and add the WordPress social sharing plugins with fewer downloads. As they might turn out to be useful for your blog.

5) Updates of WordPress social media plugins

Regular updation of a WordPress plugin by the plugin developer is important. If a WordPress plugin is not updated in a long time then you must not add it to your website.

As it might not be completely secure to use. The WordPress plugin website displays the recent day of the update in the description option.

So you can check it yourself before adding the WordPress plugin to your website. Always make sure the date of updation is not too old.

6) Compatibility of WordPress social media plugins

It is very necessary to verify the compatibility of the WordPress plugin before adding it to your website. The WordPress social sharing plugins you will be adding must be compatible with your version of the installed WordPress setup.

As incompatible WordPress social sharing plugins might not function on your website. Sometimes they might even crash the website and it will take a long time to fix it.

You can check the version of your WordPress in the extreme right corner of your dashboard. Sometimes free plugin supports don’t work for the premium version of the website. So, you need to make sure the easy social share buttons plugins are compatible with your version of WordPress.

Many external free plugin supports are popular but they are not always trustable. Hence you should choose the most suitable social media plugin for your blogging website. Adding poorly built social feeds plugins might harm the speed, utility, and security of your website.

What are the benefits of social media plugin wp?



Multiple soc
ial media followers and social feeds on various social media sites help to boost your website easily. Social media posts regarding the best WordPress social media will attract the attention of your social media followers to your blog.

You must add the best WordPress social media and add links to your website to your social feeds on social media sites. This will encourage your viewers from both sides to check out your work.

To understand the latest trends in social media, you can use google analytics integration. So, it will become easier for you to add the best social media plugin.

Including this, social media share buttons have multiple benefits to your website which are listed below. Through these plugins, you can automatically share the links of your Instagram feed or display share counts.

1) Attracts the audience

Social sharing buttons help to reach your target audience with the help of social media integration. Social media sharing is the quickest and easiest way to find a huge audience for your website without any paid promotion.

2) Generates engagement

Social sharing icons can boost engagement on your website as the viewers keep jumping from one link to another. Plugins like social Snaps can keep people engaged for a long time as they have multiple options to surf.

3) Creates awareness

Social sharing is the best way to spread information or promote a brand or a product. If you have the best WordPress social media then many brands are willing to collaborate with you. You can even use your platform to create awareness about your online store or business.

4) Creates competition

A lot of competition already exists on social media as it helps you to be relevant. Competition is the main reason for growth and improvement.

The best part of social sharing is that it creates competition among people which in turn results in your benefit. The main reason for this competition is fear of missing out on new trends.

The competition also helps to start various trends on social media which help to boost your WordPress website.

5) Improves sales

Social media and social sharing is currently the best way to market yourself and your business. You can promote your products for free on your social media sites and multiple times.

Self-promotion is always more effective and natural compared to a paid one. As people all around the world can see your activity through social sharing, it will increase your product sales.

You can even put discounts on your products for your social media followers to generate more sales.

6) Creative customization

These WordPress plugins give you entire freedom of creative customization. So you can customize your social sharing icons according to your convenience. Hence, you can also create the best WordPress social media.

This customization can be completely business related too. As you can customize it according to the theme of your online business.

It also reduces the chances of repetitiveness and helps to generate unique ideas for each website. Social warfare is the best way to add any images while customizing your dashboard.

It allows you to add images of your choice to display your content on social media. After all social media also has its cons but they are comparatively less than its pros.

So, you can try your hand at social sharing without worrying about any major loss. But, you must be very selective about which social media platforms you will be using for the same.

You can add the share buttons of your Facebook, Instagram feed, old posts, and custom post types that would be beneficial through social snap.

List of Top 10 Social Media WordPress Plugins

Multiple best social media plugins like Social Snaps are mentioned below.

1. Smash Balloon



Up until now, smash balloon is considered the best WordPress plugin. This is a huge plugin that consists of multiple small but effective plugins.

This plugin has many unique features including a social wall, instant responsiveness, custom feeds, and much more.

2. Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons



A potent tool that enables website owners to include social network sharing buttons on their websites is the Social Network Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons plugin for WordPress. It is simple for website visitors to share material on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest thanks to this plugin.

The plugin comes with a number of customization options to match the style and feel of your website and is simple to install and configure. The social media buttons and symbols available to website owners include simple text links, icons with counts, and custom-made icons. The plugin also enables you to add social sharing buttons on your website in a specific location, such as in the bottom, sidebar, or above or below blog entries.

3. Revive Social



Revive Social is a paid social media plugin that lets you add multiple hashtags to your website which helps your content to stay at the top.

As it is a premium version, you get full control over your social media plugins. So you can customize your posts however you want, including their title, choice of hashtags, etc.

The most unique part of this plugin is that it allows you to schedule the sharing of your old social media posts. So, even your old posts get views from the audience.

4. Spotlight



Spotlight entirely deals with the display of your Instagram feed on your WordPress website. This is a paid plugin, so it has multiple customizing options available.

It allows you to easily add various Instagram features like live interactive features on your dashboard. You can add links of any specific Instagram post with the promote feature.

With the help of this plugin, you can make around 40 customizations related to Instagram on your webs

5. Meks Easy Social Share



It is one of the least expensive social media plugins. It offers you the best social media integration compared to other plugins. This plugin is very compatible and flexible with multiple social networks. Hence, it is a very popular plugin amongst bloggers.

It allows you to choose one or many widgets to place on your WordPress dashboard or floating sidebar.


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6. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream



This social media plugin has a collection of all the social media activities in multiple layouts and themes. It does not store your viewers’ data at all so it is a very safe plugin.

It is a moderately priced plugin and has the most downloads compared to any other WordPress plugin. All your private information is not exposed to the public and is safe in this plugin. This plugin works fast even when there is traffic on the website. So your content is shared on time.

7. Monarch by Elegant Themes



This is a very underrated and unnoticed plugin for WordPress. It gives you around 20 social network options to choose from.

It is an expensive social media plugin but it is worth it as you are offered a huge collection of social sharing icons. And you can add them wherever you want on the entire website.

This plugin also has an image-adding option. So it also works as a social warfare for your website. You don’t need to download another plugin to share images.

8. Social Sharing Plugin – Sassy Social Share



Popular social sharing WordPress plugin Sassy Social Share enables website owners to quickly add social media sharing buttons to their websites. Visitors can share your material on numerous social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and many others, with the help of this plugin.

Button placement, sizes, and styles are just a few of the many customization choices provided by the plugin. The social sharing buttons can be placed in a floating sidebar, before or after your content. Additionally, you can use the plugin to keep track of how many shares each platform has received and see counts next to the buttons.

Sassy Social Share is simple to set up and operate. It works flawlessly with the most recent version of WordPress and other well-liked plugins. The plugin is also quick and light, so your website won’t be slowed down by it.

9. Grow Social



It is a very smooth and convenient social media plugin that is mainly used to increase engagement on your website. This website was known as the social Pug and has one of the best social media integration that complements your type of content.

You can place your social share buttons wherever you want with the help of this WordPress plugin. It is also a free WordPress plugin.

10. Nextend Social Login



Nextend social login is the most downloaded social media plugin. It allows you to directly log into your multiple social media accounts from the WordPress website itself.

It is available in two different versions, free and premium. The features of both these features slightly differ from one another. It is highly customizable and allows you to use your profile pictures from other social media accounts as your profile picture for WordPress.

Which are the best Social Media Plugins for WordPress?

There are two types of social sharing icons, a premium version, and a free version. You can use them to display all the activities of your social media like share counts, post sliders, and photo feeds. Free versions are available on WordPress but the premium version is available on third-party websites.

Free versions are easily available on WordPress to add to your dashboard. You don’t need to pay any kind of money for them. Free versions are widely used and recommended by website owners around the world and have resulted in being very beneficial.

premium plugins are paid versions of the WordPress plugins. One has to buy a subscription or pay a definite amount of money to add them to their dashboard. Premium versions are also very helpful when it comes to increasing engagement on your website.

One can us
e any of the versions as both can be useful in a way. You need to choose them as per your needs. Though you must never add multiple plugins for WordPress they can be conflict and then there is a possibility of your website lagging or crashing.


Any successful online presence now requires the use of social media, and WordPress is no exception. WordPress website owners may easily include social media in their website and marketing strategy with the aid of the top 10 social media plugins mentioned above.

These plugins offer a variety of features to help website owners broaden their social media reach and engagement, from social sharing buttons and social network feed displays to social media auto-posting and statistics. These plugins are also easy to use, adaptable, and frequently updated to guarantee compatibility with the most recent WordPress versions.

The selection of the best social networking plugin for your website might be intimidating, but this list gives website owners a place to begin their investigation of the numerous possibilities. The ideal social networking plugin for your website will ultimately depend on your unique requirements and objectives.


A Social Media Plugin in WordPress is a tool that allows you to display your social media profiles and content on your website. This can include things like social media icons, share buttons, or live feeds.


Some popular Social Media Plugins for WordPress include Smash Balloon, Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons, Revive Social, Spotlight, and Nextend Social Login.

A Social Media Plugin can help you to increase your social media following, encourage social sharing of your content, and improve your overall online presence.

Most Social Media Plugins offer a variety of customization options, including different icon styles, sizes, and colors. You can also choose which social media profiles to display and where to position them on your site.

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