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5 Excellent WordPress Funnel Builder Plugins in 2024

Do you want to create a WooCommerce sales funnel? Or are you finding a funnel builder plugin and the best strategies to improve your eCommerce store sales and revenue? So you are in the perfect place.

The first and only goal of the WooCommerce online store owner is to drive more sales and revenue. As we can see, achieving this goal is challenging with the ever-increasing competition in the online marketplace. One easy and effective way to overcome this challenge is using the WooCommerce sales funnel.

The sales funnel is the step-by-step process that converts potential customers into paying customers. This process includes creating a smooth experience for your customers, it starting from product awareness to product purchase.

This article will give you the best WooCommerce sales funnel plugins and strategies. These plugins and strategies help you to improve and increase your store’s revenue. So here we learn how to build sales funnels for your WooCommerce store.

What is a WooCommerce sales funnel?

A WooCommerce sales funnel is a marketing strategy that guides potential customers to follow the steps that lead them to purchase. It is a graphic depiction of the customer journey, from when they visit your WooCommerce website to when they successfully purchase. The main purpose of a funnel is to turn your website visitors into leads and those leads into paying customers.

A WordPress funnel has three main stages: the top of the funnel, the middle of the funnel, and the bottom of the funnel. At these all steps, a potential customer is presented with multiple types of content and unique offers to encourage them to move through the funnel.

Three stages of the funnel are

  • Top of the funnel
  • Middle of the funnel
  • Bottom of the funnel

By understanding the stages of the funnel and what potential customers need at each stage, you can create funnels suited to your specific business needs. The proper and good sales funnel can help you boost conversions, drive more sales, and grow your business.

Why is a sales funnel important for WooCommerce store owners?

As a WooCommerce store runner, it’s quite easy to get caught up in the daily operations of your business. You can respond and solve your customer queries, add new products to your store, and optimize your WooCommerce website for the search engine. These all things are very crucial to your online store but, they don’t guarantee that your store can get revenue and sales for sure.

That’s where a sales funnel comes in. A sales funnel is a marketing strategy that guides potential customers through a sequence of steps that lead to a purchase. By implementing a sales funnel, you can create a more efficient and effective system for turning website visitors into paying customers.

The main advantage of using a WooCommerce funnel for your online store is that it allows you to pay attention to the customers who really want to purchase your product. Secondly, using a marketing funnel can help you to gain more sales and increase conversions. By providing your potential customers with the right and good details and incentives, they want to make a successful purchase. Also, create a simple WooCommerce checkout page process that reduces cart abandonment and friction and increases sales.

In addition, the funnel helps you improve your store’s customer retention rates by providing a confident experience for your customers, from starting the purchase to follow-up communication. You can build customer loyalty and gain repeat purchases.

Understanding the WooCommerce Sales Funnel

If you own a WooCommerce store, you must know the sales funnel. Funnels are important elements of any eCommerce business. Because it helps you to aid potential clients through the purchasing process, it is a path that helps you analyze your customers’ needs and how to fulfill them at each stage of the purchasing process.

The different stages of a sales funnel

In the WooCommerce sales funnel, several stages help you to refine the customer’s buying journey. Here, we are going to discuss three major stages of the funnel.

  • Top of the funnel – This stage is known as an awareness stage, in this stage your potential customers are getting aware of your product or services. You can achieve this using various ways such as content marketing, social media, and paid advertising.
  • Middle of the funnel – This stage is known as the consideration stage, in this stage customer is thinking about whether he will buy or not. Here you need to focus on providing more detailed information about your product, resolve their queries and help them if they are stuck somewhere.
  • Bottom of the funnel – This stage is known as the purchase stage, in this stage customers are ready to buy your product. Here your only important goal is to make your store-buying process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Identifying your target audience and their needs

The most essential factor is identifying your target audience and understanding their needs before building a funnel. So take your time and research your potential customer and make a buyer persona that can show your ideal customers.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when identifying your target audience:

  • Who are my ideal customers?
  • What are their pain points and challenges?
  • What motivates them to make a purchase?
  • What objections do they have to my product or service?

When you find the right answer to these questions, you can create a more effective and efficient sales funnel that directly fulfills your potential customers’ needs and motivates them to purchase.

Mapping out your sales funnel for your specific business

So now you gained a proper understanding of your target audience and every stage of the sales funnel, it is time to map out your funnel for your business. This entails developing a step-by-step plan to lead potential clients from first awareness to final purchase via the buying process.

Here are some key points to consider when mapping out your sales funnel:

  • What types of content and offers are most effective at each funnel stage?
  • How can you use email marketing and retargeting to keep potential customers engaged?
  • What metrics should you track to measure the success of your sales funnel?

By mapping out your sales funnel for your specific business, you can create a more effective and efficient system for generating sales and growing your eCommerce business.

By mapping out your WooCommerce funnel, you can build a more efficient and effective system to boost sales and grow your WooCommerce online store.

Top WooCommerce Sales Funnel Plugins

1. SeedProd

For your WooCommerce store, you can use the potent drag-and-drop sales funnel builder SeedProd to make high-converting sales pages, coming soon pages, landing pages, and maintenance mode pages. With SeedProd, you can create a page that looks professional without having any coding knowledge. More than 100 pre-designed templates are included with the plugin, which you can edit to meet your needs. Additionally, you can use the drag-and-drop builder to include components on your page like countdown timers, opt-in forms, and social media icons.

You can use this best WordPress funnel builder plugin to create custom product pages, boost sales, and grow your store to the next level.

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2. OptinMonster

You can utilize the well-known sales funnel builder and lead generation plugin OptinMonster to expand your email list and boost sales. You can design eye-catching popups and opt-in forms with OptinMonster that pique the interest of your visitors and nudge them toward taking action. Using the plugin’s extensive targeting and personalization capabilities, you may show the correct message to the right person at the right time. Additionally, you can test various iterations of your opt-in forms using the A/B testing feature to see which one performs best.

3. Thrive Leads

Another sales funnel builder plugin you can use to improve conversions is Thrive Leads. You may make various opt-in forms using Thrive Leads, including popups, slide-ins, and sticky ribbons. Without knowing any code, you can easily customize your opt-in forms and landing pages using the plugin’s visual editor. The targeting and personalization features of the plugin can also be used to display the appropriate message to the appropriate user at the appropriate moment.

4. CartFlows

You may design unique sales funnels for your store with the sales funnel builder WooCommerce plugin CartFlows. You can design a series of stages with CartFlows that direct your potential consumers toward making a purchase. One example is a funnel that begins with landing pages and then transitions to product, checkout, and thank-you pages. Without knowing any code, you can easily customize your funnels using the plugin’s visual builder. Additionally, you can test various iterations of your funnels using the plugin’s A/B testing feature to see which performs best.

CartFLows WooCommerce funnel builder plugin helps you create landing and sales funnel pages for your store and also helps you optimize the sales process.

5. Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics, a free web analytics service, to monitor the effectiveness of your WooCommerce store. You can monitor crucial statistics like traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and income using Google Analytics. The service’s goal-tracking tool lets you track actions like form submissions, button clicks, and sales. You can make data-driven decisions to increase conversions by identifying sections of your sales funnel that require improvement through data analysis.

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Sales Funnel Strategies for WooCommerce

We all know that creating or opening an online store is not enough to grow your business. You need some amazing and best sales funnel builder WooCommerce plugins and strategies to improve your store ranking, sales, and revenue. Here below we have some key strategies for you, hope they can help you to improve your funnel.

Creating compelling offers and incentives

At the very beginning, you need to create a sales funnel to gain potential customers, by giving attractive offers and discounts you can do this. You can give free shipping, good discounts, gifts, and exclusive offers with the purchase.

All these offers must be well displayed on your website, email marketing campaigns, and social media platforms and channels. So visitors can see them easily and you can attract them to purchase your product.

The most crucial part is understanding your target audience before creating compelling offers and incentives. Then, you must find what motivates them, their interest, pain points, and problems while purchasing your products. By solving these all you can create unique offers and incentives that can easily gain buyers for you.

Personalizing the customer experience

Now you got your potential customers and buyers for your website, now you have to personalize their experience. You must set up your website content and offers to their needs and interests. Personalization can increase sales and revenue by making customers feel understood and valued.

By using customers’ data, you can effectively personalize the customer experience. You can also use these customers’ data to personalize retargeting and email marketing campaigns.

Upselling and cross-selling

The next step is to increase the value of every sale in the WordPress funnel by upselling and cross-selling. Upselling offers users a more expensive product or service or asks them to add complementary products to enhance their current purchase. And now cross-selling offers users related products and accessories to enhance the current purchase.

To effectively upsell and cross-sell, you must understand your product offering and customer’s needs. You can use users’ data to recommend products purchased frequently together or give them bundle deals to encourage them to buy multiple products.

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Retargeting campaigns

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that targets users who are already connected to your store but have not purchased anything yet. You can run retargeting campaigns and ads on users’ social media accounts to remind users about your store and encourage them to complete the purchase.

Using retargeting campaigns and ads you can tell users that they viewed your product but did not purchase, also you can give them offers, free shipping, and coupon codes along with it to encourage them to return to your store.

Abandoned cart recovery

Now at the very end, you need to do abandoned cart tracking and build a strategy to reduce your cart abandonment rate. An abandoned cart means your customer adds the product to the cart but doesn’t purchase it. This can happen for many reasons, like unexpected shipping costs and a slow and complicated WooCommerce checkout process.

To recover abandoned carts you can send an email to the user with the link to their cart. In addition, you can change and redesign the default WooCommerce checkout page and optimized checkout pages. Also, you can use professionally designed templates for your checkout page or page builder to create your own.

Best Practices for A/B Testing Your Sales Funnel

So now you have a funnel, but your work is not finished here. You have to test your funnel every time you optimize your store. The best method is A/B testing because it allows you to work on different variations of the funnel and let you know which one is best for you.

Here is the list of best practices for A/B testing your sales funnel:

  • Define Your Goals
  • Identify Your Key Performance Indicators
  • Create a Hypothesis
  • Test One Variable at a Time
  • Use a Large Sample Size
  • Test for a Significant Period
  • Measure and Analyze Your Results

Why A/B testing is important

A/B testing can give a better and enhanced variation of your funnel. It can help you to create an error-free version of your funnel. So you can easily convert more leads and get more sales. The competition and market constantly change over some significant period, so testing your funnel every couple of weeks or in a few days is necessary.

What elements of your sales funnel to test

Here is a list of elements to test while you test the WordPress funnel of your store.

  • Headlines and copy
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Images and videos
  • Forms and checkout processes
  • Pricing and offers
  • Landing pages and email campaigns
  • Personalization
  • Timing and frequency


Optimizing and enhancing your sales funnel is crucial for getting more sales & revenue and growing your business. You can streamline your sales process, improve customer experience, and boost revenue by performing the right strategies and lead generation tools or plugins.

The above-listed plugins can provide various features like personalized content, one-click upsells and abandoned cart recovery, which can help you gain more sales. In addition, it is essential to implement effective sales funnel strategies like creating attractive offers and incentives, retargeting campaigns and ads, and personalizing the customer experience.

You may increase conversion rates and revenue by testing various components of your sales funnel and iteratively refining your strategy.


You can not specifically say that a particular plugin is a WooCommerce sales funnel builder. Because it purely depends on your needs to select the best WordPress funnel builder plugin for you. Here are some WordPress funnel builder plugins you can use:

  • SeedProd
  • OptinMonster
  • Thrive Leads
  • CartFlows
  • Google Analytics

Here are some strategies for improving the middle of the sales funnel:

  • Lead nurturing campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Personalization and segmentation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media engagement
  • Product demos and trials
  • Interactive content
  • Webinars and events

Measuring the effectiveness of your sales funnel here are some key metrics to track:

  • Conversion rate
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Time to conversion
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Revenue by source
  • Return on investment

No, to construct a sales funnel on your WooCommerce store, you do not need to be an expert in marketing. While having a fundamental understanding of marketing concepts can be helpful, there are many WooCommercer plugins and drag-and-drop builder tools that can help you create an efficient sales funnel.

No, it does not come with built-in funnels; WordPress is a platform that can be used to build and improve sales funnels. You can use a variety of plugins and tools to create a sales funnel on your WordPress website.

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