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Top 10 Best E-Commerce Site Builders in 2022

Top 10 Best E-commerce site builders to try in 2022

Are you looking for the Best E-commerce site builder?

If Yes, then your search ends here!

E-commerce stores are one of the best & fastest ways to promote your brand and sell your products digitally.

And if you want to sell your products online, then having an e-commerce store is a must for your business.

That’s why we’ve handpicked the Top 10 Best Ecommerce site builders that help you build a professional eCommerce store for your business without any coding.

We’ve done a complete review of the Top 10 Best E-commerce store builders with their features, uniqueness, and pricing plans so that you can compare and find the best one for your business.

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

What to consider while choosing the Best eCommerce site builder for your business?

There are so many ecommerce store builders available in the market. But which is the best fit builder for your business? For this, we’ve listed some key factors that you need to consider while choosing an ecommerce store builder for your business. Let’s see!

#1 Easy to Use

When you’re choosing a site builder to build an ecommerce store, make sure it’s easy to use for anyone from beginners to pros. Nowadays, most ecommerce store builders come with a drag and drop feature to build a beautiful ecommerce store in minutes.

There are also many beautiful pre-built templates available that you can easily pick and customize accordingly. If you’re a complete beginner and want to build an e-commerce store, choosing a drag and drop site builder with pre-built templates is the best match for your business.

#2 Full Customization

Customization is one of the most important factors you need to consider while choosing a store builder. Because a store builder helps you build an ecommerce store to per your look and feel. For this, make sure that the store builder comes with full customization options.

#3 Premium Templates

If you’re a complete beginner and don’t know how to build an ecommerce store, then templates can help you. There are millions of premium e-commerce store templates available in different categories so that you can pick any template that matches your requirements and customize it as per your requirements.

So when you’re choosing a store builder, make sure you’ll get tons of beautiful templates options to customize.

#4 Third-party platforms Integration

If you want to build a brand, third-party integration considers the most important role to choose an ecommerce store builder. When you have an ecommerce store builder that supports third-party platforms, you can integrate with many useful platforms like Wisernotify, payment gateways, email marketing softwares, automations tools and many more platforms.

Third-party integration is necessary to expand your business with so many powerful features. Just like using Wisernotify, you can boost your sales and increase revenue.

#5 Pricing

There are so many premium e-commerce store builders available in the market, but you need to pick based on your budget. But don’t worry because we’ve listed budget-friendly ecommerce builders with advanced features. You can simply choose an e-commerce builder based on your work requirements.

These are five key factors that you need to consider while choosing the best e-commerce site builder for your business.

Top 10 Best Ecommerce site builders (2022)

#1 BigCommerce

BigCommerce Landing Page

BigCommerce is an all-in-one solution for e-commerce business and it’s the most reputable, trusted and popular e-commerce store builder. Many giant companies use this platform for their businesses including Fitbit, Skullcandy, Nikon, Toyota and Gillette.

BigCommerce is not only used for building e-commerce stores; you can do many other valuable things by using this platform like customer management, bulk pricing, payment gateways, orders & inventory management, boost sales, etc.

With its drag and drop feature, you can quickly build a professional ecommerce store as per your look and feel. It’s a complete package of everything you need to build & run a profitable ecommerce store.

BigCommerce helps you promote and sell your products to all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, eBay, Amazon etc., and boost sales.

If you’re serious about establishing your e-commerce business, then BigCommerce can help you in all aspects. To build, run and grow your profitable e-commerce store.

Key Features of BigCommerce

✅ It’s a drag and drop store builder

✅ Allows third-party platform integration

✅ E-commerce store management dashboard

✅ Priority call support 24/7

✅ Help you to boost your sales

✅ SEO-friendly

✅ Highly-secured platform

✅ All-in-one e-commerce store solution

Pricing Plans

BigCommerce offers three plans:

  • Standard Plan that costs $29.95/month
  • Plus Plan that costs $79.95/month
  • Pro Plan that costs $299.95/month

You can start with its 15-days Free Trial (No credit card required).

Best Suitable For “Startups, Business owners and Agencies”.

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#2 Shopify

Shopify Landing Page

Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform and millions of people are actively using this platform.

If you want to build an e-commerce store in minutes without putting extra effort, then surely shopify is the perfect match for your business. Shopify provides everything prebuilt for your e-commerce store like prebuilt 75+ beautiful templates, easy product listing and offers 100+ payment gateways integration that makes this platform easy to use for anyone.

With Shopify, it’s really simple for anyone to build an ecommerce store because most of the things are already placed, and you can drag and drop the elements you want in your store. Also, you’ll get 75+ premium templates in different categories, and you can simply pick a template, do customization and build your store in minutes.

It’s a complete kit for those who want to build & run a profitable ecommerce store because Shopify offers web hosting, email marketing, SEO tools, mobile-optimized store and inbuilt analysis features.

Shopify provides 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat and email. If you’ve any doubt or technical issues, Shopify support will solve y
our issue in a few minutes.

Its interface is user-friendly and easy to use. So if you’re a beginner and want to start your ecommerce store, then surely Shopify is one of the best choices for your business.

Key Features of Shopify

✅ Easy to use interface

✅ Comes with drag and drop store builder

✅ Allows third-party platform integration

✅ Beginner-friendly platform

✅ 75+ premium ecommerce templates

✅ High priority support 24/7

✅ SEO optimized platform

✅ Comes with Shopify apps

✅ Unlimited web hosting & bandwidth

✅ You can list unlimited products

Pricing Plans

Shopify offers three paid plans:

  • Basic Plan that costs $29/month
  • Shopify Plan that costs $79/month
  • Advanced Plan that costs $299/month

You can start with its 14-days Free Trial.

Best Suitable For “Beginners and Professionals”

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#3 Wix eCommerce

Wix is another most popular website builder, and now they’re experts in building e-commerce stores in minutes.

Wix Landing Page

Wix is a complete beginner-friendly platform, and you can simply use drag and drop features to design an ecommerce store as you want.

Wix eCommerce is a complete solution for beginners who want to start their e-commerce business without having any technical knowledge. Because WixeCommerce provides a drag and drop store builder, accessible product listing, allows third-party integrations, payment gateways and handling shipping methods.

Wix eCommerce offers hundreds of beautiful ecommerce templates in different categories so that you can find the best match template for your store and customize accordingly.

It comes with a user-friendly interface, easy to edit options, one-click integration and pre-built templates that make WixeCommerce the best fit for your business.

You’ll get all the necessary features to build & run an e-commerce store.

Key Features of WixeCommerce

✅ Built ecommerce store in minutes

✅ Comes with drag and drop store builder

✅ Hundreds of premium templates

✅ Allows third-party platform integration

✅ Unlimited bandwidth & storage

✅ Unlimited products listing

✅ Affordable plans

✅ Beginner-friendly

✅ User-friendly interface

Pricing Plans

Wix eCommerce offers three plans:

  • Business Basic plan that costs $23/month
  • Business Unlimited plan that costs $27/month
  • Business VIP plan that costs $49/month

It comes with a 14-days Money-back Guarantee.

Best Suitable For, “Beginners, developers and Professionals

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#4 Squarespace

Squarespace is designed explicitly for those who want to sell products & subscriptions online.

Squarespace Landing Page

It’s another drag and drop store builder that you can use to build e-commerce stores as you want. But this platform is mainly used for selling digital products, subscriptions and a couple of items. So, if you’re planning to do dropshipping or want to establish a brand, then you can consider some other alternatives we’ve listed.

Squarespace mainly builds a beautiful store that can quickly sell products & subscriptions.

It’s an easy-to-use platform with hundreds of beautiful templates in different categories that helps you to build stores faster and better.

Squarespace comes with many valuable features like pop-up notifications, gift cards, SEO optimization, separate customer accounts, and 24/7 priority support that helps you level up your business.

Key Features of Squarespace

✅ Easy to build an e-commerce store

✅ Hundreds of beautiful templates

✅ Unlimited bandwidth & storage

✅ SEO-friendly platform

✅ 24/7 priority customers support

✅ Sell products & subscriptions

✅ Easy to manage dashboard

✅ Help you to increase sales

Pricing Plans

Squarespace offers four paid plans:

  • Personal Plan that costs $14/month
  • Business Plan that costs $23/month
  • Basic Commerce Plan that costs $27/month
  • Advanced Commerce Plan that costs $49/month

It comes with 14-days Free Trial.

Best Suitable For “Beginners & Small business owners”.

#5 Weebly

Weebly Landing Page

Weebly is the simplest and easiest ecommerce store builder. With this platform, you can build a clean, organized and eye-catching store for your business.

Weebly is mainly used by local businesses like restaurants, cafeterias, mart, retailers and small business owners to showcase their products digitally.

If you want to set up a quick e-commerce store for your business, then Weebly will help you build in minutes. It allows third-party integrations so that you can enhance the performance of your store.

Weebly follows a three-step process, i.e., build your store, list your products and promote/sell them to the customers. This platform enhances the beauty of your brand and showcases your products more effectively.

It’s an easy-to-use platform, and anyone can use this tool to build a mobile responsive e-commerce store with its drag and drop feature, no coding required.

Weebly can also help you automate the sales system, integrate secured payment gateways, custom coupons, site analysis, shipping system, and manage your orders/inventory.

Key Features of Weebly

✅ Easy to build an e-commerce store

✅ Mobile responsive templates

✅ unlimited data transfer

✅ Comes with drag and drop builder

✅ SEO optimization

✅ Complete store management

✅ Top-Tier uptime

✅ Allows third-party integration

Pricing Plans

Weebly offers four plans:

  • Free Plan with basic features
  • Connect Plan that costs $5/month
  • Pro Plan that costs $12/month
  • Business Plan that costs $25/month

Best Suitable For “Local business, sellers &
small business owners”.

#6 Zyro

ZyroLanding Page

Zyro is the most affordable, popular and beginner-friendly platform. It’s a drag and drop store builder that helps you build professional e-commerce websites.

Zyro offers a real-time feature so that you can see the changes you’ve done on your store in real-time. Zyro offers full customization features that you can use to create a store as you want.

It allows third-party integrations with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon etc.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to build an ecommerce store, then you can consider Zyro premium templates and pick the best one for your business.

Zyro has one unique feature that stands out from the others, i.e., Artificial Intelligence tools that help you to set up your ecommerce store more Professionally

  • Business name generator
  • Slogan generator
  • Logo maker
  • AI content generator
  • AI heatmap

These are helpful AI tools that you can use in your e-commerce business to make it more professional.

Key Features of Zyro

✅ Easy to build an e-commerce store

✅ Comes with drag and drop feature

✅ AI-powered tools like name generator/ logo maker

✅ Unlimited storage & bandwidth

✅ Mobile responsive templates

✅ Amazing support 24/7

✅ User-friendly interface

Pricing Plans

Zyro offers four premium plans:

  • Website Plan that costs $3.99/month
  • Business Plan that costs $6.89/month
  • Online Store that costs $12.49/month
  • Advanced Store that costs $22.29/month

It comes with 30-days Money-back Guarantee.

Best Suitable For “business owners, developers and Professionals”.

#7 WooCommerce

Millions of WordPress users use the WooCommerce platform to build their e-commerce store.

WooCommerce Landing Page

WooCommerce is an open platform, and you can do customization without any limitations because you’ll get tons of unique features, thousands of premium ecommerce templates and powerful automation plugins that you can use to establish a powerful e-commerce website.

With WooCommerce, you can do almost anything you need to run a profitable e-commerce business.

In WooCommerce, you’ll get:

  • Orders/Inventory management
  • Tax management
  • Allows third-party integrations
  • Payment gateways integration
  • Shipping system
  • Automation tools
  • SEO-friendly platform
  • Premium themes & plugins
  • Many more…

It’s a powerful platform and has all the powerful features required to build a professional e-commerce store. There’s no limit to the WooCommerce platform, and millions of people are using it to run their e-commerce store.

Anyone can use this tool from beginners to advanced and build a professional ecommerce store as per look & feel.

Key Features of WooCommerce

✅ It’s easy to use platform

✅ Comes with drag and drop builder

✅ Allows third-party integrations

✅ Thousands of useful themes & plugins

✅ SEO-friendly Platform

✅ You can do limitless customization

✅ Complete store management dashboard

Pricing Plans

WooCommerce is a free platform for WordPress users. But you need to spend on premium themes, plugins, and tools per your e-commerce store requirements.

Best Suitable For “Business Owners, Professionals and Enterprise level”.

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#8 Shift4Shop (formerly 3DCart)

Shift4Shop is a unique platform that helps you build e-commerce stores and mobile applications for your business.

Shift4Shop(3DCart) Landing Page

So if you’re planning to take your small business to another level, then surely this platform will help you expand your business with a beautiful ecommerce store and its mobile application.

Shift4Shop is popularly known as “3DCart” and has many valuable features that make this platform useful.

There are thousands of premium e-commerce templates available with full customization so that you can pick the best template, customize it as per your requirements and start running.

Shift4Shop helps you to set up your business online with all requirements like a beautiful e-commerce store, mobile application, third-party integrations, shipping, payment gateways and coupon codes feature.

It’s a complete solution for e-commerce businesses, easy to use, and anyone can create an ecommerce store and application by using this platform. You can simply pick a premium theme, customize it accordingly and launch your e-commerce store.

Key Features of Shift4Shop

✅ You can build an e-commerce store & app

✅ Comes with drag and drop feature

✅ Easy to use interface

✅ Allows third-party integrations

✅ High support 24/7

✅ Zero transaction fees

✅ Beautiful ecommerce templates

✅ Complete store management

Pricing Plans

Shift4Shop offers four plans:

  • Basic Store that costs $29/month
  • Plus Store that costs $79/month
  • Prop Store that costs $229/month
  • End-to-end E-commerce Plan is free to use

Best Suitable For “Business owners and professionals”.

#9 Square Online

Square Online Landing Page

Square online is the best combination of the website builder and sales software. This platform helps you build a helpful e-commerce store and sales system to boost your sales.

It’s one of the easiest builders that allows you to build an e-commerce store in minutes. And it supports POS systems so that you can see the real-time inventory stock.

This platform also helps you manage Shipping, sales tax and orders/inventory management. It’s a drag-and-drop page builder, so you don’t need coding to build a beautiful e-commerce store.

Along with page builders, Square online also has useful features like SEO tools, third-party integration a
nd complete store management. With Square Online, you can quickly build e-commerce stores, list products, sell them, and manage stores.

Key Features of Square Online

✅ Easy to use store builder

✅ Complete store tracking & analysis dashboard

✅ Mobile responsive stores

✅ Easily manage orders/ inventory/ shipping

✅ Allow third-party integration

✅ Payment gateways integration

✅ SEO-friendly platform

Pricing Plans

Square Online offers four plans:

  • Free Plan with basic features
  • Professional Plan that costs $12/month
  • Performance Plan that costs $26/mont
  • Premium Plan that costs $72/month

Best Suitable For “Businesses & Professionals”

#10 Volusion

Volusion Landing Page

Volusion is the best ecommerce site builder for brands and companies.

It’s one of the most trusted, popular and valuable platforms that helps you build eye-catching e-commerce stores for your business.

With Volusion, you can easily create ecommerce stores, product pages, and checkout pages. Also, you’ll get 30+ payment gateways options to integrate with your store.

You can list unlimited products in your store and sell them digitally. Volusion has one unique feature, “suggested products,” that showcase your customer’s best products to increase sales.

Volusion offers 45+ premium e-commerce templates in different categories so that you can pick the best one and customize it accordingly.

Key Features of Volusion

✅ Easy to use platform

✅ 45+ premium responsive templates

✅ Comes with drag and drop feature

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Zero transaction fees

✅ You’ll get recurring pricing options for subscription products

Pricing Plans

Volusion offers four plans:

  • Personal Plan that costs $29/month
  • Professional Plan that costs $79/month
  • Business Plan that costs $299/month
  • Prime Plan (You can ask for a quote)

It also offers 14-days Free Trial (No credit card required).

Best Suitable For “small businesses”

Benefits of using an E-commerce store builder

If you’re planning to start your e-commerce business, then using an e-commerce store builder can be beneficial in many ways. Let’s see!

  • It costs lower set-up and running costs.
  • You can build without coding.
  • You can easily access the complete store from one platform.
  • It’s scalable and flexible.
  • Hundreds of payment gateways integration
  • High-profit margins
  • Save time & money effectively.
  • Increase sales
  • Beginner-friendly platform
  • Low maintenance cost

And many more benefits of using e-commerce store builders for your business.

Which one is best for your business?

To build a powerful ecommerce website, you need a best ecommerce site builder, and that’s why we’ve reviewed the Top 10 best ecommerce website builders with their features, uniqueness and pricing plans.

Each ecommerce store builder comes with its uniqueness, so it’s completely dependent on your business. I suggest you consider the key factor we’ve discussed above and pick the best eCommerce website builder.

We hope this article helps you find the Best e-commerce site builders 2022 for your business. Drop your comment and let me know which store builder you like the most?

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