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7 Best Shopify Image Resizer Apps to Resize and Compress Image

Are you looking for a Shopify image resizer tool for your website? But stuck somewhere and getting confused, unable to choose the best image-resizing apps.

Here we are with some hand-picked Shopify’s online image resizer apps. So read the full article and decided which app is the perfect app for your Shopify online store.

When you are thinking about to do optimization of your online stores. You have to look out for the Shopify store’s images. Because properly sized images are the most important part of the optimization of your online store.

So keep with us to learn about how you can optimize your Shopify store. So today, we learn about how to resize images in Shopify. Here we are only talking about the Shopify image resizer apps, not any online tool.

Why resize images for Shopify important?

Resizing images for your online stores can reduce the burden on your webpage, and help you to increase the loading speed of your website.

If you don’t do that your Shopify store has a very slow loading speed so it can harm your search engine optimization. So it is very necessary to resize your images for your Shopify website.

For resizing images on your website, you can use a tool or you can use image resizing apps for Shopify. We made a list of the best or top Shopify Image Resizer apps for you. Here you have to only choose one of them and start optimization of your Shopify images.

These image-resizing Shopify apps can help you to maintain image aspect ratio and image size, so they can be loading fastly on your webpage. Image size also matters when we talk about the optimize our Shopify images.

As you know good customer experience is the key to an online eCommerce website. That is the reason resizing images for Shopify is important. You have two options first hire a professional or second use app.

Key features to consider while choosing Shopify image resizer apps

Their lots of key features are needed to take care of while choosing a Shopify image resizer app. Here we only cover the main key features. These features make your work hustle free to resize images.

Keep these features in your mind whenever you buy an Image Resizer app. Come and see these main app features.

Automatically Resize: The automatic resizing image feature is very good for an image file and other types of files when you want to use your images on other platforms. This feature can help you to set the same size images and the same aspect ratio of your images.

SEO Optimization: You have to make sure that your Shopify images are optimized for SEO. So it can improve your site’s search engine optimization, and help it to rank up on search engine result pages.

Bulk image resizes: This feature is the best feature when you have to resize tons of images at a time. Because it reduces the compressing time of your images by yourself.

List of Best Shopify image resizer apps

If you are not so sure which one you pick for your website you can rely on this article, we have made a list of the best resize image apps. Some of them have free plans available. Look at those top picks and select yours.

1. SEO, Image Optimizer & Speed

This is the best tool for resizing images and it’s for a reason. Because it is not only helping you resize your photo but can do all that tasks for you. SEO, Image Optimizer & Speed Shopify app can do photo alt text, 404 page, JSON-LD, 301 redirects, rich snippet, plugin SEO, photo compressor, photo resize, meta tags, lazy load, etc.

SEO, Image Optimizer & Speed app is at number one because it takes care of small things like photo alt text, image size, and all. The image file size is a small thing but very important for the site’s SEO, the same way the photo alt attribute is also very crucial for search engines.

This Shopify app can help you to optimize page speed, UX, and search engine rankings to ensure your store’s success. It uses SEO reports and automation to improve your site speed and site SEO results.

It has 4 pricing packages you can choose from as per your need. The minimum cost is $2.49/month and the maximum cost is $19.99/month.


  • SEO enhancer and robust index Optimizer to improve SEO results.
  • Automatic page optimization for increased site performance through lazy loading.
  • Picture optimization with one click, compression, resizing, and alt text creation.
  • 404/301 redirection functionality and broken link tracking to ensure constant traffic.
  • For a website that is optimized, use JSON-LD, a meta generator, lazy loading, and script management.

2.  SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed

This is an all-in-one Shopify app because it has everything to improve your page speed. As we all know slow page response can be very harmful to an eCommerce website. This app removes this fear from you because by using this app your site never gonna be slow.

SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed uses a browser preloading to ensure your page can have 3 times faster than your current speed. So add today this fantastic Shopify app and boost sales. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed app has a 4.9 rating with 3986 great reviews.

An app has two pricing packages one is a free plan and the other is a pro plan with a cost of $34.95/month. You can check for your need and select any.


  • Instantly increase website speed and score: Lazy load, Smart speed, and image optimization.
  • Meta tags, local businesses, Google structured data, etc. can all be optimized for SEO placement.
  • Auto SEO Audit for a product, collection, blog post, and other pages.
  • Page redirection and identification of broken links.
  • SEO report: photo optimization, Automated Email Notification, and SEO problem.

3.  Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

As we all know small image files help to faster page loading. This Shopify app can give you multiple ways to optimize your images. Also, allow you to change the text of the ALT attribute of your images. By doing this you can help search engines categorize your product images or collection image more effectively.

Set the compression and do your other settings and after finishing it, take a chair and just sit. Let Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer do the rest for you. Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer has 4 types of pricing plans, you can take any of them which is working best for you. The minimum pricing of this Shopify app is $4.99/month and the maximum price range is $19.99/month.


  • 3 Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer will speed up your website and improve picture SEO.
  • Rename picture files and ALT tags automatically to improve search engine visibility.
  • Once you’ve selected your compression and reaming options, Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer will take care of the rest.
  • As Shopify doesn’t give you access to all images, you must manually upload and compress images.
  • Compare and select from a variety of picture compression algorithms.

4.  Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO

This one is an all-in-one photo editing Shopify app. Highly popular stores have good product images, so they can improve sales to the next level. If a product image or collection image is optimized then it will lead to an organic search engine traffic.

All product pictures need to be the same size so they can give a professional look to your site. When you resize pictures it will help you to boost your product sales. The same image sizes can make your website look trustable and proficient. All of the above can be performed by using this one single supper Shop
ify app. Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO is fully trusted and used by many shop owners.

Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO has 4 app variants, which differ by price and features. You can read first all the great features and then you can buy any one from them. This app charges you a minimum of $9.99/month and a max to max of $49.99/month.


  • Enhance SEO by optimizing file names, alt-text, and picture sizes (loading times).
  • Square your pictures in bulk, easily resize, crop, rotate, frame, and add a watermark.
  • Download and upload your store’s pictures for product launches, backups, and so forth.
  • In addition to bulk editing, choosing a single image to modify is another option.

5.  Booster SEO & Image Optimizer

If you want to save your money and time then you are reading about the perfect app. The all-in-one Shopify app with SEO tools can help you rank higher in SERP. When you have lots of cheap alternatives but still suggest you Booster Seo & Image Optimizer. Because this Shopify app is only built for Shopify.

Nowadays Google demotes lots of websites because of poor SEO practices. You can rely on this app it will never let you down. Booster Seo & Image Optimizer follows strict guidelines to perform best practices. A key element is On-page SEO for ranking, so Booster Seo & Image Optimizer ensures that you set it up properly.

Booster Seo & Image Optimizer offers three plans, 2 of which are paid plans. The lowest one is $39 per month and the highest one is $69 per month.


  • With the help of our bulk image compression engine, improve website loading times and rankings.
  • To promote and convert, make sure your meta tags are appropriate and optimized.
  • Utilize our AutoPilot tool to identify and address SEO problems using your own set of rules.
  • Keep track of any broken links that are harming your SEO and instantly redirect them.
  • For assistance or queries, there is human live chat support available around-the-clock.

6.  LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer

This Shopify app will help you to easily optimize and compress your images, with other necessary attributes like compressing, ALT attributes, converting images to PNGs to JPEGs, and renaming the image file names.

LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer app can restore individual original images or in bulk. The most important part of the app is it periodically scans your website for new pictures and automatically compresses them, so no need to worry about unoptimized images.

It’s good when your Shopify app comes with multiple variants, LoyaltyHarbour Image Optimizer has 4 variants. You can buy as per your needs. Here the highest price is $4.99/month and the lowest price is $19.99/month.


  • Images should be compressed to increase website performance, SEO, and customer satisfaction.
  • To increase SEO and Google picture Search rankings, optimize picture alt attributes.
  • To create keyword-rich, detailed image filenames for SEO, rename the image.
  • To speed up your store and enhance customer experience, convert PNGs to JPEGs.
  • Press a button to quickly restore a single picture or a group of images.

7.  Pixc: Photo Resize

To make your website more professional use this app which can automatically resize and replace product pictures. The same-size images give a uniform look to your website. This app saves your time and effort so you can give more time to make your business strong and grow.

The app is crafted in such a way as to give you a good experience. Algorithms are built to do a store analysis faster and resize photos in a few clicks. You just have to set your perfect settings for photos and let Pixc: Photo Resize app do the rest.

The app has 4 versions and also has a free version but you can install it free and only the first 50 images are free, then you have to pay $0.05 per image. It’s very low but still, it can be included in paid plans. The minimum price of the Shopify app is $4/month and the maximum price is $79/month.


  • Utilize our bulk picture resizer to save time.
  • Analyze, enhance, and replace your product photos or collection image automatically.
  • Make all of your photos the same size to give your shop a more professional appearance.
  • Choose between the square, portrait, or panorama proportion ratio options.
  • Restore your original photos whenever it suits your schedule.


In conclusion, Shopify image resizer apps are essential tools for any Shopify store owner looking to enhance their website’s visual appeal and improve user experience. The seven apps listed in this article offer a variety of features to resize, optimize, and compress images, making them faster to load and easier to manage. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Shopify user, there’s an image resizer app that can meet your needs. We highly recommend exploring these apps to find the one that suits your business goals and image optimization needs. By utilizing these powerful tools, you can take your online store to the next level in 2023 and beyond.


It is true that picture resizing slightly lowers the quality of the image, but the difference is so slight that you cannot see it with the unaided eye.

You can use the above best 7 tools to resize your high-resolution photos or you can also use online tools.

Yes, Shopify automatically resizes images that are uploaded to your store. Shopify resizes your images to the following sizes:

  • Original (the size of the image you uploaded)
  • Large (2048 x 2048 pixels)
  • Medium (1200 x 1200 pixels)
  • Small (600 x 600 pixels)
  • Thumbnail (160 x 160 pixels)

The optimal size for images in Shopify depends on where the images will be displayed and the size and resolution of the original image.

There are so many factors why the image may appear larger. Below listed factors may affect:

  • Image size
  • Theme Settings
  • Device screen size
  • Image resolution
  • CSS styling
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