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10 Tools to Increase Magento 2 Store sales
Tools to Increase Magento 2 Store sales

10 Tools to Increase Magento 2 Store sales

The goal of any online store owner or manager is to drive more sales or increase Magento 2 store sales by adding tools that will increase the shopping experience and increase overall conversions. In this article, we will be going over ten tools that you can use to help increase Magento 2 store sales without you having to put much work into it.


Magento 2 stores are booming, with plenty of opportunities to increase sales. These tools are highly effective in bringing more traffic and improving your Magento 2 store's search engine optimization (SEO). To help you out, we've compiled this list of the ten best tools to increase Magento 2 store sales and improve your marketing strategies on the platform. Check them out below!

  1. WiserNotify: Magento 2 Social Proof Tool
  2. OptinMonster: Best Conversion Optimization Toolkit
  3. Abandoned Cart Email: Top Win Back Extension
  4. Custom Contact Forms: Top Magento 2 Form Extension
  5. Magento 2 Google Analytics Extension
  6. Magento 2 Shipping Calculator
  7. Magento 2 Search and Discovery by Algolia
  8. Magento 2 SMS Notification
  9. AdRoll - Advertising Platform
  10. Cross-Sell / Upsell Products for Magento 2

Once you integrate these tools into your Magento 2 store, you should start seeing an increase in your overall sales within just a few weeks!

WiserNotify: Magento 2 Social Proof Extension

We believe it's an essential addition for any store looking to increase their sales with the power of social proof.

To increase Magento 2 store sales, WiserNotify is the Best Social Proof & FOMO Extension. You can Increase Conversion Rates by using Social Proof for eCommerce Magento 2 stores with WiserNotify.

  • Add social proof to your Magento website to show how well-known you are and why customers should buy from you.
  • To enhance conversions and boost trust, use live and buy notifications. You may automate your social proof using WiserNotify.

On top of boosting your sales and giving your customers a way to engage with you, it's also extremely easy to use and affordable.

The average online store loses out on 80% of its leads because no one hears about them; use Wiser Notify today and make sure you don't become part of that statistic!

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OptinMonster: Best Conversion Optimization Toolkit

When you're ready to start converting traffic into paying customers, OptinMonster is a good place to start. This toolkit allows you to integrate with popups, exit intent, slide-ins, and banner ads, and it tracks your conversion rate at each step of your marketing funnel.

It also features integrations with major email service providers and landing page builders like Instapage and Leadpages, which will help you to increase Magento 2 store sales.

Best of all? Optinmonster integrates directly with Zapier, meaning you can quickly connect third-party tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) software without learning a new piece of technology or writing complex codes.

Abandoned Cart Email: Top Win Back Extension

No matter what you do, not all customers are going to make it through checkout. Even if your cart contains items that qualify for free shipping or sales tax exemption, there's still a chance they may abandon their cart before checking out.

Sending an abandoned cart email is a great way to say-

Hey! You left something behind – would you like us to hold it for you?

If a customer opts in to an abandoned cart email, your job is made easier; simply send them an email with whatever items they forgot and ask them to complete their purchase.

Make sure to include any discounts or coupons they might have missed.

The extension will automatically create these emails for you based on your store's specific settings. In addition, it can also automatically add abandoned products back into your catalog, so they don't get lost forever!

That way, even if a customer doesn't respond to one of these emails, at least they'll be able to find what they were looking for when they return to shop later on.

Cross-Sell / Upsell Products for Magento 2

Cross-selling and upselling are often confused with one another, but they are two distinct actions.

  • Cross-selling occurs when a merchant recommends additional products that a customer has already purchased or added to their cart.
  • Upselling is recommending related, higher-priced products from the same vendor during checkout.

Since cross-sells usually occur after a purchase has been made, it's likely that customers have established some sort of connection (or affinity) with your brand at that point.

Therefore you should put more effort into creating effective cross-sell campaigns.

It's important to remember that most people who convert on a cross-sell offer have already decided to make a purchase, so these offers can be very profitable for merchants.

However, if you fail to create compelling offers, then these sales will not materialize.

Custom Contact Forms: Top Magento 2 Form Extension

When it comes to being customer-focused, making it as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch with you is crucial.

The more effort they have to put into getting a hold of you and taking even more time out of their day (in addition to already needing time away from work) just so they can contact you via email, phone, or social media.

Your business will lose their attention and, ultimately, their loyalty.

One way that's always worked well is by implementing a contact form on your website that can help customers reach out at any time, but one great tool we recommend if you're running Magento 2 is called Custom Contact Forms by MageWorld. This extension has everything that standard contact forms do – and then some.

Magento 2 Google Analytics Extension

Google Analytics is an awesome way of tracking important information about your store traffic and conversions. But, if you're working with a ton of products, it can be difficult to track all that data.

With just a few clicks, you can use this free extension to integrate your Google Analytics account and keep tabs on activity across all your products – not just one or two at a time.

It's also worth noting that you can use multiple extensions to work together, so there are plenty of ways to customize how you monitor your store and increase Magento 2 store sales.

If you want even more functionality from your analytics software, try using Google Tag Manager as well.

It's a tool designed specifically for managing tags and scripts used by analytics tools like GA.

This will help make sure everything is up-to-date and working properly without slowing down page load times or impacting performance too much (which could result in lower sales).

Magento 2 Shipping Calculator

eCommerce shoppers often make purchase decisions based on shipping costs. After all, nobody wants to spend more than they have to on a purchase.

Give your customers a shipping calculator so they can find out exactly how much their package will cost before making a purchase decision.

This makes it easy for shoppers from any country and is especially important if you ship internationally.

Shipping calculators can be simple or complex, but either way, being able to accurately calculate and display shipping costs for different regions will increase sales for international stores.

If you aren't currently offering international shipping, consider using an app such as Shopify Shipping or Google Shopping Actions that handle these charges automatically.

Magento 2 Search and Discovery by Algolia

Increasing your store's sales starts with search. With more than a billion items, it's tough for shoppers to find what they are looking for. And on mobile devices, where much of today's purchasing is conducted, searches are often started with keywords or partial matches that throw most current search engines off course.

That's why you use this Algolia Search and Discovery: to deliver powerful results - just like you would expect from Google or Amazon.

Magento 2 SMS Notification

SMS notifications are an invaluable tool when it comes to increasing sales.

For example, you can use SMS as a method of sending customers their order details (order confirmation) when they place an order online.

This is more convenient for customers than email, as they don't have to remember to check their inboxes for confirmation.

Another way you can increase sales using SMS is by using them as a promotional tool.

You can offer promotions or discount codes via text message that give your customers access to exclusive deals and savings.

Customers will appreciate your gesture of personalization and will come back for more!

AdRoll - Advertising Platform

AdRoll is an advertising platform that works with many of today's leading online retailers, helping them boost their online sales by showing targeted ads directly to customers who will most likely be interested in what they have to say.

One of AdRoll's greatest advantages is its real-time bidding system, which allows it not only to show relevant ads but also to let advertisers know how well those ads are performing.

This allows you to get more bang for your buck when it comes time to pay for your ad space. A free 30-day trial is available, and AdRoll offers a basic plan that starts at $50 per month and increases based on your needs (e.g., want more than 25 million impressions per month?)


We've gone over ten tools you can use to increase sales on your eCommerce site. There are a ton of other great tools out there that we didn't get a chance to cover, so we encourage you to do some research of your own and see what works best for you in your particular scenario. Which one of these would be most beneficial for your business? Have any experience with these tools? Let us know about it! We'd love to hear from you.