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9 Best Call To Action (CTA) Tools to Help Raise Conversions

Having compelling content on your web page, landing pages, social media posts, blog posts, and online ads will not simply help you increase sales and conversion rates and achieve your business goals.

It can grab visitors’ attention and build curiosity.

Effective call-to-action phrases can be a game-changer in converting more visitors into leads and customers.

A call to action is a word and phrase that helps increase conversions and influence target audiences to take action.

And that’s where call-to-action tools exist to help you create and optimize CTAs that drive more conversions and engagement.

They offer pre-designed templates, various customization options, and A/B testing functionality to make your CTAs effective and target-driven conversions.

If you don’t have access to the call-to-action generator, here is a list of CTA tools to create compelling words and phrases.

9 Best Call To Action Tools to Increase Conversions

Be it a blog post, website content, landing page, or social media post, you can create CTAs for pretty much anything using AI Discover the top 9 Call to Action (CTA) tools designed to boost your website’s conversions.

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From personalized buttons to dynamic pop-ups, these tools offer innovative solutions to engage visitors and drive them to make a decision. They enhance user interaction and significantly increase conversion rates for your online business.

Here are 9 CTA tools to help you drive more sales and click-through rates.

1. Copy.Ai offers a free website call-to-action generator to craft compelling calls-to-action phrases to attract readers.

You can effortlessly create effective calls to action to boost conversions and generate customized CTAs to grab attention and influence them to take action.

Simply enter website or product descriptions, and the tool will automatically generate customized CTAs that connect with your audience.

Generate high-converting ctas in minutes for your clickable buttons, banner ads, or embedded links without experience.

2. Frase


Frase offers a free AI-driven call-to-action generator to create compelling calls to action for your website and blog content.

The easy-to-use CTA generator crafts the perfect call to action; you input the name of your product or service, generate 17 call-to-action statements, and copy-paste them into your document.

The tool generates personalized CTA suggestions to engage readers and drive conversions to improve click-through rates.

3. Writer Sonic

Writer Sonic
Writer Sonic

Writer Sonic is a free AI-powered call-to-action generator that generates click-worthy CTAs up to 10 times daily.

Create CTAs that influence users to take action, whether on landing pages, emails, ads, sales letters, or the website’s home page.

It creates actionable CTAs that allow the target audience to take a specific action in seconds.

It’s simple to use: enter a description of your product/service, select a language, and generate CTAs in seconds.

4. Neural Text

Neural Text
Neural Text

Neural Text offers a free CTA generator that crafts convincing CTAs, encouraging audiences to take specific action.

You can easily customize CTA text for your marketing campaigns and make it resonate with your audiences.

You just need to input the brand name and product descriptions; the tool generates an effective call to action that can be used in various marketing campaigns.

You can easily pick the generated CTA, copy, or press generate to get more ideas.

5. Rytr


Rytr creates compelling CTA copies within a few seconds, helping enhance the impact of your marketing efforts.

Using AIDA and PAS models, Rytr provides high-quality content and CTA that emotionally triggers the audience to act.

The Rytr has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization, and you can use it in your marketing campaigns.

You just need 4 steps to generate effective CTAs – select language, select tone, choose case, and add a description to generate accurate CTAs.

6. Hubspot Calls to Action tool

Hubspot Calls to Action tool
Hubspot Calls to Action tool

Hubspot’s free CTA tool creates personalized and optimized CTA copies that drive target audiences to specific pages by triggering emotions and urgency.

The user-friendly tool doesn’t require any experience or a designer to craft CTA buttons or CTA pop-ups.

Once the tool generates CTAs, you can add them to webpages, landing pages, blog articles, or emails and do an A/B test to analyze your CTA’s performance.

7. Wish Pond

Wish Pond
Wish Pond

With over 20 templates and an easy drag-and-drop builder, Wishpond helps you generate CTA for your content and landing pages without coding.

Further, the A/B or multivariate testing allows you to test different versions of CTA and choose the best call to action that improves conversion rate and influences visitors to take action.

In addition, Wish Pond integrates with 40 different tools that simplify your task.

You can also track CTA reports and use marketing automation tools to segment users and increase sales.

8. Wordkraft


Wordkraft is a free tool for generating a call to action that encourages a reader to take desired actions, for example, buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or participating in an event.

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To use WordKraft, login, write about the product name, description, and audience, select the properties, and click “Generate Content.”

You can add CTAs to social media posts, web pages, product pages, and marketing campaigns to generate more leads and encourage visitors to take the desired action.

9. Scalenut


Scalenut is another free call-to-action generator that crafts compelling CTAs to boost website conversions and encourage readers to act, purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or download an app.

Using Scalenut’s call-to-action generator requires simple steps: add a brand name, brand descriptions, the intention of the CTA, and a customer persona to generate a list of CTAs tailored to your needs and speak directly with the website visitors.

Selecting the Right Call to Action Tool

The right call to action tool can help you craft an effective and engaging CTA that increases click-through rate and sales for your business.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a CTA tool:

Ease to Use: Make sure the tool is user-friendly, simple to use, and has steps to generate effective CTAs.

Customization: Ensure the tool offers customization options for tone, description, call-to-action buttons, company details, etc. Then, ensure the crafted CTA aligns with your branding and goals.

Features: To find the best CTAs, look for a CTA tool that offers features such as A/B testing, customizable templates, integrations, drag-and-drop options, and analytic platforms.

Analytics and Reporting: The tool should provide robust analytics and reporting capabilities to track CTA performance on different platforms and channels.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with CTA

A call to action makes the potential customers take the next step.

But when you implement a CTA, avoiding these mistakes is crucial to improving the conversion rate and providing clear actions to your customers:

Overusing CTAs can overwhelm your audiences and reduce their effectiveness.

Overlooking the placement of CTA within your content or statement can impact effectiveness and conversion rates.

It’s crucial to consider the place of the CTA seamlessly with the content without disturbing the flow.

A generic CTA lacks personalization or fails to influence the audience to act.

It uses overused or irrelevant phrases that do not communicate with or motivate customers.

If your CTA is not mobile-friendly, it might lead to low conversion rates and poor user experience.

Here are examples of mobile CTAs for your reference.

Ensure the CTA on your website, landing page, and other marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile.

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Call to Action: Elevate Your E-commerce Strategy Today

Call to action CTA are crucial elements guiding audiences toward taking the desired action, such as purchasing, signing up for the newsletter, or filling out a contact form.

It provides clear guidance to users, improving clarity and creating a sense of urgency and scarcity.

Consider the design and implementation of CTAs, using contrasting colors and fonts to catch users’ attention.

Place them strategically to increase the chances of converting visitors into paying customers.

Further, implementing CTA tools makes the process of creating and generating CTAs for your content, blog, social media posts, ads, and other marketing campaigns to influence the target audience and generate leads.

The best CTA tool for your business offers unique features and capabilities that meet your needs.


CTA tools are essential for businesses looking to increase sales and conversion rates.

They generate powerful and effective CTAs that direct visitors to take specific actions, such as filling out forms, purchasing a product, or visiting a landing page.

Moreover, certain CTA tools have features to capture customer data and analytic reports for the CTA, helping businesses build personalized marketing campaigns and further increasing chances of conversion.

By optimizing the design, placement, and messaging of CTA buttons, businesses can direct visitors to act and explore more.

This helps reduce the bounce rate by making visitors stay longer and providing a positive experience.

CTA tools offer numerous features, including designing, A/B testing, data collection, and valuable insights through reporting and analytics.

These features benefit businesses by driving customer engagement, enhancing marketing efforts, facilitating lead generation and data collection, and improving customer experience.

Are you Leveraging CTA tools to drive growth for your business?

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