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Leading Social Commerce Platforms of 2024 and Their Benefits

Billions of people actively use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. And the popularity of these platforms is growing day by day.

According to the stats:

  • In 2021, the market capitalization of social media platforms was around $500+ billion, and it’s expected to grow to $3500+ billion in the next seven years.

Most giant companies and businesses can see the massive potential of online business on these social commerce platforms.

Social media is the best way to grow your business if you’re a business owner and want to build a brand and sell your products. You can start with any social commerce platform to add, promote, and sell your products.

But, “Which social commerce is best for your business?”

That’s why we’ve handpicked & reviewed the Top 10 Best Social Commerce Platforms with their features and benefits so you can compare and find the best one for your business.

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

What is a Social Commerce Platform?

In simple words, businesses can sell their products directly on social media. These social commerce platforms handle the complete shopping experience of customers, like adding products, building a checkout process, promoting, and placing orders without leaving social media.

Social commerce makes the customer’s experience more beautiful, easier, and faster. For example – when you scroll your Instagram feed and see a beautiful pair of shoes, you hit the “shop now” button and buy products instantly without leaving social media.

Many social commerce platforms are available, but we’ve handpicked only the best platforms with active potential customers, a user-friendly shopping experience, and the best growth.

Previously, businesses used social media platforms for marketing purposes, but now they provide their own “social shopping” platform where companies can add their products, make them attractive and effortlessly place orders.

Many businesses use social commerce platforms, and you’ve seen many products advertised on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok while scrolling. Customers also place orders via social media because of the fast and friendly shopping experience.

What are the Benefits of Using Social Commerce Platform?

There are so many excellent benefits for businesses of using social commerce platforms. Let’s see!

#1 Billions of people are actively using social media

We all know that billions of people are using social media platforms actively, and most of them are your potential customers. So, when you use social media platforms to promote your products, you can directly promote your products to your ideal customers.

Every day, so many new users join social media platforms, and they become your potential customers. So the potential of capturing the market is huge.

#2 – Build social media presence and brand value

Social commerce platform is not only for selling products, but you can also build social media presence and brand awareness by creating & sharing valuable content to stay top of mind to your customers.

One of the best ways to build brand awareness on social media is “Influencer marketing.”

As big companies collaborate with prominent celebrities, actors, and athletes, small brands & business owners can collaborate with influencers on social media platforms to promote their products and build brand awareness.

#3 – Target your Potential audiences

One of the most significant benefits of using social commerce platforms is targeting your potential customers only. This helps you save your marketing budget for specific purposes without promoting products to any audience for hits & trials.

Also, these social commerce platforms provide you with detailed insights into your customers so that you can find the best-fit audience for your business.

#4 – Social Commerce makes customer’s shopping experience smoother

Social commerce makes the customer’s shopping experience more interactive, smoother, and faster. Now, customers can easily purchase a product without leaving social media.

Companies promote their products on social media with a “shop now” button. Whenever their potential customers scroll through social media feeds and are interested in the product, they can click on “shop now,” redirect to the social commerce checkout page, and place orders in minutes. Also, customers can see the product’s rating, comments, likes, and shares, which helps them make decisions more quickly.

#5 – Build relationships with your customers

Social commerce helps you build relationships with your targeted customers by engaging in activities. You can ask for feedback, promote any product trial, and give them any bonus offer that builds relationships with your potential customers.

Social media is the most interactive way to connect with customers and build trust for your brand.

It’s not easy to build customers’ trust in your brand. However, social media shows live proofs like comments, likes, followers, and genuine feedback, allowing customers to build confidence in the brand and make purchase decisions.

These are five key benefits for businesses to use social commerce platforms.

How is social commerce different from ecommerce?

Social commerce and Ecommerce are two completely different concepts.

E-Commerce is an online shopping website that sells products like Amazon, Walmart, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc. Customers must purchase products at their mobile, PC/laptop websites.

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Social Commerce is a checkout platform that builds on social media itself where companies can directly promote their products on social media platforms. It means customers can now place orders via social media platforms without leaving social media because social commerce has a checkout system that makes it easier for customers to place orders.

Ecommerce comes with many website processes like searching for products, adding to a cart or wishlist, going to the checkout page, filling the complete address, and then making the payment to place orders.

Social Commerce skips the unnecessary steps and lets customers directly place orders for their selected product via social media, and social Commerce makes the customer’s journey smoother.

Now, you’ve got a clear idea about social commerce platforms, their benefits, and how you can grow your business by using social commerce platforms. It’s time to find the best social commerce platform for your business.

Top 10 Best Social Commerce Platforms (2024)

Here’s the list of the Top 10 Social Commerce Platforms. You can review, compare and find the best one for your business. Let’s see!

1. Instagram

Instagram Page

Instagram rolled out its fantastic feature, i.e., “Shoppable Posts.” This feature allows users to add & sell products by creating photos/videos and publishing on Instagram. This shopping platform of Instagram is popularly known as “Instagram Shop.”

Instagram has a significant advantage of its attractive and user-friendly interface that makes the customer’s shopping experience easier. With Instagram, businesses can display their products more effectively, surely liked by potential customers, and easily purchased.

Because Instagram has an “in-app checkout feature,” customers don’t need to leave Instagram to place orders. And that’s the most fantastic feature for those who are quick decision-makers. There are many ways that Instagram allows you to promote your products, like shopping tabs, story sections, and shoppable posts.

You can create a business profile on Instagram and add products, descriptions, and pricing to the Instagram shop section. Customers will get all the necessary details about the product to make a purchase decision.

With Instagram Shop, you can:

✅  Reach to the potential customers

✅  Display your products in the most effective way

✅  Promote your products via photos & videos

✅  Help customers to make a purchase decision faster

✅  Customers can shop without leaving Instagram

✅  Difference ways to promote your products

✅  Comes with a separate section of Product collection on page

2 Facebook

Facebook Social Commerce 

Facebook is the biggest, most powerful, and most popular social commerce platform. Many brands use Facebook Shop to promote their products to potential customers and grow their business.

As we all know, Facebook owns Instagram, and they both are integrated. So, you can set up your products on Facebook and promote them on Instagram.

Facebook Shop is more effective for businesses to promote their products because of its dedicated platform for customers shopping with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-buy process. Companies can build a customized Facebook store where customers can see your products, purchase them instantly and allow them to communicate with you via Instagram, messenger, Whatsapp chat widget.

One of the best features of Facebook, i.e., Livestream with a buying option so that customers can see the live stream and purchase directly.

With Facebook Shop, you can:

✅  Build an attractive customizable store

✅  Display products in an attractive and user-friendly way

✅  You can target your potential customers only

✅  Easy to purchase process

✅  Allow customers to communicate with sellers via Instagram, messenger and whatsapp

✅  You can manage Facebook and Instagram pages together

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3. Tiktok

Tiktok Social Commerce 

We’ve seen the trend and growth of TikTok are phenomenal. It started as a short video content creator platform, but now billions of people actively use TikTok.

Now, TikTok is shifting from a content creator platform to an ecommerce business. Where creators can create videos about reviewing any product and add product links to purchase it directly. I’m sure you’ve seen millions of influencers creating videos, reviewing & promoting products on TikTok.

TikTok has a “Shop Tab” section where businesses add product catalogs. Users can see unique products, and one click to purchase any product whenever they visit the profile.

TikTok allows business owners to promote their products in many ways, like TikTok Product tags, Live shopping, Ads, and showing catalogs to TikTok users.

The potential of the TikTok commerce business is vast, and many big companies like Shopify, Square, and Wix see the potential, so they’re collaborating with TikTok commerce.

With TikTok commerce, you can do:

✅ Build Appealing & attractive product catalogs

✅ Promote products on TikTok via multiple ways

✅ Allow users to purchase “one-click” buying process

✅ Create short videos to sell products

✅ Purchase products without leaving the platform

✅ TikTok is a One-stop Shop platform

4. TaggShop

TaggShop Social Commerce

Taggshop is another Popular social commerce platform where many people share their content and promote products to sell. It’s the best social shopping platform.

This platform is entirely social commerce-based because you can create shoppable Instagram feeds, shoppable posts, catalogs, and on-site looks that provide a fantastic experience to customers.

Taggshop is the best way to “Turn users’ content into sales” because you’ll get all the necessary features required to convert your content and promote your products as a business owner or creator.

Taggshop offers a complete customization editor with professional themes, styles, and designs to make your product gallery more attractive and engaging for customers to see your products and make purchase decisions faster.

On this platform, you’ll find videos promoting different products, and Taggshop provides easy-to-order features so that customers can take action instantly.

Taggshop makes the customer’s journey easier and smoother while shopping for products with a one-click process, user-friendly interface, responsive design, and fast performance.

With Taggshop, you can do:

✅  Build an attractive products gallery that makes more sales

✅  You can also sync products from Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.

✅  You can make shoppable galleries catalogs, posts, and videos

✅  Taggshop builds trust with customers reviews/ratings

✅  Customer-driven marketing to target potential customers

✅  User-friendly interface with High-performance

5. Amazon Live

Amazon Live

Amazon Live follows an entirely different approach to commerce business. Where businesses can create their content to promote products, you can promote your products by sharing all necessary details about them so that you can engage in entertaining and valuable live streaming to promote your products online on Amazon Live.

Amazon Live is mainly doing live streaming, so it’s more impactful for customers to get their attention and increase conversion. You can create a Shoppable live stream to promote your products on Amazon Live.

This way, you can build relationships with your customers and educate them more effectively about your products, benefits, and special offers. Also, Amazon Live provides many follow buttons so customers can engage, connect with brands for more details, or make purchase decisions.

Many giant companies promote their upcoming product launches on Amazon Live to build awareness of the brand value and gain customers’ attention. Big companies mainly use it to promote their launches effectively by live streaming.

With Amazon Live, you can do:

✅  Promote your products via live streaming

✅  You can create your own practical, informative, and engaging livestream

✅  Educate, entertain and engage your potential customers

✅  Increase brand value (real-time)

✅  Live streaming comes with a chat feature

✅  Mainly used by big brands

6. Pinterest

Pinterest Business Page

Pinterest is the most creative and content-oriented platform. Here, customers can see the product’s attractive images, videos, and gifs that make their purchases faster.

Pinterest is an eCommerce platform where companies can promote their products in many ways, like providing helpful content, images, videos, and attractive gifs that make customers’ purchase decisions faster.

The most significant unique point of Pinterest is “search most relatable suggestions,” where customers can click on the right below the Search icon and find the most relevant content of the product to get many beautiful suggestions.

On Pinterest, content is more important than the creator. There’s no need for any influencer on Pinterest because customers mainly focus on valuable content and great products. According to some facts, 77% of visitors find new brand products on Pinterest.

However, Pinterest does not come with its checkout platform. You’ll see a product image/video/gif with a “buy” button to redirect to their brand website. Still, thousands of brands use Pinterest to promote their products and get results.

Some of the best areas of Pinterest are interior design, fashion, health & fitness, where customers make purchase decisions.

With Pinterest, you can:

✅ Display products in images, videos & gif with a “Buy” button

✅ Pinterest comes with a relevant search option

✅ You can tag up to 25 products in a photo

✅ Makes customer’s purchase decisions faster

✅ You can also see insights and track results

7. WeChat

WalkTheChat Page

WeChat is the most popular social commerce platform in China. In the initial stage, WeChat was just a chatting platform, but after gaining so much popularity, China made this application social commerce to sell products. And now, it’s one of China’s most prominent social commerce platforms for online shopping. Around a 500million+ people are actively using WeChat for shopping purposes.

After this pandemic, the number of Chinese consumers increased rapidly, and WeChat is the best platform to order high-quality products online.

Also, many companies see the massive potential of WeChat and collaborate to list their products on WeChat. This is popularly known as the “WeChat mini program.” It’s the most trusted platform, and to make the purchase easier, WeChat offers a communication option where anyone can directly contact sellers on WeChat.

Many sell products like subscription-based posts, group promotions, referrals, and affiliate programs on WeChat.

With WeChat, you can:

✅  Promote Products to 500million+ active users in China

✅  Many ways to promote your products

✅  Direct communication with sellers

✅  Complete buying process without leaving WeChat

8. Snapchat


Snapchat has the most advanced and high-tech technology to sell products, i.e., “Augmented Reality.” Users can use brand products with filters and see how they look on them with a buy button to make purchase decisions faster.

Millions of people use Snapchat actively and use thousands of different filters to apply. Now Snapchat tries to showcase brand products like makeup kits, lipstick, clothes, sunglasses, etc., by using filters to use these filters and apply them. This is one of the best ways to experience products before shopping. Snapchat is mainly focused on “selling products via camera,” which creates a more fantastic shopping experience for users to make more sales.

Snapchat brings the shopping experience via camera, and this technology allows customers to make instant purchase decisions about products. Snapchat uses many eye-catching ways to promote brands and their products, like regular Snapchat lenses with CTAs and Snapchat AR product trials.

However, Snapchat doesn’t come with an in-built buying process for users, and they need to click on the “Buy” button and redirect to the brand website to purchase the product.

With Snapchat, you can:

✅ Sell products like sunglasses, makeup lipstick, shoes, and clothes via AR lenses

✅ Make an immediate purchase decision

✅ Most attractive way to promote products

9. WhatsApp Business


WhatsApp is the world’s biggest messaging platform worldwide. In 2021, WhatsApp came with advanced features for businesses to create their profile and add products/services to WhatsApp.

So that many small business owners can showcase their catalog on WhatsApp and promote their business more effectively. Millions of companies sell their products on WhatsApp because it’s the easiest way to promote and sell your products. Also, customers don’t need to leave WhatsApp for purchasing because WhatsApp has an in-built buying process that allows customers to make instant buying decisions.

WhatsApp offers an end-to-end shopping experience for its customers to buy products. Small companies make huge profits by using this commerce platform to list catalogs and promote their products to potential customers. This platform comes with all necessary payment gateways to make Instant payments.

With WhatsApp Business, you can:

✅ Create your store and list catalog

✅ Easy to share single & multiple products with the “pay now” button

✅ Whatsapp business offers instant payment with
all payment gateways

✅ Engaging notifications like a newsletter, relevant offers, and information alerts


10. Verint


Verint is a community-based social commerce platform that helps businesses promote their products in communities and increase sales.

Verint community is open and active for discussion Q&A to build trust and engagement with communities via forums. These forums are fully customized, modern, responsive, and easy to use.

Small business owners who want to promote their products in communities can consider this platform for their business.

With Verint, you can do:

✅ Promote your products in communities

✅ Build trust and engagement with communities directly

✅ Easy to promote your products via attractive and modern forums

Which social commerce platform is best for your business?

Social commerce is the future of selling products, and businesses understand the potential of selling products on social media platforms.

That’s why we’ve reviewed the Top 10 Best Social Commerce Platforms that help businesses to promote & sell their products online.

After reviewing, we’ve found that each platform has its features and uniqueness. So, you need to compare each platform and see which one is the best fit for your business.

We hope this article helps you find your business’s best social commerce platform. Drop your comment below and tell me which social commerce platform you like the most?

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