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10 Types of Social Proof | What Works Best For You? – Wisernotify

Let’s discover the types of social proof you can use to build trust and credibility.

If you already have a website but no sales, if you have SEO content but no leads, or if you have a fantastic product but no trusted customer base, then IT’S TIME!

It’s time for you to invest some time into social proofing your website. Amazon, Netflix, Dominos, IMDB, and many more successful A-lister brands today use FOMO & social proof strategies for generating leads and better results.

This guide deep-dive into the different types of social proof and how they can be effectively used in marketing strategies.

Why Should You Add Social Proof?

Smart marketers understand the importance of social proof as a conversion tool to ease customers’ worries and create the brand’s credibility to build a loyal customer base.

Statistics show that over 70% of Americans, as an informed audience, look at product reviews before purchasing. This fact solely states the importance of social proof in building the trust and credibility of the brand.

Types of Social Proof

1. Show Live & Recent Activities

What’s better than showing the audience real-time data on other people’s actions to positively influence their decisions? You can do that in various ways. It is the best type of social proof.

Show Live & Recent Activities

2. Live Visitor Notification

This shows the number of customers or visitors who are online in real-time.

Live Visitor Notification

3. Conversion Notification

This nudge tool shows the actions taken by real people on the website in real time.

Conversion Notification

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4. Purchase Notifications

Next time you are shopping online, and you see a notification, “Krystal just made a purchase,” Yes! That’s a purchase notification. It is one type of social proof. This tool shows the real-time purchases made on the website.

Purchase Notifications

5. Counter Notifications

Show the number that creates FOMO & urgency. As well as also establish trust.

When a customer reads the nudge, ‘400 customers purchased the product & offer is going to end soon.’, it creates a sense of urgency for the audience to take positive action, leading to conversion.

Counter Notifications

6. Real-time review & recommendation

Statistics say that as an informed audience, more than 70% of the audience looks at product reviews before making a purchase.

Hence, review helps increase reach and conversion by building trust simultaneously. These types of social proof are more trustworthy than others.

Real-time review & recommendation

7. Countdown timer

Countdown timer notification with a call to action. The countdown timing notification will significantly influence consumer decisions. as the consumer feels urgency and FOMO.

Countdown timer notification example

8. Announcements

These imposing widgets used to make an announcement never go missing the visitor’s sight; hence, they are used to make important announcements to create FOMO, such as discounts & offers.

Announcements Social Proof

9. CTA Widgets

Best for funneling traffic from the homepage to popular areas of the digital workplace, such as social media links, sale timers, and video popups. It is an easy and quick way to direct users where they need to go. Use this best type of social proof to funnel traffic from one page to another.

CTA Widgets Social Proof

10. Social Feed Widgets

These social proofs allow real-time customers to share their ideas, views and reviews about your offering on the website, which results in new traffic and improves the website’s ranking on search engines.

These types of social proof are based on social media; you can use any social media content here and from any social media platform. For example, you can use views, posts, images, and videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Social Feed Widgets

Real-life Examples


Through an in-line social proof, eBay lets the audience know the number of products available. This helps eBay create FOMO, resulting in an increased conversion rate.

Example of Ebay's Social Proof Marketing


Hubspot uses social proof in subscribing popups to encourage marketers to join their email list by showing the number of existing subscribers.

Example of HubSpot's Social Proof Marketing


Tech products like HootSuite use Facebook likes using social media plugins that show how many likes & fan following they have.

Example of HootSuite's Social Proof Marketing


For years, McDonald’s has successfully used this conversion boost tactic by showing the number of people it has served, which helps it build customer trust.

Example of McDonald's Social Proof Marketing


Social proof is one of the best marketing weapons. Still, analyzing user behavior and understanding and strategizing the plan is essential to reap the best benefits for your brand or customer.

Familiarize yourself with the customers and target market and choose wisely the best form of social proof according to your requirements. It’s time you re-invent and revolutionize your marketing strategies and connect with loyal customers who stay with you longer than you can imagine!


Utilizing social proof in the form of endorsements, reviews, and trust symbols can help customers decide, feel good about their choices, and feel like a part of something bigger.

A marketing tactic known as “social proof” is based on the concept that people are more likely to take on a particular activity if they see others around them doing it.

Using social proof you can build trust and credibility among the customer. You can build an online reputation very easily if you use social proof on your website and earn more sales and conversions.

According to the social proof principle, a concept will be confirmed as true the more people agree with it. When we see others’ behavior as being similar to our own, we are more likely to utilize it to guide our own behavior.

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