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12 Free Shopify Apps 2024 Use to Elevate Ecommerce Store

Want to know what it takes for an eCommerce store to flourish in today’s digital marketplace?

Simply put, a solid aesthetic appearance accentuates your product range and quick and easy components that make the buying process enjoyable and hassle-free.

Shopify makes it simple to sell stuff online and delivers almost everything online shops require to succeed.

If you’re looking for an approach to boost your conversion & sales and the store’s success, the top free Shopify applications are a good starting point.

You may find it hard to explore the massive app store and evaluate around 6,000 applications to discover the best options for your web store.

However, we’ve filtered the diamond from the trash to uncover the 12 top free Shopify apps for you.

They are cost-effective options for increasing your prospects or conversion without spending a single penny.

12 Shopify Apps to Try Right Now

Free Shopify applications are the way to go if you’re on a limited budget and don’t intend to pay extra on marketing. Now, look at some of the best free Shopify applications for your online business.

Shopify Apps For SEO

Discover the top Shopify SEO applications for your online business here. These Shopify apps can aid you in managing all your SEO needs to rank higher in search engines.

Plugin SEO

Although advertising can help you make money, you’d also prefer to increase organic traffic to your store.  A higher ranking in a search engine can get you more visitors and increase total revenues for your website.

This SEO plugin assists in the optimization of your web pages by suggesting improvements.

You may use this tool to boost your domain’s rankings by implementing Google’s best SEO strategies on your website.

You may execute all of the on-page SEO actions, such as adding meta tags, graphic alt text, fixing broken links, integrating the search console, and so on, to make your post and page SEO-friendly.

It also verifies page headers, content quality, site speed, post design, etc. Receive regular SEO scan reports and correct errors with this easy-to-use app.

This is one of the top free Shopify SEO applications, with over 2,500 4.7-star ratings.

SEO: Image Optimizer

SEO Suite & Image Optimizer is a one-stop shop for business owners who want to adopt SEO methods quickly. The software includes several essential elements that are optimized for a Shopify site.

With a distinctive strategy, this tool could allow you to expand your website’s search engine rating. SEO takes longer to show results than advertising strategies.

Meanwhile, obtaining long-term exposure is a less expensive and more profitable option. Installing and getting things up and going is a breeze.

As many retailers are unaware that customers search for and discover things using Google Images, you have a significant edge.

The SEO Optimizer Shopify application automatically adds alt image tags to your pictures and videos.

This app also delivers a detailed analysis showing which goods have SEO concerns, your SEO rating, and your site speed.

This enables you to detect and correct issues in real time.

Shopify Apps for Marketing

These top Shopify marketing applications cover everything from providing the finest customer experience and engagement to SEO optimization.


Growave is a one-stop marketing tool that assists Shopify merchants in reaching, engaging, and converting their consumers.

It provides eCommerce solutions such as reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, social login, Instagram galleries, and more to help you focus on your audience.

Growave may also be used to offer social proof to your online shop. Customers may ask questions about your products and offer feedback on their purchases.

Display this consumer material on your website and other online channels to aid in the conversion of visitors.

Furthermore, since social media networks are a great conversion strategy, putting shoppable portfolios on your pages will aid you in increasing your income in ways you can’t even imagine.


When you’ve already created your online store, the following challenge is to increase the number of visitors to it.

Online marketing is a prominent method for accomplishing this. Kit, powered by artificial intelligence, can assist you in identifying new consumers on Facebook and Instagram and give them personalized messaging and deals at the right moment.

Furthermore, the tool can develop remarketing programs for you on Facebook and Instagram, ensuring that your prospects and customers see the advertising of your goods.

Kit examines your goods, visits, and consumers to generate intelligent marketing suggestions.

Shopify Apps For Social Proof

The following are the top social proof applications for Shopify shops —

WiserNotify Social Proof Popup

Consider WiserNotify if you’re seeking an excellent social proof tool for your web store.

It is a fabulous tool that shows various notifications to enhance your brand’s reputation and conversions.

This app will display actual store traffic in front of your visitor’s gaze to create the illusion of a busy store.

The visitor’s focus will be drawn to this, and they will realize that they are losing out on an exciting thing in the hands of others.

As a result, they will be pushed to make a purchasing choice as soon as possible, and it will skyrocket your sales.

Furthermore, this app will allow you to choose from 50+ attractive pop-up layouts that support 30 languages and allow easy customization.

Install Shopify App in a single click and start increasing your sales.

WiserNotify CTA Image
Accelerate Shopify Growth with Social Proof

Add notifications that convert visitors into customers.

Sales Pop up

Beeketing’s Sales Pop Notification app is a potent tool for increasing sales by presenting recent notifications in real-time.

This Shopify software allows you to show that your website is a live online shopping mall.

It displays to viewers to your business which things have recently been ordered by someone else.

This contributes to developing trust, creating urgency, and improving conversions on your website.

You could pick a notification display layout that perfectly aligns with the look of your project.

The software has a lot of capabilities.

Furthermore, a notification pop-up with complete information about the orders will appear when a particular time elapses after a purchase is made.

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Email Marketing Shopify Apps

These apps provide you with the resources you need to design email campaigns that boost Shopify sales.


This is amongst the most prominent email marketing apps on the Shopify shop. It offers simple marketing solutions for your Shopify business that are meant to enhance sales while saving your time.

Omnisend allows you to build pre-built processes that execute automatically.

It just takes a few minutes to utilize it with the existing Shopify store. This app assists online merchants in sending the right message to their consumers, whether it’s an email subscription pop-up with a tempting offer or a cart abandonment SMS to recoup lost revenue.

It also allows for simple conversion from MailChimp.

Omnisend is a must-try for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to take their email business to new heights.


Klaviyo is mainly designed for eCommerce marketing, making it an excellent fit for Shopify store owners.

Klaviyo provides an email campaign platform for developing your business and evaluating the data generated by your endeavors. Klaviyo is among the most powerful marketing solutions for Shopify enterprises, with a 4.2-star review in the Shopify app store.

In addition, eCommerce shops moving to Klaviyo realize an average 67x boost in ROI—genuine expansion generated by business-owned and managed channels.

Furthermore, by utilizing Klaviyo, you could make your life smoother by receiving better product selections.

The best part about Klaviyo is that you can set it up with just a few clicks.

Referral Marketing Shopify Apps

Attracting new consumers is difficult and expensive. However, you may gain and retain customers by establishing a referral program.

By implementing a referral program, you may quickly earn and retain clients.

Buyers will be rewarded with points in this excellent Shopify app.

Additionally, you may run a loyalty program on your E-commerce store to attract more loyal clients, increasing your revenue through repurchasing.

It also causes a significant spike in sales for your eCommerce websites.

You can also craft a message focusing on your company’s value, personalize it with a picture, and share it with them so that your consumers can convey it to anyone else.

Bloop referral & rewards

Bloop Referral, which also has a flawless score, pushes its competition on its toes with its rewards feature.

The UI is straightforward to use and has all of the essential features needed from a quality Shopify referral software package.

BLoop Referrals & Rewards is one of the fastest-growing loyalty, rewards, and referral apps. BLoop now focuses on referrals and affiliated marketing tools.

You may use sales-hook prizes to incentivize marketers and refer friends, keeping them hooked and producing myriad leads.

You may create connections, host a pop-up and widget, and start your referral program with BLoop.

With discounts and statistics, it may be customized to your brand’s design and assets.

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Shopify Apps for Dropshipping


Spocket is one of the top Shopify free applications that enables dropshipping suppliers from the United States, Canada, and Australia and assists vendors in earning more significant revenue with our heavily reduced items.

Spocket allows you to access hundreds or thousands of goods with over 20,000 vendors worldwide.

This software allows business owners to provide their consumers with single-click purchasing alternatives, complete with order fulfillment, shipment tracking, and more.

Any Shopify seller may identify suppliers with local locations near your store’s clients.

Spocket now has a print-on-demand selection as well.


Printful can let you set up a Shopify business without stocking your inventory.

Printful is among the most straightforward solutions for entrepreneurs to create a Shopify site that is ideal for providing custom-designed items.

Orders placed on your e-commerce store will be integrated into Printful instantly.

Printful connects smoothly with your online store.

It’s free to use, and customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While a consumer makes a purchase, it is instantly forwarded to Printful, who will print the product with your layout and dispatch it to your buyer.

During certain situations, Printful will even provide complimentary samples and delivery.

A Checklist to Choose the Right Shopify App

Use this checklist to help you choose the suitable Shopify applications while analyzing possible apps:

Define your requirements.

The focus element of each business is different. Whereas one may wish to improve credibility, another will seek to promote consumer loyalty.

First, be sure about your requirements by concentrating on your business challenges.

Is it necessary to write custom code?

So, if you’re uncomfortable with coding, look for applications that don’t require backend scripting for customization, such as fonts or colors.

What support can you get from the app?

The best applications will offer frequent updates and a support team that is easy to contact if something occurs.

Is your app compatible with other apps?

Your app should be capable of interacting with your existing marketing software stack.

Analyze your app

When evaluating a Shopify app, explore user-friendliness, cost, and functionalities. Some apps provide a free plan, although many provide demos. Browse their website evaluations to ensure the premium plan is worthwhile.

Final Words

The free Shopify app could let you add new functions to your Shopify business, which might improve the customer experience and increase conversions.

However, consider your expectations and objectives before selecting the best application for your organization.

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