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How To Sell More Of Your Teachable Courses: 5 Powerful Tools To Boost Your Sales

People approach online course selling in a lot of different ways. You might be relying on organic search traffic or spending money on Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your courses. You spend hours and days researching different software, platforms, and other tools to improve your teachable course sales.

It’s not easy to sell online courses. So many people never figure out how to do it effectively and eventually give up on their dream of making an impact through their teaching.

Though there’s no “right” way to do things, we’ve found that these five tools helped us sell more courses.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is one of the fantastic platforms to create and sell your courses online. It is an all-in-one platform that handles course ideas for creating and payments. Teachable is an advanced course-creation platform with unique features, one-click upsells, and marketing features.

Teachable is a platform that allows anyone to create and sell online courses. It’s simple, and instructors can create a course in minutes. There are no up-front costs or contracts, and Teachable takes a commission from each sale.

Let’s get started with five excellent tools to improve course sales on “Teachable.”

5 Tools to Improve Course Sales

Here’s a list of tools to improve your selling on teachable. So let’s get started!

Hubspot- The Email Marketing Tool

CRM platform Hubspot is one of the best tools for course creators to analyze metrics and goals. Automating and tracking course sales, email campaigns, and email subscribers helps you monitor outbound and inbound leads and sales pipeline management.

It is an excellent choice for marketers and analysts. You can improve customer engagement and gain new insights about your audience using it. In addition, its features can improve customer service and customer experience.

You can get information about your visitors and find out what they are searching for. You can manage your sales team with Hubspot and increase sales.


  • You can customize email campaigns yourself without the need of an IT or designers team;
  • Create personalized emails for more clickthroughs;
  • Pre-made templates with easy drag-n-drop options;
  • Automate emails to improve customer engagement;
  • Simple tracking of email campaigns like open rate, click rate, top click links, and many more.

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WiserNotify – The Popup Notification Tool

WiserNotify is one of the best tools to showcase your time-limited notifications, discounts, offers, and many more. There is a live preview of notifications such as course sales, live viewers, time-limited discounts, and more.

You can easily add team members to WiseNotify, which helps distribute the work among different members.

Furthermore, visitors can view your courses and social counter-proofs to boost and improve their course sales. You can even customize the notification template to reflect your brand image and include CTAs to increase sales. The time-limited notification popups increase curiosity among the visitors to buy the course before the offer ends.

You can popup time-limited offers like Cyber Monday, Black-Friday deal, or any festival offers to improve your course sales.

With WiserNotify, you can display social proof notifications on Kajabi, Thinkific, and other course creation platforms


  • It can easily be integrated with the Teachable platform;
  • Live notifications of course purchases, testimonials, course shares, and many others;
  • Easy customization of popup notification as per your brand color or course;
  • Widgets to show course sale counts, social proofs, and recommendations.

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Unbounce- The Landing Page Tool

Unbounce is another fantastic landing page builder tool with an easy drag-and-drop feature that focuses on conversions. In addition, it has a powerful AI-smart builder to help you create an eye-catching Landing page.

With the fantastic landing page design, you’ll also find some popups, sticky navigation bars, and other unique features to make visitors take action. Additionally, Unbounce platform offers a wide range of features beyond creating a landing page, including social proof integration for unbounce, analytics, intelligent traffic, lead form builder, and AMP landing pages. This will help you to increase conversions and drive more conversions through your landing pages.


  • 1000+ Pre-made AI-powered landing pages;
  • Easy integration with other tools and platforms;
  • Fast page load speed times;
  • Add navbars, popups, and sticky heads on your landing pages.

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Google Analytics – The Analysis and Reporting Tool

Google Analytics is not new for any professional who wants to measure your courses, blogs, campaigns, or website performance. It’s crucial to measure the performance of your landing pages, websites, and courses to note how engaging is content with your customers.

For course creators, integrating Google Analytics with the Teachable platform is easy. It can help discover the number of visitors who arrived at your course, purchase activity, conversion rates, data on your course lists, discount campaigns, etc.


  • Track the number of visitors to your course;
  • Track bounce rate, session rate, and session duration within your course platform;
  • Track the number of visitors from different social, landing pages, organic, and referral sources.
  • Track from where the visitors are coming from, devices used, and time of visit.
  • Track real-time visitors and many more.

Zoom- The Webinar Tool

Zoom is an easy-to-use audio and video conferencing tool that allows for chat, webinars, and collaboration videos. In addition, it has massive scalability and supportive tools to create an engaging and valuable communication experience with your audience.

Webinar helps you connect with your audience directly as you speak to pre-sell your courses. Connecting with your audience enables you to improve your course selling and is the most effective lead generation channel.

The basic webinar features are free to use, and excellent video conferencing features make it one of the best Webinar tools. However, zoom is mainly used by course creators and experts to share their knowledge or pre-sell their courses or services.


  • You can create polls and quizzes to engage with customers;
  • Supports a large number of Audiences;
  • Stream your webinars on different platforms;
  • Easy accessibility and web conferencing;
  • User-friendly and uncomplicated interface.

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To Su
m Up

There are numerous tools available to increase your online course sales, but which one is best for you?

Tools help you to improve your marketing and deliver courses efficiently. These five tools can help you track data, set up an automation process, engage with your visitors, and help to pre-sell your courses. These tools are what you need to get more sales!

Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya is a marketing tech expert who boosts e-commerce conversion rates with automated social proof and FOMO strategies. He loves to keep posting insightful posts on online marketing software, marketing automations, and improving conversion rates.

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