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25+ Popup Statistics & Trends (Conversion Focused Data)

Have you ever come across a small window on your screen with attractive offers when visiting certain websites?

This is known as a popup. This traditional and ingenious digital marketing tool is used by almost every business to improve their client conversion rates.

However, various new ways of generating organic traffic have emerged with time. Still, some of these popup statistics might surprise you. 

To learn in detail about the efficacy of popups, read this article till the end. It will cover the latest popup statistics and help you understand what it is.

Top Highlights

popup highlight
popup highlight

Regular Pop-Up Box: Out of 100 people who see it, 11 people do what the message asks, like clicking a button. That’s an 11% success rate.

Super Successful Pop-Up Box: For every 100 people who see it, 42 people follow what the message says. That’s a 42% success rate.

Countdown Timer Pop-Up on a Phone: If this pop-up has a ticking clock counting down, it gets more than twice as many people (112%) to do what it asks compared to one without a timer.

Step-by-Step Pop-Up on a Phone: If this pop-up asks you to do a few simple steps, a few more people (4%) will do what it asks compared to a regular pop-up.

Game-Like Pop-Up Box: These are more fun! For every 100 people who see a game-like pop-up, 13 people do what it asks.

Click-to-Appear Pop-Up Box: These are the best! When a pop-up appears after you click on something, about 22 out of 100 people do what the message asks.

Picture Pop-Up Box: Adding pictures to the pop-up makes it even better. On average, pop-ups with pictures get 28% more people to do what they ask compared to those without pictures.

Why Popups Matter in 2024

A popup is a tiny window or banner that shows up on a website while you are looking at it.

You can click on it to sign up, fill out a form, or go to another page. While some may consider it annoying, popups have become a standard advertisement tool over the years.

With promising pop-up statistics to support them, these little windows or banners help drive traffic, collect information, and increase businesses’ customers.

What are the Benefits of Using Popups?

Popup windows are great for marketing new products or offers. They also convert cold leads into potential customers.

Here are some important and useful benefits of using pop-ups:

benifits of using popups

1. Attention Grabbers

Pop-ups are a great way to attract customer attention. If done in the correct way, more often than not, effective popups will lead to a higher conversion rate and an increase in customer interaction.

They also help to increase conversions.

2. Very customizable

You can use pop-ups however you want. They can appear when a page opens when you are about to leave a page or randomly after a few seconds.

Depending on the situation, you can also make them very noticeable or keep them more discreet.

3. Reminders

Pop-ups can help remind customers about what is in their cart or why they should finish their purchase.

They might offer a special deal or just nudge them to complete the order. You can use a button to take them back to the checkout page easily.

This improves the customer experience and, by effect, the conversion rate.

4. Allows you to offer deals or special sales

Once your target customer buys something or adds it to their cart, you can suggest other things they might like.

To give you a popup example, if they are getting a new phone, you could use a popup to show them phone covers that fit their new phone or if they are buying a shirt.

Then, you could offer matching pant suggestions, etc.  

5. Portray a sense of emergency

Popups are a helpful tool for showcasing special deals. You can show users personalized offers that are available for a limited time.

This might encourage them to buy something they were interested in or explore earlier. Moreover, you can also show time-limited deals using a popup.

This will make users feel more comfortable while spending their money.

Key Popup Statistics

There are various kinds of pop-up statistics. Therefore, to give you an overall idea of the potential of pop-ups, let’s take a look at the one below:

Popups Conversion Rate Benchmarks

Everything in the digital marketing industry boils down to its conversion rates!

So, let’s start:

1. In optimonk study, they found that mobile popups convert more than desktops.

Mobile Popup stats

2. Some of the highest-performing popups have a conversion rate as high as 42%

This high conversion rate means that nearly half of the people who saw these top popups ended up taking the desired action.

3. Exit intent popups convert over 15% of visitors who are about to abandon the website.

4. Using countdown timers leads to an increase of 112% in conversion rate

If you’re running a campaign with a deadline, like a giveaway or a seasonal offer, try adding a countdown timer to your popup.

It creates a sense of urgency, encourages website visitors to act quickly, and helps popups convert at a higher rate. The survey by drip showed this.

5. Multistep popups can improve the conversion rate to 4%

Compared to just 1-step popups, multistep popups have a higher tendency to convert customers.


They are more effective and can convey more information and promotion opportunities leading to more conversions

6. Compared to a desktop, popups on mobile devices are 2% more effective in response rates. Thus, mobile optimization for pop-ups increases their inherent value.

7. More than 10% of website visitors typically convert through popups on average.

8. Compared to normal popups, gamified popups work better, with a conversion rate of around 13%

In 2024, we will see a shift in how popups are used.

The traditional approach, where website visitors give their information for a reward, is seen as outdated.

In contrast, the new trend involves making it more interactive. Visitors now engage in activities like spinning a wheel or taking quizzes for rewards.

This gamified approach boosts engagement levels significantly.

9. During seasonal periods, popups typically achieve a conversion rate of 11%.

10. The conversion rate increases when popups are delayed by an average time of five seconds.

11. Among the triggers for pop-ups, on-click pop-ups have shown the best conversion rate of 22% compared to other triggers like timed trigger popups.

Triggers decide when popups show up, such as when you first visit a website, try to leave, click on something, or complete a certain scroll percentage.

You can choose a different trigger for each pop-up you create. According to a Wisepops survey, on-click popups perform the best.

Website Popup Statistics

A website pop-up is like a surprise window that suddenly appears on your screen without you clicking on anything.

With proven CVR website popup statistics, they are mainly used by marketers to show you special deals or ask for your information.

Sometimes, popups also tell you about things like cookies.

You usually see popups when you first visit a website or when you scroll or move your mouse to close the page.

Let us take a look at some of the data and website pop-up statistics to see why they are so popular:

12. They show a whopping 123% higher conversion rate than popups without discounts.

Discount popup stat

13. Using a timer or a limited-time offer on the website shows an increase of 41% in conversion.

Conversational Popup Statistics

The Conversational popup is a cool way to interact with customers.

You can use it to get their emails, ask what they like, and suggest products they might want to buy—all in just one popup!

The popup statistics prove that this is a great way to begin creating new customer relationships and driving more traffic to your business.

Here are some conversational popup stats:

14. Conversational popups can lead to almost 6x more conversions than your standard popups

15. With the opt-in options, you can see an increase of almost 2x  in your customer opt-ins

16. Conversational popups generally lead to a great conversion rate of 15%.

And it does not hurt that they help you collect more zero-party data to improve customer experience.

This free side benefit helps you build a more personalized relationship with the customer.

Email Popup Statistics

An email pop-up is a little box that appears on your screen when you visit a website.

It asks for your email address and sometimes offers something free in return.

Popups work well, but if they’re too big or tricky to close, they can obscure what you want to see on the webpage, which can be unpleasant.

Now let us dive into some email pop-up statistics:

Email popups are a very effective way to build a customer base.

17. Generally, they have a conversion rate of around 3%. This seemingly small number is actually very important. For example, 1000 people visit your website daily.

This means you get 40 additional emails for your database. 

18. It has been proven that email popups have had 74% more success on mobile devices compared to desktops.

You can increase your email list without giving away free stuff. Just tell your visitors why your emails are worth it.

Explain what they’ll get and how it can help them.

19. For instance, according to Optimonk’s survey, their client Brand Growth Experts got an 8% conversion rate with a basic popup promoting their newsletter.

20. Conversion rates dropped from 4% to 2% when using 2 input fields rather than 1.

Image Popups Statistics

Popups that only have plain text do convert well, but popups with images are even better.

Image popups are great for attracting new customers and offering existing customers more exciting deals.

They can also help promote upcoming sales, etc.

According to pop up statistics and even the ones mentioned above, image popups are better than just normal text popups. Let us see how:

21. Image popups have shown a conversion rate of 4.74% compared to the 2.55% conversion rate of popups without images.

Image Popup stats

22. According to a recent Drip survey, images were considered to be one of, if not the key, part of popups, showing an increase of 83% in conversion rates over the former.

23. Email signup rates see a boost of 63% when using image popups.

24. The addition of images into popups can boost the click-through rate; recent surveys showed a comparative increase of almost 500%

25. Full-screen image pop-ups have shown great improvement in conversion rate. In a survey by Optimonk, they increased the conversion rate to 14%.

26. Image addition increases pop-up click-through rates by a decent margin of 28%

People who advertise online often believe that using product images in a popup makes them more convincing than ones without pictures.

But is this the case?

27. In their experiment, GetSiteControl discovered that popups with images caught the attention of 7% of visitors. On the other hand, when there were no images, only 5.82% of visitors were engaged.


Popups have proven useful for businesses for multiple reasons. They can increase customer conversion rates and improve traffic to their websites.

They increase customer engagement and provide a solid foundation for promoting your products.

The popup statistics in this article show that even with digital marketing being revamped every day, popups are still a reliable way to increase business opportunities and widen your customer base.

So, boost your organic traffic by using popups smartly!







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