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5 Ways to Create Effective Exit Intent Popups to Improve Conversions

Whether you are an eCommerce store, sell SaaS products, or do B2B marketing, attracting quality leads to improve conversion is on the top priority list.

Your website has a well-structured and eye-catching layout, and high-quality & relevant content, and you gain thousands of traffic each week.

However, converting that traffic into customers might seem complicated, is it?

That’s precisely where exit intent popups play a crucial role in conversion.

With the elegant design and on-the-point exit popups, you can influence the visitors who are about to leave the site and convince them to stay back and grab that opportunity of discounts, offers, email list newsletters, or any other option.

Exit popups help to grab visitors’ attention and convert them into customers, using lucrative offers.

Exit intent popups have become increasingly popular in recent years because well-designed and properly timed popups can improve the conversion rate as high as 60%.

And exit popups are one of the fastest ways to boost conversion.


Let’s dive into some practical ways of creating an exit intent popup.

What is Exit Intent Popup?

An exit intent popup is an element in your website that appears when a visitor is about to leave or if they’re switching tabs. However, the visitors can interact with the content behind the popup while it remains on the screen.

The exit intent popup works by tracking the mouse moments inside the browser’s window, excluding toolbars, search bar, and browser extension.

The key to creating an effective exit intent popup is to make it relevant to every site visitor and not annoy them. For example, a first-time site visitor has a different buyer’s journey than a returning customer who has already signed up for your newsletter.

You need to keep the popups relevant, personalized, and unintrusive to influence visitors irrespective of whether he is visiting first time or the 100th time.

So, you got some idea about the exit intent popup. Let us learn more in-depth about it.

How to Create an Effective Exit Intent Popups?

Your exit intent popups work great when they pop up at the right time and with the right personalized content for the visitor. Below are some tips for creating effective exit intent popups-

Proper Targeting of the Right Visitors

All the website visitors are not the same. Some visitors might be just curious to check out your products, some might be there to do comparison shopping, and others will become your customers.

The exit intent popup needs to focus more on visitors who have at least the intent to become a customer and then on the new visitors to influence them and convert them into customers.

Consider segmenting visitors accordingly and serving them with the relevant content using the exit intent popup.

For example, if you want to increase subscribers for your email newsletters, target visitors who had a good time on your blogs and multiple landing pages. Or you can segment visitors according to the location that will help you generate leads and customers from a specific geographic area.

You can also segment visitors according to how far they’ve scrolled the page or spent a lot of time on a particular page. For example, visitors have scrolled 80% of the page or spent at least a minute on a specific web page.

You must ensure that visitors who have closed the popup once don’t see it repeatedly and do not display popups to the visitors who have already signed up for your email newsletters.

Write a Compelling Copy

If there’s anything that irritates visitors is irrelevant and intrusive popups. But if there’s more, it’s the lousy copywriting practice.

The average span time to grab any visitor’s attention is even less than 9 seconds; for exit popups, it’s even lesser. (Remember, the time is less because the visitor is about to leave the website).

That’s why compelling copy which is scannable and eye-catching is crucial. No visitor loves to read that long-form written content on the popup.  It must be simple, crispy, engaging, influencing, and clean.

One example is, “Wait! Did you miss this…” in just a few words, you grab visitors’ attention.

Writing a compelling copy might not be as easy as it seems, but it is the most productive way to convert the visitor. Therefore, the popup must feature minimal and more attention-grabbing text connecting directly with the visitor.

You can even add pictures or videos that can help you convert more than the straightforward boring content. You won’t believe it, but popups with images convert 83.57% more than those without images.

Using explicit and engaging content can make your visitor stay longer on the webpage and improve conversion.

Fine Tune CTA

It’s not enough to just drop an offer or a discount on your popup to attract visitors; the CTA plays a crucial role in gaining attention.

The CTA on the exit intent popup should be clear and on-point, resonating with the action visitors expect on the button click. The best CTA clearly explains what you are offering and what they need to do next.

Make it brief, but make it understandable what the next step is, and feel motivated to take that step.

Many times, eCommerce websites use two CTA-like offering a choice of grabbing the offer or continuing shopping. In addition, many use negative options like “No, I don’t want a discount” to make people sign up.

The negative CTA influences visitors by making them think they might miss a great deal or freebies or free shipping. In addition, it creates a psychological factor, “FOMO,” among the visitors.

If people don’t sign up through the popup doesn’t mean they won’t turn into customers.

There are many ways to use exit intent pop ups, such as offering a discount code for first-time customers, free shipping, a newsletter sign-up form, or displaying related products. By exploring different exit intent popup examples, exit intent popup hacks and implementing best practices and hacks, you can increase conversions and sales and reduce cart abandonment for your ecommerce store.

Optimize for Mobile

You need to show popup on multiple devices properly.

It’s not new that nowadays, traffics are generated from multiple devices, and mobile devices generate a significant share of internet traffic. Because mobiles generate a good amount of traffic, you must optimize your exit-intent popups for the mobile screen.

Not only mobile screens but multiple devices. Ensure the popup is responsive on all devices like tablets, mobile phones, and desktops.

But, another reason to make it responsive is to make the popup CTA device-specific. For example, suppose you are managing an online retailing shop and want to gain more subscribers. On the desktop, you might ask visitors to subscribe and get emails regarding new offers, arrivals, and more.

On mobile, you might avoid popups and ask them to follow on Instagram instead.

If you are selling a SaaS product, you might show an exit popup to start a free trial; on mobile, you ask them to book a demo. Why? Because your product might not work on mobile phones and create a poor user experience.

Alternatively, you can optimize the popup to make visitors download the app, take them to your website, or increase your social media followers. The only thing is the exit popup needs to be responsive and effective.

Provide Valuable Offers

The main reason to feature the popup is to provide an irresistible offering to your visitors. The offer should have great value to influence the visitor to take action through the popup.

Provide something that excites the visitors to stay back and compels them to claim before leaving the webpage. The popup will not bring any conversion if the offer does not excite the visitors.

Sometimes, it’s straightforward, like offering a discount on signup, free shipping, or getting a freebie on your popups. Other times you need to be a little innovative.

For example, if you are selling a SaaS product, that helps create reports for your company’s financial management. Although, now, many other products are serving the same, so it’s hard to convenience visitors make them try out your product. If you want visitors to convert into customers, you need to provide them with solid advantages over the competitors, like using social proof, a free trial, or a demo.

Another example is if you sell a gas stove or solar stove, it’s hard to stand out from your competitors. So, you can provide them with a popup saying, “Buy now and get free installation or a free service for a year.”

The offering above helps visitors to think again about their purchase decision, reduce bounce rate and that’s the aim of the exit intent popup, right?

Create Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency effectively influences visitors’ decisions and makes them feel missing out on a great offer.  It doesn’t matter what type of visitor visits your website; dealing with scarcity and urgency always works.

The best example is using an exit intent popup to make it sensitive, like, “Grab 20% off coupon! Offer valid for one hour. Coupon Code: 20OFF”

Another way is to state few products are available, “Only three pieces left. Grab yours now!” Remember that your popup needs to show the real numbers and not create fake numbers to increase sales.

The key is making the visitor feel like they’d lose something if they do not take action or grab the offer. Then, the exit popup shows visitors the essential offer and helps convince them.

You need to create a feeling of desire by adding urgency and convincing them with a pitch to make visitors respond to the popup.

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Bonus Tip: Exit Intent Popup for WordPress Site

With WordPress at your fingertip, you get hundreds of plugins for everything. And, when it comes to popups, there is even more.

Using a plugin is the easiest possible way to create a personalized and eye-catching plugin.

Has WordPress is one of the most used platforms; most popups are compatible and easy to use. That means you have many options from various tools and create popups for your site.

Whatever your choice, there are a few things to consider-

  1. Accessible to Use: The plugin should offer an easy interface and drag-n-drop functionality to design better popups. Make sure you don’t require coding or technical expertise to use the plugin.
  2. Analytics: The plugin should provide easy-to-track campaign metrics and results from an interactive dashboard. It should include the number of clicks, CTR, captured emails, and more.
  3. Quick Support: Facing issues while integrating the plugin or designing the popup might delay your work; fast support should be available to resolve with a proper system.
  4. Colossal Library: Templates help to ease your work by using ready-to-use popups quickly. Ensure there are enough stunning and eye-catching templates for popups like limited-time offers, discount deals, freebies, email list subscribers, and more.
  5. Seamless Integration:

The best WordPress plugin will help you create high-converting popups that help improve conversion rate and increase email subscribers and sales. If you are new to popup plugins, you should use a free plugin or freemium one to understand how it works, just like Wiser Notify.

Before You Leave

Exit intent technology is rising and is a great tool to improve conversion rate. You can generate targeted leads, increase sales, and grow your business with the right exit intent popup.

You can personalize the experience for your website visitors by targeting specific pages or groups of your audience. This strategy allows you to show a general offer to all visitors with the first exit intent popup, and then you can use data collected to create even more personalized offers to boost conversions.

In eCommerce, success comes when you try out unique and attractive ways to grab visitors’ attention. For example, you need to make exit popups eye-catching and effective.

After all, wouldn’t you want your brand to create an impact on your visitors and influence their decision?

Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya is a marketing tech expert who boosts e-commerce conversion rates with automated social proof and FOMO strategies. He loves to keep posting insightful posts on online marketing software, marketing automations, and improving conversion rates.

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