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How to Master Social Proof Notifications for Marketing

The online world has transformed entirely over the past few years, especially the competition. With all the consumer focus going towards the online world, large corporations have spent millions of dollars in perfecting their online strategies which have resulted in increased competition.

With the increasing competition, the internet is now full of highly optimized websites that focus a lot on user experience. We see that live in terms of results as small changes in websites can actually result in millions of dollars of the revenue!

If you are looking to level up your online game, you need to focus on every small part of the website along with the user experience. The latest addition to websites and one of the major deciding factors for conversions is social proof notifications.

Selling of anything has always depended on human emotions from the beginning of time. Social proof & FOMO marketing is a significant factor that affects human emotions, and you can alter the user’s mind using it on your website.

In this post, we will be talking about the most critical and effective social & FOMO notifications that you must integrate with your business. Integrating these notifications will undoubtedly result in humungous conversions!

1. Purchases

Purchases are the most crucial social proof for any business. We, humans, tend to buy things that are widely accepted. Just a simple confirmation that many people purchased a particular item will prompt us to make a decision.

You need to make sure to leverage this emotion in your business. Some of the best notifications that you can adopt for your e-commerce business are –

  • Ron from California bought this item about 5 hours ago
  • 5 people have purchased this item in the last 7 hours
  • Justin from new york just subscribed to Startup plan.

2. Countdowns

This category comes under FOMO, popularly known as the fear of missing out. Creating a sense of urgency for your product or service is extremely important to drive up conversions.

Delaying decisions or procrastinating is one of the most common human traits. You need to make sure that your prospects realise the fact that the offer currently in hand is a limited period offer.

To be ahead of your competition, you need to have a countdown notification with a call to action. The timing of this notification will also play a significant role, and this notification should pop-up after a specific time.

3. Contact/lead generation pop-ups

Have you noticed the sudden pop-up with a live chat option asking you about your queries? More and more companies are adopting this model because of it being one of the best lead generation methods.

The placement and timing of this pop-up will depend on the landing page. You must make sure to give a significant amount of time to the reader to grasp the initial concept of your landing page and understand the offer. Chatting can enhance the user experience and help them make a decision instantly.

All you have to do is select a catchy phrase and persuade the person to chat or give the email/phone number details to you as a lead.

  • Looking for the best hosting for your website, chat with our experts to know the right fit for you!
  • Looking for a weight loss solution? How about a free 30 mins consultation with a certified trainer? Drop your number to get the freebie!
  • Feeling confused with all the options? Drop your email while an expert helps you factor in the crucial things personally

4. Social media widgets

Social media is the biggest treasure for businesses these days as it enjoys the biggest viewership. The lifetime value of a customer is the new metric, and to build a loyal audience, you must have a platform for them.

Social media is the best platform, and you can keep your audience engaged with meaningful posts once you have a decent following. The best way to build your following is to divert your web site’s traffic to your social media channels which can easily be accomplished using social media widgets.

There are numerous plugins that let you assign small widgets for all social media channels, and you can allow the visitors to like your Facebook page at the click of a button.

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5. E-book lead magnet

This is a very effective strategy, especially for B2B businesses. After a visitor has spent a few seconds on your website, you can initiate a pop-up with an option to download a free ebook (a way to get emails for leads).

This e-book should have a catchy title and answer the most asked questions about the Industry. Make sure to keep your copywriting powerful enough to convert innumerable leads.

  • Know the best-kept secrets of content marketing for small businesses with our free ebook

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6. Limited stocks/offers

Another way to create urgency and drive up conversions is by talking about the limited number of stocks or an exclusive time-bound offer. This will create the fear of missing out or buying the same product for a high price at a later stage.

  • Only 50 shoes left in stock
  • 3 people are viewing the product at the same time
  • 50% off only for the first 50 buyers; only 10 spots left
  • 30% exclusive discount valid till Friday

7. Live viewers

You can create trust in your brand by talking about the number of people who trust you. This works wonders for online courses and the education Industry.

100 students are watching course videos right now 250 students are taking the advanced SEO test by Google right now

  • 100 students are watching course videos right now
  • 250 students are taking the advanced SEO test by Google right now

8. Reviews/testimonials

Reviews and testimonials play one of the most prominent roles in online conversions. Most of the users will not go to the reviews section or even bother looking for them.

The best strategy to leverage the reviews that you have received for your business is to create review notifications on the landing page. These pop-ups should talk about the reviews and the platforms of the reviews along with navigation options.

This will increase the conversions manifolds as the amount of trust which reviews build is humungous.

  • 100 customers reviewed this product on Google
  • Check out the 400+ reviews of this service on trust pilot
  • Check out our A+ rating on the better business bureau right now!!!

How to implement them all?

If you are looking to integrate them all on your landing page/website, check out Wisernotify, the best social proof notifications plugin.

Wisernotify enables you to integrate all these notifications and many others just with the click of a button. Wisernotify is developed after considering the modern optimizations and the best notification patterns which have been extensively tested for conversions!!!  

Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya
Krunal Vaghasiya is a marketing tech expert who boosts e-commerce conversion rates with automated social proof and FOMO strategies. He loves to keep posting insightful posts on online marketing software, marketing automations, and improving conversion rates.

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