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Increase Thinkific Course Sales with 5 Amazing Tools

So, you worked hard to create your online course, edit videos and set it up on the Thinkific platform, but you’re still unable to sell the course online?

There’s a phrase that says, “You’re only as good as a tool you have.” Whether you are a course creator, content writer, expert, or professional, it is relevant.

However, people may misinterpret this phrase and believe tools are only a way to lose money. They think they need to hire an expert with the tool and pay big bucks. But here we are again to share those fantastic tools to help increase your Thinkific course sales.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is one of the best e-learning websites that allows businesses and experts to create content and share knowledge and expertise in their skills. In addition, it is one of the fantastic online course-creating all-in-one platforms that help you create and sell your courses.

It offers a familiar interface, clean navigation, and straightforward instructions to create courses without experience. In addition, it has pre-built templates with attractive course pages.

Here are five tools to improve your Thinkific course sales-

Excellent Tools to Increase Thinkific Course Sales

WiserNotify: The Social Proof App

WiserNotify is one of the best Social Proof apps to improve the conversion rates of your courses. Showing what’s happening on your website or course is essential to improving your conversion rate and sales.

WiserNotify helps to display course reviews and provide visitors with recent notifications to your visitors. It shows live visit counts, Number of courses purchased, reviews of courses, and displays discounts & offers to visitors.

It offers real-time insights and displays meaningful social proofs that build visitors’ trust and trigger purchasing action.


  • Easy integration with the Thinkific platform;
  • Show real-time course viewers to build trust and credibility;
  • Displays discounts and offers with a time widget to create purchasing urgency;
  • Influence visitors with course reviews and social proof;
  • It helps you to collect valuable visitor insight with limitless customizations;
  • Easy setup and stunning notification designs.
  • It also integrates with other platforms like Teachable and Kajabi to show social proof notifications

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Grammarly – The Editing Tool

Much of your resources will be text, so it’s crucial to ensure that it attracts visitors and is free from typos and grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly is one of the professional proofreading tools that help you quickly fix your typos and improve your writing immediately. Using video in your online course, you must also share resources, emails, blogs, newsletters, and social media.

Another way to promote your courses is to write engaging and attractive articles on the same topic you teach. Grammarly helps you analyze mistakes, make automatic suggestions to improve and make it flawless.

In addition, it can also help to improve the content on your sales page and social posts to make it more attractive and put visitors on purchasing action.


  • AI-enhanced grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker;
  • Advanced style suggestions, Tone, and Formality level checker;
  • Built-in plagiarism checker;
  • Inconsistent style checker.

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MailChimp – The Email Marketing Tool

MailChimp is another fantastic tool that allows you to manage email lists, newsletters, subscribers, automate marketing campaigns, and many more. It is an “all-in-one integrated digital marketing platform” for course creators, content creators, and small businesses.

You don’t need to waste time sending newsletters and running email campaigns manually with automation capabilities. In addition, you can create landing pages with pre-made templates and forms that highlight your courses, offer discounts, or send email sequences about your subsequent courses.

It has many platform integrations, including Thinkific and making your analytics easier. In addition, the advanced features show more in-depth segmentation and send personalized emails to multiple audiences.


  • A wide range of reporting tools to check subscribers, campaign metrics, Google Analytics reports, and many more;
  • Pre-made templates to send personalized newsletters;
  • Budget-friendly plans and free plans up to 1,000 emails;
  • Removes manual tasks by automating recurring tasks to keep in a personal touch.

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eWebinar – The Webinar Tool

eWebinar is one of the most potent tools for pre-recording videos to promote your online course and online business. It helps you schedule and automate your webinars to engage with your viewers. It has integrated tools like live chat, polls, call-to-actions, and other elements to engage with your attendees and make your webinar more personalized.

Attendees automatically receive a customized welcome message ability to add interactions, and you can even connect with other apps like Zoom, Slack, and Hubspot.


  • Automate webinar with pre-recorded video, multiple chat options, and customizable options;
  • Support significant platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and HubSpot;
  • Live chat allows attendees to talk with each other and the host;
  • Branding customization to white label with webinar landing pages and each webinar.

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TypeForm- For Reviews

Typeform can help you create interactively and engage with your attendees in several ways. For example, you can create quizzes and surveys to improve the learning experience. Based on their response, you can get recommendations to improve customer experience and make more personalized learning.

Additionally, you can also create review and feedback forms for attendees. It is mainly used to create survey forms, but the cloud-based tool can help design various forms like contact lists, shopping carts, quizzes, and many more.

It is a flexible tool to collect survey data and automatically submit reviews & feedback on your Thinkific website. It has a user-friendly builder and takes a few minutes to set up from start to finish.


  • It has an extensive template gallery for conducting research, surveys, and quizzes;
  • It allows team members to edit your forms;
  • It can integrate with extensive apps, including Thnkific;
  • You can access it on Windows and Mac computers.

Final Thoughts

Many tools on the market claim to help you improve your coaching business. How do you know which ones are worth your time and money?

You don’t need a huge budget to use great tools!

Hundreds of budget-friendly premium tools are available to improve your Thinkific course sales. These tools can help you connect with the visitors to aid course design and get reviews. However, deciding the best tool can be tricky, and it largely depends upon your course offering and the content inside.

But hopefully, the above list can help you understand how tools can help you.

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