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9 Awesome Floating CTA Button Plugins for Your WordPress Website

9 Awesome Floating CTA Button Plugins for Your WordPress Website

“If you won’t show, you won’t sell,” you might have heard this proverb many times.

Some visitors might just visit the website and leave without further action. Maybe they want to know more before making a purchase or check out reviews about your products, or they might want to read the blog before signing up for your newsletter.

Adding a floating call-to-action (CTA) button to your WordPress website is the best way to make their work easier. It can be a great way to increase conversions and get more leads. It makes the website page more accessible and provides visitors with an easy way to explore and take action.

It makes your customer stay longer on your website, which results in a lower bounce rate and boosts engagement for your website.

Whatever the reason, floating CTA buttons can influence the visitors to click and take the action they might be looking for.  

Let’s dive into some basics.

What is a Floating Action Button?

Have you visited any website and noticed a circular button at the right corner? When you click it, it shares all the information like pages, email addresses, social media accounts, contact pages, and many more.

If yes, that’s the Floating CTA button. The button stays visible on the screen, even when you scroll down.

The floating action button is the one that performs a primary or most common action on a screen.

In short, the floating CTA is a button visible at the end of the right corner, and its primary use is to promote actions.

Benefits of Floating Button Plugin in WordPress Website

A floating button is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the usability and overall design of your website. Here are a few benefits of using a floating button on your website:

  1. Increased engagement: A floating button can also help increase engagement with your website by making it easier for users to access the content they are looking for.
  2. Improved design: A floating button can also help improve the overall design of your website by adding an element of interactivity and engagement.
  3. Improve User Experience: A floating button can avoid clutter in many ways, like showing social media accounts, offer pages, popups to display sales, feedback, and many more. It helps to improve user experience and organize your website.
  4. Attention Grabbing: The proper design and placement of the floating button can grab visitors' attention. They are designed to stand out on web pages, usually with prominent icon designs.
  5. Promote Events and Offers: Usually, brands use physical banners to promote their offers and events, so why not use a floating button to do the same? The best part of a floating button is that it’s sticky and improves your conversion rate optimization.

So, you got the basic idea about the Floating button and its benefits. But, how do you choose the best floating button that fits your website?

How to Choose the Best Floating Button Plugin?

There are several things to consider before choosing a floating button plugin for your WordPress Website-

  • Regular Updates: It’s meaningless to install a floating button that doesn’t get updates. A regular update means the plugin is always on maintenance to keep up with your needs.
  • Customizable: The floating button is an essential element of the user interface on your website. It should be easy to find and consistent with your site's overall design. The button should also be customizable to match your website's specific design and theme.
  • Rich in Features: A floating button must be loaded with unique features. For example, if the user wants to contact the sales department, it should quickly be provided with the related information or page.
  • Pleasant Design: Ensure the floating button doesn’t hinder the visitor's experience while browsing your website. Therefore, choose a floating button with a friendly and unique design.
  • Easy to use: The floating button needs to have easy to use so that it doesn't require a steep learning curve. It needs to be a user-friendly, simple, yet powerful plugin to add various buttons without using codes.

So, you got a clear idea about the floating button plugins. Let’s dig into our best 10 floating CTA button plugins.

9 Best Floating CTA Button Plugins


WiserNotify is a unique-feature packed plugin that can help you sky-rocket the conversion rate of your WordPress website using social proof.

It comes with an eye-catching design, customizable options, and many others to utilize the default WordPress menu and create a standard sticky menu. The plugin is packed with 50+ templates design, 30+ language support, set display timers, auto-capture converting, and highly versatile designs in less than 3 minutes.

You can display purchase notifications, announcement notifications, and social media counter notifications and create FOMO using the CTA and urgency widgets.


  • 50+ Premade templates
  • 30+ Language Support
  • Integrate with 200+ business tools
  • Customizable dashboard, manage notification loop, and many more
  • Get weekly reports on your email

Pricing: Forever Free for 1k visitors and starts with $13.33/month for up to 10k visitors.

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Buttonizer is a flexible floating action button plugin that helps you create a variety of different button types, including multiple buttons at the same time.

It is developed primarily to boost website visitors' interactions, actions, and conversions by adding more than one multifunctional floating CTA button in your website corner. You can easily customize the floating button and select the size, logo, and color matching your website theme.

Furthermore, you can choose how your floating button might open from 30 clicks action, add a display button on all pages, and many more. The plugin is responsive and can add features using the WYSIWYG editor.

The plugin has a beautiful frontend interface and automatically monitors insights using Google Analytics.


  • Add an unlimited number of floating action button
  • 30+ click to actions and chat buttons
  • Customize position, styles, color, and display that suit your brand
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to get reports
  • Add different filters to show on other buttons

Pricing: Free for 5k page views, starting with $100 per year for 50k page views.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is one of the premium floating button plugins that use the principle of scarcity marketing. The plugin is relatively straightforward to use.

However, it mainly focuses on finding ways to add conversion-boosting urgency to your website that drives people and boosts conversion rate. You can create many campaigns using Thrive Ultimatum plugin, for example, fixed, recurring, or even based on individual visitors' experiences.

It also provides an auto-pilot option that automatically sets things such as sales page links, which saves a lot of time. The plugin is easy to use, and customize the design with the drag-and-drop builder embedded in the plugin.

It is one of the best plugins with excellent features and benefits for your website.


  • Unique templates with countdown display
  • Easy control and customizable options
  • Integrates with WordPress ecosystem
  • Easy drag-and-drop editor and easy interface
  • 300+ ready-to-use form templates

Pricing: Starts at $299 per year

WPB Floating Menu Pro

WPB floating menu is a free WordPress plugin with beautifully designed layouts. It is a sticky floating menu with different icons on your website.

The theme comes with color customization to match any design layout. It has two different skin options or categories on any specific page. Th plugin comes with 20 different templates for a sticky menu, or you can customize the template for your floating menu.

The WPB floating menu pro is an advanced WordPress plugin with modern features and functionalities. It allows you to create unlimited menus and add them to the particular pages for your WordPress website.


  • 20+ different templates for sticky menu
  • Add multiple menus for other pages
  • Choose menu icons from various icon packs
  • Translation and RTL ready
  • Color customization

Pricing: Starts at $24

Wow Side Menu

Wow side menu is an excellent free WordPress plugin with unlimited floating menus to make your website look elegant.

The plugin has a feature open link to a new window that makes it more accessible. The plugin is integrated with the FontAwesome icon pack, allowing you to choose from 600+ icons.

You can easily insert links, content, or functionality you want.


  • Unlimited Floating Menus
  • Control over menu size
  • Customization option, Font style, and weight set
  • Email and Call links
  • Smooth scroll function and print page function
  • 600+ Icon to choose from
  • Sharing option for 20+ social media

Pricing: It’s free to use

Bloom Plugin

Bloom is one of the best plugins to build your email list and improves sales. It offers elegant themes and a sticky CTA button for your WordPress website.

It allows you to select pages on which you want to appear, enabling them to be placed for the targetted audience on your website. Furthermore, you can choose from over 100 customizable templates for pop-ups, inlines, fly-ins, and widgets. The application allows you to integrate with other popular applications and plugins too seamlessly.

Bloom can be integrated with your WordPress website through shortcodes and can be connected with softwares like Hubspot, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp to collect customer information.


  • 115+ different templates to choose
  • Automatically trigger opt-in opt-ups based on delay timers
  • Easy interface to use
  • Extensive customization and analytics

Pricing: The price starts at $89 per year

Hello Bar Plugin

The hello bar plugin can quickly help you create custom top bars, modal popups, or slide boxes that enhance your website design.

The plugin is a beginner-friendly floating notification bar that is easy to customize and a responsive promotion bar. The plugin allows you to link essential pages, collect emails, and increase interaction on social networks. In addition, you do not need to know any coding to use it.

Furthermore, you can add social media channels like Facebook, Buffer, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, and many more to boost page shares.


  • Easy Interface and Beginner Friendly
  • Variety of Options to create custom reports
  • Customizable options to adjust colors, fonts, and styles based on your website’s design
  • Send offers and messages based on visitors

Pricing: Price starts with $49 for 150k views per month.

Simple Side Tab Plugin

The simple side tab plugin allows you to create vertical tabs anywhere on a specific page you choose. You can place the plugin on the left, right, or anywhere.

The plugin is sticky and ideal for mobile users, making it visible and ready for action. It allows a global CTA to your website. As a site owner, you may differentiate the sidebar based on your website theme.

It also allows you customize CSS and the position of your sidebars. You can use the plugin to highlight conversion page that can attract and boost visibility of your website.


  • Customize CSS and position of side bar
  • Add filters for tab texts
  • Custom background for each tab
  • Choose from standard screen fonts available

Pricing: Free

Float Menu Pro

Float menu pro is an outstanding free wordpress plugin and a beautiful floating menu on your website. The plugin comes with the extension that provides users full functionality of the panel.

The plugin is sticky that moves along with the scrolling of the page and remains always visibility. The plugin allows full customizable that can fit with your brands color and theme.

It is an smart plugin that allows you to enhance your WordPress websites usability with easy one page navigator and many sticky navigation menus.


  • GDPR Compatible
  • 1600+ Awesome icons
  • 7 Animations for showing button label
  • 33 Easy Social Share Button
  • 4 Different shapes for the menu: Round, Square, Rounded-out, Rounded
  • Customize popup for the menu item

Pricing: Prices start with $25 for single site

To Wrap Up

There are many Floating Button plugins available for WordPress websites. These plugins can help boost your conversion rate and site productivity.

The plugins listed in this article are some of the best available. Be sure to try them out and see which ones work best for your website. We suggest you to choose the best plugin based on your budget, required budgets, customizable options, and the theme that suits your website.