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Increase Click Funnels Conversions: A Guide to Deep Dive Analysis

Do you want to boost your conversion rate? In this guide, we’ll teach you how to undertake a deep dive analysis and enhance the funnels that drive your company.

What good is a sales funnel if it doesn’t convert well?

Your sales funnel was established to generate leads and close deals on autopilot. Most likely, you’ve done a lot of study on conversion optimization. Perhaps you’ve spoken to other successful funnel hackers. And, while you’ve gained a lot of knowledge…Something is still wrong.

Developing high-converting sales funnels is a skill that takes time to master. And a poor conversion rate doesn’t mean you’ll never succeed… it just means something has to be corrected.

While click funnels and landing pages can be very effective in increasing your click funnel conversion rate, there is still much to learn. I’ll go into a few ways to help improve your conversion rate.

Understand the potential of your website.

You can increase your click funnel conversion rate by optimizing your landing page and knowing what visitors want.

To understand more, you need to dive deeper into what they are looking for.

Various techniques successfully increase your click funnel conversion rate, and one of them is using exit-intent popups.

Exit intent popup allows you to capture a lost visitor when he’s about to leave your website without taking action. There are various ways in which a user can do that :

1. When a person scrolls down until he sees an exit link or even moves his mouse cursor over it

2. In case a visitor has been on your site for quite some time but hasn’t converted yet

3. When someone leaves their email address before leaving

4. A user may also be interested in other products of yours

5. A person might have found something else interesting while surfing around

6. The last reason could be that he didn’t find what he was looking for on your site

7. Or maybe a customer just got distracted from doing anything at all

I hope these reasons make sense to you because if they don’t, then I’m sure there’s another reason people would leave their browser tab open with no intention of returning anytime soon! So how do we take advantage of such opportunities? By implementing an exit-intent popup!

Use a landing page for each stage of your funnel

A landing page helps increase the conversion rate in your sales funnel.

This is where all of your hard work begins to pay off, as you can segment users into different buckets based on how they interact with your content.

For example –

Customers who are still researching their options may be directed through a series of pages that encourage them to sign up for an email list before moving on to other parts of your sales funnel.

In contrast, a customer who has already decided which product or service they want from you could be presented with an option for ordering directly from one landing page.

Each stage of your funnel should have its landing page – and each landing page should have its purpose.

On your landing pages, use an image that is relevant to the topic of that landing page

If you want to increase your click-funnel conversion rate, you’ll need great landing pages. This includes using relevant images on landing pages.

When a visitor comes to one of your landing pages, he or she will be looking for an answer. Using relevant images can help connect that person with what they’re looking for by building on their previous expectations about your brand/product.

For example –

Suppose you are writing a post about how cats are better than dogs and have your company’s logo as an image. Expect confusion from visitors! Not so much on your cat product page (i.e., where people expect it)!

Also, use compelling headlines: When visitors come to your landing page, they search for information.

Use compelling headlines to entice them into reading more of your content.

You want them to click through because it is clear that you understand what they came there for!

Write strong copy: Along with using relevant images and headlines, write strong copy that answers questions while also engaging users further down in your post.

To ensure your readers read all of it, give them multiple call-to-actions throughout the content at different points, one at the beginning, one at mid-way through, and another at the end!

Use a relevant headline to grab your visitor’s attention

Use a catchy headline that relates to your topic and grabs people’s attention.

Avoid overly promotional language or exaggerations because these often come across as spammy.

Include important keywords in your headline, but don’t stuff it with keywords.

When you are finished writing your headline, read it aloud and ask yourself if it seems reasonable and like something someone would want to click on.

If not, try again. It may take some time to get it right, so be patient!

Write an introduction that explains what you’ll be talking about: Your introduction should explain what you’ll cover in your post and give readers why they should keep reading.

It’s also good practice to say who you are and why they should trust what you’re saying (i.e., why they should keep reading).

The best way to do all of these things is by creating an outline before writing anything else. This helps ensure everything is relevant and keeps your post from sounding disjointed.

Show how your product/service is relevant to them

If you’re using an email marketing tool like MailChimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact, it should be pretty easy to see how many people open your emails and how many clicks through from one email sent to another.

You can use these stats as a rough gauge of how successful you are at increasing your click funnel conversion rate.

Plus, these services give you tons of valuable stats to help you hone in on what is and isn’t working with your funnel.

For example,

If you notice that most of your clicks come from users who receive your first email within 24 hours after signup, then it’s time to start sending out more timely emails.

Or, if most of your new users are coming from social media sites rather than search engines, then maybe you need to focus more on growing your following across platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

There’s no magic bullet for increasing click funnel conversion rates—but by looking at where (and when) most of your conversions happen, you can start tweaking things until they work better for you.

Get to the point of your page quickly

If a visitor hasn’t converted by page 3, they probably aren’t going to convert. To increase your conversion rate, you must get people focused on your point very quickly.

Making sure that your headline, sub-headline, and all of your messaging on each page of your sales funnel point towards what will be provided or delivered on another page helps ensure that visitors get a quick snapshot of what it is you want them to do.

A good way to increase click funnel conversion rate is to remove pages from your sales funnel or simplify any messaging that doesn’t support getting visitors moving through each step logically.

Build t
rust with your visitor

The most critical factor in building your conversion rate is building trust with your visitor.

This is where content marketing can shine.

By providing value through great content, you’ll start building relationships with potential customers who will see you as a trusted source of useful information. And, when it comes to conversion rates, trust is golden.

If your visitors trust you (and if they enjoy engaging with your content), they’ll be much more likely to convert.

When analyzing your landing page (and all of its elements), look closely at how many social proof signals are available on-page; relevant testimonials from real people can build a lot of trust and are one way many landing pages increase their click funnels conversion rate dramatically.

Tools like WiserNotify can help you build trust and increase conversion rates with social proof automation. You can display sales pop-ups, conversion notifications, reviews, announcements, and more. It also offers widgets to create urgency and integrates directly with 200+ tools.

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How to Use Social Proof Notifications on ClickFunnels?

Use bullet points and lists

If your website converts less than 1% of visits into sales, you’re losing money.

Make sure that you’re using bullet points and lists for both your headlines and content to help increase your click funnel conversion rate.

  • The more information you have online, the higher your click funnel conversion rate will be.
  • People won’t read long, text-heavy pages. They need something snappy and easy to digest to convert from visitor to customer.

You can create an appealing landing page that encourages clicks by using these tips:

  • Use as few words as possible
  • Try a list format
  • Include a video
  • Avoid technical jargon or industry talk

​Use the right message for your audience.

The copy should be written to appeal to your target audience. Not all businesses have identical buyer personas.

Determine who exactly you are targeting, what kind of problems they face, and how you can solve those. This will help increase your click funnel conversion rate.

For example –

If a visitor enters your page with a search engine query Where to Buy Baby Products in Delhi? He is looking for baby products, but we want him to check out our sales product.

So, he has two choices: clicking on the Shop Now or the Learns More button. To convert him into a customer, we must make him understand why he should choose us over other sellers.

So, while writing copy, it should be clear why visitors must choose us over others and how we can provide better service than others.

It is always recommended not to use any hard-sell techniques as it may irritate visitors and make them leave without purchasing anything from your site.

Have a convincing call to action

The conversion process is not over just because someone clicked a button on your landing page.

You must work to close that deal. There are many ways of closing, but most successful conversion rate optimization (CRO) experts have one thing in common: they follow best practices for persuasive copywriting.

You’ll find an extensive compilation of persuasive writing guidelines, including specific tips on increasing click-funnel conversion rates.

Some examples include appealing to emotion, using powerful words, and never lying or exaggerating.


Read click funnel strategies to increase Your click funnel Conversion Rate to understand how it works. If you want to create your own online business and want a tool to help you achieve your goals, then clicking the funnel is for you. The platform offers two versions at different costs, and both are very good.

To increase your click funnel conversion rate, create a website with unique content, engage visitors, and work hard on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. It also depends on which niche you have chosen because some niches give better results than others.

Try these strategies and keep your mind open; if something doesn’t work, do not hesitate to change it up a bit or think of another strategy altogether. Happy Marketing!

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