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14 Best Wix Apps To Improve Conversion Rate in 2024

If you’re an entrepreneur searching for best wix apps to improve the conversion rate in 2024

Using an app on your wix website can assist in increasing site views and converting that traffic into sales or customers.

Wix apps are designed to provide new functionality to your online store that isn’t available in the standard Wix edition.

Choosing the correct mix of applications will allow you to develop your website faster and tailor it to your particular requirements.

To help you understand this, we’ve selected 14 of the Best Wix apps for business websites to improve conversion rates.

Best Wix Apps for Your Website

1. WiserNotify


WiserNotify App | Wix AppMarket

WiserNotify can help you automate your sales and conversions. It converts each visitor’s activity into social proof notifications.

It assists you in forming trust by providing powerful social proof alerts such as sales pop-ups, feedback, and sign-ups.

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It offers more than 50 completely customizable widgets that help you tailor notifications to suit your theme.

To generate a bustling atmosphere on your website, use localized, configurable, real-time, mobile-friendly, stylish, and genuine alerts.

Display informative and promotional messages like discount offers, return conditions, shipping discounts, and more!

✓ Build trust & credibility with live visitor notifications

Show real-time purchase data to boost confidence

✓ Increase number of sign-ups with conversion notifications

✓ Show Facebook, Google & other platform reviews

✓ Show bookings into notifications

Make announcements of upcoming events

✓ Create urgency with timer widget and limited-time discounts

✓ Show of your social media following

✓ Add WhatsApp chat widget

It’s not only a wonderful solution to get readers interested, boost web traffic, and enhance SEO, but it’s really a fantastic approach to keep readers engaged.

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2. Kudobuzz


Kudobuzz App | Wix AppMarket

Kudobuzz leverages the potential of social proof to aid you in developing a good relationship, trust, and revenue.

Wix retailers of all sizes can use Kudobuzz Product Reviews to gather and display high-quality customer reviews quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, the app allows you to consolidate and display all existing social evaluations from Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, Etsy, and other sites on your website.

Kudobuzz searches the internet for genuine evaluations of your eCommerce items and displays them to the right of your website.

All Kudobuzz widgets and mail could be tailored to match your branding, logo, color, layout, language, and many other options.

Utilizing social reviews, visual advertising, customer engagement, and mobile marketing, you can expand your business, online visibility, and profitability with Kudobuzz.

Wix Apps To Customize Your Site’s Design

Does your store allow users to find the items they need with ease? People may search for something else if it’s difficult to spot just what they’re browsing for.

Consumers are willing to stay for a long time in your store and may order something as a result of this engagement if you use Site Search to assist them in finding products, services, blog entries, and other information.

You will indeed change the color and typography of the search function and place it at the bottom or banner.

The app has a free plan that offers thirty monthly searches and a premium plan that gives limitless searches.

Additionally, premium customers can enjoy regular site update synchronizations while user numbers get weekly synchronizations.

4. Wix Stores


Wix Stores App | Wix AppMarket

Wix Stores, owned by Wix, already have plenty of resources to provide your consumers with an excellent eCommerce experience.

Nearly 2 million eCommerce professionals have already utilized Wix Stores, showing the app’s popularity.

Wix Stores likewise makes it easy to handle orders, add shipping and payment alternatives, and keep accounting records and merchandise all in one spot.

There is no processing charge on orders, and Wix Stores includes a dashboard through which you can manage purchases, transactions, bills, and the full logistics cycle.

When a Wix update is released, the app is upgraded to ensure there are no problems or malfunctions.

You will enjoy safe checkout along with 24-hour customer service for any needs you may have.

Best Wix Analytics Apps

5. Visitor Analytics


Visitor Analytics App | Wix AppMarket

This app is Wix’s solution to Google Analytics, so it cannot be left off our roundup of the top Wix applications.

Visitor Analytics is a simple-
to-understand app that helps you to learn more about your visitors and even how they navigate your website.

This app links your Wix website with its advanced analytics system, allowing you to track visitors’ hits and generate leads.

This App links your Wix website with its advanced analytics system, allowing you to track visitors’ hits and generate leads. This app has dashboard consolidates several data sources into a single area.

You’ll find more than enough reasons to adopt Visitor Analytics on Wix with all its capabilities.

6. OSI Affiliate Software


Enhance your Wix store’s conversion rates with OSI Affiliate Software, a powerful app that leverages affiliate marketing. Discover how this innovative solution earns a spot in the “Best Wix Apps to Improve Conversions” list.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Setup: OSI Affiliate Software’s user-friendly interface allows for seamless integration with Wix, enabling quick program setup and commission structure customization.
  2. Accurate Tracking & Reporting: The software ensures precise referral tracking and provides insightful performance reports to help you optimize your marketing strategies.
  3. Social Media Promotion: Easily enable affiliates to share their unique referral links on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with OSI Affiliate Software’s pre-built sharing options.
  4. Comprehensive Affiliate Support: Offer your affiliates promotional resources and benefit from OSI Affiliate Software’s responsive support team to ensure mutual success.
  5. Scalability: Accommodating up to 10,000 affiliates, OSI Affiliate Software can grow with your business, offering flexible pricing plans to suit your needs.

OSI Affiliate Software is an indispensable tool for Wix store owners looking to improve conversions and revenue. Harness the power of affiliate marketing to drive targeted traffic and elevate your store’s performance. Try OSI Affiliate Software today!

Wix Apps To Increase Website Traffic

7. Site Booster


Site Booster App | Wix AppMarket

The basic goal of an eCommerce site is to generate traffic.

Yet, just because you have a website does not mean the right people are finding it.

Wix Site Booster uses advanced SEO strategies to let you rank better in search engines such as Google.

By taking a few easy actions, Site Booster assures that your company’s information is posted (and maintained) in places that matter, including major search engines and leading business directories.

This app also connects with web maps and reviews websites, Pinterest, and WhatsApp, allowing prospective buyers to locate your store’s address and other information.

Two listings are included in the free version; other popular listings are available for $6.99 monthly.

Wix App For visitor interaction

8. Tidio Live Chat


Tidio Live Chat App | Wix AppMarket

Tidio live chat is among the top chatbot and marketing optimization solutions available. Tidio Live Communication enables authentic chat on your online store.

Many website users value real-time chat, which may be used to deliver data required to seal a deal or gather potential leads.

You could send personalized automated messages to your customers with promotion codes and special offers using the Tidio live chat app whenever they arrive on your website.

The free edition allows you to have up to 3 live chat operators at a time, whereas the paid version allows you to have an infinite number of operators.

You may also personalize it to match your business’s identity.

9. Wix Chat


Wix Chat App | Wix AppMarket

Wix Chat is a platform-developed application that provides excellent options for anybody searching for a simple chat tool that integrates easily.

Wix Chat is a powerful application for most consumers or prospective customers.

On a mobile device, the Wix Chat app performs admirably.

You may effortlessly link your Gmail or G Suite accounts, save frequently used responses, and answer client inquiries with ease.

Additionally, with Wix chat, you can convert additional leads through lead capture forms.

You could even track and control existing and new chats directly from your Wix email.

It’s perfect if you want to give your customers the best possible service.

Wix Apps For Social Media Marketing

10. Social Media Stream


Social Media Stream App | Wix AppMarket

If you want to maintain a modern website with fresh stuff constantly pouring from your social networks, then Social Media Stream is for you.

It is critical to have a website linked to your social networks to keep your communication lines accessible, allowing visitors to move from here to there and share your information.

You may connect up to two social channels with the free tier.

However, with the premium subscription, you may include more posts and pick which ones to display and which ones to eliminate the Social Media Stream branding.

This app includes a social networking widget that is both completely customizable and responsive.

The Social Media Stream links to all of today’s leading social media sites, allowing brands to stay relevant and communicate with their customers.

11. Minta


Minta App | Wix AppMarket

Minta is a one-click solution for creating, planning, and publ
ishing videos and posts.

Minta streamlines the whole approach to developing and advertising content on social media by generating videos and photos from your shop’s product inventory in seconds.

This tool will assist you in developing a marketing strategy coupled with advanced and true social media techniques.

We understand how difficult, costly, and time-consuming it is to promote your items using video.

Minta will take care of the rest.

With a click of the mouse, you can generate premium quality video for any promotional strategy you may want, as well as make it simple to share your videos online and images on social media platforms.

12. Wix Blog – Wix App To Customize Blog


Wix Blog App | Wix AppMarket

It’s a must-have app for marketing strategy for SEO techniques and generating well-curated pieces to expound on your business, products, and services.

Use this app to build a decent blog that attracts your visitors and improves your online business’s SEO.

Wix Blog allows you to customize your blog by picking from pre-built themes, setting the color scheme typography, and uploading photos and videos.

It may help you gain exposure by adopting SEO strategies, gain trust, and realign your connection with your potential customers.

It allows you to add a blog to your current website effortlessly.

Including the Wix app or website, this app offers a customizable, responsive design and is accessible in over 30 different languages.

13. Wix Bookings – Wix App To Streamline Online Bookings


Wix Bookings App | Wix AppMarket

This app is likely to be a hit if you have a website that deals with events or course materials that need an online registration process.

With over 11 million organizations adopting Wix Bookings to interact with their customers, it’s the best option for organizing bookings, appointments, and more.

Service providers must provide a good online registration process.

You could also handle all of your calendars from a central dashboard, provide subscriptions and packages to increase customer trust, take safe physical and digital payments, and monitor all of your users at the same time!

It helps with performance tracking by providing thorough information on your expenditures, employee productivity, and customer attendance.

With online bookings available 24/7, you can keep your business open all the time. You can even send email timely reminders automatically.

14. 123 Form Builder & Payments – Wix App To Build Comprehensive Forms


123 Form Builder & Payments App | Wix AppMarket

It’s one of the top Wix applications available on the market. It includes pre-built layouts for a variety of uses, including online reservations, events, lead capture, payments, and much more.

It has a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to construct any type of form for your web application.

You may select from over 1900 templates and then personalize them using the drag-and-drop feature.

It also makes it easy to develop autoresponders, upload files, and build multiple-language forms.

It may be linked to payment services and used to gather automated payments, send customized verification messages, and set up reminders.


That’s all there is to it, guys! Our hand-picked selection of the best Wix Apps was indeed chosen for their excellent performance scores and positive customer comments.

What remains is for you to choose your favorite Wix Apps and optimize your website to give the appearance of being simply great!

Are there any Wix Apps that we didn’t mention? Is there anything, in particular, you’d want to learn more about? Drop a comment below! We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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