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How to Add Sales Popup Notifications on Thinkific Sites?

The E-learning industry is growing rapidly, and its market value will be around $325 billion by 2025. That’s why many businesses create online courses and share their knowledge by creating videos.

For creating an online course, Thinkific is the #1 best platform to create and promote your courses.

Around 75 million+ users are using the Thinkific platform to create courses. It seems that competition is very high and you need to do something that makes your course unique and attracts more students.

If you’re struggling with high competition and want to increase course enrollment, add sales popup Social Proof notifications on your course platform.

By showing reviews/ratings on your course platform, you can build trust and increase engagement and more enrollments for your course. Nowadays, many businesses use this strategy to increase enrollments and grow their business rapidly.

This article discusses sales popup notifications, their types, and how to add pop-ups on the Thinkific platform.

Let’s get started!

How to use sales popup notifications on Thinkific Site?

Social proof notifications mean different types of Sales pop-up notifications that you can display on your course website and attract customers to enroll.

A group of people can influence a person’s decisions, and there’s human psychology behind it. When a person sees hundreds of people doing the same activities, it encourages them to do similar actions.

Similarly, it’s applied to digital marketing!

For example:

Whenever any visitors come to your course website and see hundreds of pop-up notifications back-to-back on your website that show:

“Someone has recently purchased a course.”


“100+ people enrolled in the free course recently.”

Then this type of notification influences visitors and encourages them to take similar actions.

When a visitor sees hundreds of people are buying & enrolling in courses, it builds trust and ends up with enrollment.

Different sales popup notifications are available for the Thinkific platform to get desired results.

There are eight types of social proof notifications you can use on the Thinkific platform:

  • Course sales pop-up notifications
  • Webinar sign-up notifications
  • Live student counter
  • Student’s reviews
  • Announce discount offers
  • Video Pop-ups notifications
  • Countdown timer
  • Lottery widgets

Let’s discuss this in detail!

1. Course Sales pop-up notifications

According to statistics:

  • 87% of people do research before making buying decisions
  • 92% of people trust recommendations more than other advertisements

These stats show that reviews/ratings play a significant role in customers buying decisions. That’s why you must add sales pop-up notifications on your course website to increase enrollment.

If you’re promoting a course on a website, you need to add course sales pop-up notifications to get more enrollments.

Sales popup for Thinkific

For example:

When you’re showing sales pop-up notifications like:

“100+ students recently enrolled in the course.”

And you’re showing this notification back-to-back on your website, then it catches visitors’ attention, and they consider your course trusted and reliable. These pop-up notifications keep showing the value of the course and encourage them to enroll immediately.

Course sales pop-up notifications create urgency towards the course and influence students to enroll faster.

If you have a beautiful course website at Thinkific, use sales pop-up notifications to increase enrollments.

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2. Webinar sign-up notifications

Sometimes giving a free webinar, it’s essential to attract students and build a loyal student community.

If you’re also planning to do a free webinar on your website, then you should use webinar sign-up notifications to increase sign-ups for your webinar.

Conversion notification for Thinkific

For example:

“400+ students recently registered for a webinar.”

Whenever visitors come to your website and see hundreds of people actively registered for a webinar, it creates an urgency to enroll before it’s missed out.

Adding sign-up notifications increases conversions and builds a loyal student community.

3. Live students count

You can display how many students are live and view your course on your course website.

Live student notifications build trust for your course, and more students are interested.

Live Student notification for Thinkific

For example:

You can display on your course website like:

“97 students are viewing your course in the last 10 minutes.”

Whenever any student comes to your website and sees hundreds of people actively viewing and taking an interest in your course, then it builds trust and urgency to take action before the course misses out.

Adding live student notifications can build trust and increase enrollments for your course.

4. Students’ reviews/ratings

92% of people consider reviews as recommendations and trust them more than other advertisements.

Review notification for Thinkific

Showing reviews/ratings on your course website are essential and help you to get more enrollments. Almost every business shows reviews/ratings on their website to build trust and credibility.

Visitors consider these as recommendations when showing hundreds of positive reviews/ratings on your website, where students share the best feedback for your course. They want to enroll in your course to get similar benefits.

To increase enrollments and build trust, showing reviews/ratings is essential.

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5. Announce discount offers

If you’re promoting a course, you must surely come with fantastic discounts that catch customers’ attention.

Announcement Widget for Thinkific

You can display discount offers pop-up notifications on your course website and catch customers’ attention for fast enrollments.

For example:

You can display announce offers notifications like:

“40% off to enroll in course in next 4 hours”

This type of notification can create urgency for students, and more students enroll in your course because of fear of missing out.

Showing discount offers is the best way to build urgency and increase enrollments.

6. Video pop-up notifications

If you have a course website, then video pop-up notifications can be a game-changer marketing strategy.

Video Pop-up for Thinkific

You can display some of your course’s best video clips or insights and show them via pop-up notifications on your website.

Whenever any student comes to your website and sees some eye-catching video notifications that provide value, it increases students’ chances to enroll in courses for further learning.

With video pop-up notifications, you can display any videos on your website as a notification and catch customers’ attention for more conversions.

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7. Countdown timer

In this fast-changing world, you need to create urgency and scarcity in your course. Only then can you catch students’ attention.

Countdown timer for Thinkific

The countdown timer is one of the best ways to create urgency and scarcity in your course.

You can display a big discount offer and set up a timer for a limited time to increase the urgency to enroll in the course before students miss the deal.

8. Lottery Widgets

For online course websites, lottery widgets are among the best marketing methods to gain more students’ attention and increase enrollments.

Lottery Widget for Thinkific 

Showing beautiful and eye-catching lottery notifications on your course website and engaging visitors to join the lottery game to win amazing offers can increase the chances of more conversions.

If you’re promoting a new course and nobody knows yet, you must use lottery widgets on your website to catch students’ attention and encourage students to join the lottery game and win offers. It builds trust in the brand and increases enrollment in the course.

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How do you add Sales Popup Notifications on Thinkific?

Now you’ve seen the benefits of using sales popup notifications on your course website to increase enrollments and build trust for your brand.

It’s time to add sales pop-up notifications on your Thinkific platform.

But how?

WiserNotify is a one-stop solution to display sales popup notifications on your Thinkific platform.

You need to follow the step-by-step process we’ve given below:

Step 1 – Install “WiserNotify” from Thinkific Store

First, you need to search WiserNotify from the Thinkific Store.

Click Here to find WiserNotify on the Thinkific platform.

Click on Install.

Now you’ve installed WiserNotify on the Thinkific platform.

Step 2 – Go to WiserNotify’s official website and integrate Thinkific

Now you need to create a free account in WiserNotify.

WiserNotify Sign up page


Click here to create a free account in WiserNotify with basic details like:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password

There’s no credit card required to create a free account.

Once you’ve created a free account in WiserNotify, go to Integration and search Thinkific.

Thinkific Integration


You’ll see an option to “Connect” Thinkific in WiserNotify and log in with the Thinkific account once it’s integrated into WiserNotify.

Now you’ve successfully connected your Thinkific platform with WiserNotify.

Step 3 – Customize notifications

It’s time to focus on creating and modifying the pop-up notifications as per your website look and feel.

Customizable notifications

Go to WiserNotify and click on Notifications.

You’ll see different beautiful designs for pop-up notifications. You need to select based on purpose like sales, sign-up, discount, etc., and do modifications as per your interest in notifications.

Try to edit and make notifications more eye-catching and attractive for more engagement and enrollments.

WiserNotify allows you to customize your look and feel and make it more attractive with simple editing options.

It has a user-friendly interface so that anyone can customize notifications.

Step 4 – Make it Live

Once you’ve done all the customization and settings, then review it once before launching notifications on your website.

And when you feel satisfied, then click on Publish.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully shown eye-catching pop-up notifications.

Final Verdict

Sales popup notifications can increase enrollments and build trust in your brand. So it’s essential to add sales pop-up social proof notifications on your website for desired results.

WiserNotify is the #1 best social proof notifications platform that supports 250+ platform integration, including landing page builder, email marketing tools, etc.

If you have a course website and want to increase enrollments, adding sales popup notifications is the best way to grow your business.

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