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11 Best Shopify Reporting Apps for Analytics in 2024

A Shopify reporting app analyzes store performance, offering reports and visualizations on sales, inventory, and customer behavior.

These advanced Shopify reporting apps help store owners make informed decisions about their business strategies by providing valuable insights into their operations.

This article will discuss Shopify’s 11 best reporting and analytics apps for tracking your store’s sales, quality traffic, performance, inventory, and other essential metrics.

These apps can provide detailed insights and reports to help you make data-driven decisions for your business.

Why do you need Shopify Reports and Analytics Apps?

Shopify Reports and Analytics Apps provide valuable insights into the performance of your Shopify store.

Using these apps, you can access sales trends, customer behavior, and inventory levels, which can help you make informed decisions to improve your business operations.

With the Shopify Reports and Analytics Apps, you can identify areas for improvement, track your progress, and make data-driven decisions to grow your business.

11 best Reporting and Analytics apps for your Shopify store in 2024

The following is a list of the 11 best reporting and analytics apps for your Shopify store in 2023.

These apps will provide valuable insights and data to help you optimize your store, maintain average order value, improve your marketing strategies, and increase your sales.

1. Data Export Reports

Data Export Reports
Data Export Reports

Data Export Reports is a Shopify app that offers pre-made and customizable reporting for all store data.

It offers advanced reports, filters, column management, and export options for both basic reports and Shopify advanced reports in various formats.

The app provides detailed and easily accessible insights into the store’s performance.

It is a valuable tool for merchants looking to optimize their business operations using ABC analysis.

  1. Pre-made Reports: Offers ready-to-use reports for sales, inventory, and more, with easy filtering and sharing options.
  2. Custom Reports: Enables the creation of tailored reports with specific criteria for deeper insights.
  3. Advanced Filters: Adds conditions for precise data analysis, saving time by narrowing down data.
  4. Column Management: Allows customization of report views, including freezing, renaming, and sorting columns.
  5. Export Options: Supports exporting reports in Excel, CSV, PDF, and automated sharing via email, FTP, or Google Drive.


The Data Export app for Shopify offers free plans and paid plans starting at $7/month.

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2. Report Pundit by Estore Automate

Report Pundit by Estore Automate
Report Pundit by Estore Automate

Report Pundit is a comprehensive reporting app for Shopify that allows access to more than 1000 custom fields, with reports for sales, inventory, taxes, and more.

It can also create custom reports. It also offers flexible formatting options, integrations with third-party apps, and a multi-store-friendly interface.

This app is one of the top Shopify reports apps available.


  • Pre-made Reports: Offers a variety of Shopify data reports, including sales and inventory.
  • Custom Reports: Enables the creation of tailored reports with custom fields and automation.
  • Filter, Sort, Send: Simplifies data management with filtering, sorting, and easy report sharing.
  • Integrations: Connects with third-party apps for enhanced data insights.
  • Multi-store Friendly: Provides unified reporting for managing multiple Shopify stores.


The pricing for the Shopify plan for Report Pundit ranges from a free plan for stores with 999 orders or less to $35/month for stores on the Advanced Shopify plan.

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3. Reveal by Omniconvert

Reveal by Omniconvert
Reveal by Omniconvert

Reveal by Omniconvert is a powerful analytics and reporting tool designed specifically for Shopify store owners.

With Reveal, you can easily track your store’s performance, understand customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to improve your business.


  • Dynamic Audience Builder: Utilizes RFM segmentation to tailor ad campaigns to customer buying habits.
  • Automated NPS Tool: Offers real-time feedback and data for enhancing customer satisfaction and journey.
  • Buying Habits Reports: Identifies top and bottom product SKUs by customer feedback and CLV to boost revenue.
  • Advanced Reporting: Provides detailed insights for customer-centric decision-making and growth.
  • Customer Segmentation (RFM): Enhances customer lifetime value through targeted marketing based on behavior and demographics.


Reveal offers a 30-day free trial, starting at $299/month for its SCALE plan.

4. Better Reports

Better Reports
Better Reports

Better Reports is a reporting and analytics app designed for Shopify users to explore and analyze their sales, payments, inventory reports, product reports used, and customer data.

It offers pre-built reports, custom report creation, a free custom report service, and scheduled report delivery and exporting options.


  • Pre-built and Custom Reports: Offers ready-to-use and customizable reports for sales, finances, inventory, and more.
  • Powerful Analytics: Enables in-depth data analysis with tags, metafields, and visual charts.
  • Complimentary Report Service: Provides a free custom report-building service for all users.
  • Share and Export Reports: Supports exporting and sharing reports in various formats and scheduling automatic deliveries.
  • Shopify Integration: Integrates seamlessly within Shopify, plus compatibility with Google Drive, Sheets, Email, Stripe, and Excel.


Better Reports offers pricing starting from $19.90/month for the Basic Shopify plan, with a 14-day free trial and free custom report service.

5. Easy Reports

Easy Reports
Easy Reports

Accessible Reports is a powerful Shopify reporting app that allows you to quickly and easily create customized reports about your orders, products, inventory, and customers.

With a few clicks, you can select the attributes you need and add filters to generate the report in seconds.


  • Easy and Customizable Reports: Quick and adaptable reporting on orders, products, inventory, and customers with filter options.
  • Multiple Output Formats: Offers report exports in XLS, CSV, PDF, and JSON for easy data use and sharing.
  • Summary Sales Reports: Provides an overview of retail sales for a concise store performance snapshot.
  • Scheduled Reports: Automated email reports at set intervals for convenient updates without manual effort.
  • Safe Storage: Securely archives all reports for reliable, anytime access and historical data analysis.


Accessible Reports offers pricing starting from $4.99/month with a 15-day free trial and different plans for different Shopify store plans.

6. Order Heat Map

Order Heat Map
Order Heat Map

Order Heat Map is a Shopify reporting app that allows store owners to track all their customers’ clicks on their store and generate a Heat Map image that shows exactly where customers are clicking on the store.


  • Track Clicks: Identifies the most clicked elements on your site to pinpoint customer interests.
  • Generate Heat Maps: Visualizes where customers click most, aiding in website optimization.
  • Identify Issues: Detects non-interactive elements receiving clicks, highlighting potential user experience problems.
  • Theme Compatibility: Works with all themes, offering filters for desktop, tablet, and mobile views.
  • Unlimited Tracking: Offers extensive tracking of all page views for a complete analysis of customer behavior.


Order Heat Map standard plan costs $17/month and includes unlimited page views.

7. Reports & Orders Administrator

Reports & Orders Administrator
Reports & Orders Administrator

Reports & Orders Administrator is a Shopify reporting app provided by Creating Genius, Inc.

It allows users to manage their sales data, create orders, and get tax information.


  • Order Management: Simplifies order creation, tracking, and management for efficient processing.
  • Sales Tax Data: Offers accurate sales tax information to ease report filing and reduce errors.
  • Sales Reporting: Provides detailed sales and marketing reports for strategic decision-making.
  • Customization: Enables personalization of orders and reports for tailored data management.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an easy-to-use interface, accessible to users with various skill levels.


The starting price of Reports & Orders Administrator by Creating Genius, Inc. is $9.95/month.

8. EZ Exporter ‑ Data Exports

EZ Exporter ‑ Data Exports
EZ Exporter ‑ Data Exports

EZ Exporter is a customizable data export app for Shopify, offering automated exports to various destinations, including email, FTP, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

It provides advanced features like custom and calculated fields, grouping, and aggregation.


  • Customizable Data Exports: Enables tailored CSV and Excel reports for various Shopify data, with flexible data inclusion.
  • Automated Export Profiles: Offers scheduling of data exports to different destinations like email, FTP, or Google Drive.
  • Advanced Custom Filters: Provides complex filtering capabilities for precise data exports based on specific conditions.
  • Calculated Fields: Allows for automatic data manipulation during export, such as calculations or currency conversions.
  • Integration with Third-Party Services: Facilitates data export to services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more for extended analysis or storage.


EZ Exporter offers a 7-day free trial and 3 paid monthly plans ranging from $29.95 to $119.95, based on the number of templates, scheduling, and history features.

9. Sales Chatbot Push Notices

Sales Chatbot Push Notices
Sales Chatbot Push Notices

Sales Chat Push Notifications is a Shopify app that integrates with their platform.

It provides Shopify merchants with a chatbot solution to monitor their sales metrics, get notifications and alerts, and receive intelligent suggestions for improving their sales.


1. Quick and easy access to sales data: Merchants can easily access sales data, notifications, and alerts in Facebook Messenger or Telegram apps.

2. Smart suggestions: The chatbot provides suggestions to improve sales metrics based on the data analyzed by the app.

3. Detailed order notifications: Merchants receive detailed notification messages containing order numbers, total sums spent, and products bought, which helps them react quickly.

4. Schedule reports: Users can view or schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports for major key performance indicators (KPIs) on their smartphone messenger or Telegram app.

5. Multi-store connection: The app offers multi-store connection capabilities, which allow users to manage multiple Shopify stores in a single chatbot.


Sales Chat and Push Notifications pricing starts from $0 to $24.99 monthly.

10. FREE Traffic and Conversions

FREE Traffic and Conversions
FREE Traffic and Conversions

Eggflow’s Instant Traffic is a Shopify app that aims to increase website traffic and conversions by generating popups, social proof notifications, and personalized customer recommendations.


1. Geolocation and Device Targeting: Target your customers based on their physical location and device type to increase the relevancy of your ads.

2. Partner Ad Adjustments: Easily adjust and optimize partner ads in your store to improve performance and maximize profits.

3. Category Exclusions: To maintain brand integrity and improve customer experience, exclude inappropriate product categories from your store’s sale location.

4. Quick and Easy Setup: Start with a simple setup process and customize the appearance to match your brand.

5. Traffic Growth Made Easy: Grow your website traffic easily using Eggflow’s powerful traffic generation features.


Eggflow’s Instant Traffic offers a free basic Shopify plan with limited features, a premium plan for $9/month with additional product promotion options and ad targeting, and a different plan for $29/month that includes all of Eggflow’s apps.

11. TrendSeam Sales Reporting

TrendSeam Sales Reporting
TrendSeam Sales Reporting

TrendSeam is a sales and reporting analytics tool designed specifically for retailers.

It provides advanced retail sales, customer, and product reporting in a simple and user-friendly way. The tool helps retailers gain insights and identify sales opportunities.


  • Year-on-Year Sales Performance: Compares current vs. previous year sales to highlight growth or areas needing improvement.
  • Customer Location: Shows where customers are geographically, aiding in targeted marketing strategies.
  • Best Customer: Identifies top customers by purchase frequency and spending, helping to focus on retention and rewards.
  • Slowest-Selling Products: Reveals the least popular products, guiding inventory management and marketing adjustments.
  • Average Duration Between Purchases: Offers insights on the typical time between customer purchases, useful for crafting targeted repeat purchase campaigns.


TrendSeam has a free plan for the dashboard and reporting access only, with the option to export up to 100 customers.

The basic plan starts at $10/month and goes up to $50/month for access to all features, depending on the number of customers in the store.

Which is the best Shopify app for reporting and analytics?

The best Shopify app for reporting and analytics will depend on your business needs and budget.

It is recommended that you review each app’s features and pricing to determine which is most suitable for your business.

Based on the features and pricing plans, there are a few top-rated Shopify apps for reporting and analytics.

1. TrendSeam Sales Reporting: TrendSeam is one of the best Shopify reporting apps.

It offers advanced sales, customer, and product reporting with a summary dashboard covering year-on-year sales performance, customer location, average order value, and more.

Primary reporting access is free, and pricing plans start from $10/month.

2. Better Reports: This app provides detailed financial reports on sales, inventory, customer behavior, and more. It also allows for custom report creation and scheduling.

The sales tax report starts at $19.90/month.

3. Data Export Reports: This app allows for easy export of Shopify data for further analysis in programs like Excel or Google Sheets.

It offers custom report creation and scheduling options, with pricing starting from $7/month.


Access to accurate and detailed reporting analytics is crucial for the success of any eCommerce business.

Shopify offers robust reporting and analytics apps to help online store owners gain valuable insights into their sales, customer behavior, and marketing efforts.

The 11 apps discussed in this article are some of the best options for Shopify store owners, from advanced reporting features to real-time analytics.

By choosing the correct reporting and analytics app, Shopify store owners can make data-driven decisions that can help them optimize their business and increase sales.


To access sales reports in Shopify, go to your dashboard’s “Analytics” tab and select “Reports” from the drop-down menu. From there, you can choose the type of report you want to view, such as sales by product or sales by channel.

Shopify reports provide valuable insights into various aspects of your business, such as email reports, sales trends, acquisition reports, customer acquisition reports, behaviour, and inventory management. You can use these automate reports to track your progress over time, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about your marketing and sales strategies.

Reports in Shopify can be found under your dashboard’s “Analytics” tab. From there, you can select “Reports” from the drop-down menu and choose the type of report you want to view.

Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics serve different purposes and can complement each other well. While Shopify Analytics provides insights specifically tailored to your Shopify store, Google Analytics can offer a more comprehensive view of all your store data, online presence and marketing efforts.

Yes, you can create custom reports in Shopify using the “Custom Reports” feature under your dashboard’s “Reports” tab. This allows you to make shopify custom reports, choose the metrics and filters most relevant to your business and create a report that meets your needs.

To set up automatic Shopify reports, go to the “Reports” tab in the reports section of your dashboard and select “Scheduled” from the drop-down menu. From there, you can choose the type of report you want to schedule and specify the frequency email reports, and delivery method for the information.

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