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9 Must Have Dropshipping Apps for Your Shopify Online Store in 2023

9 Must Have Dropshipping Apps for Your Shopify Online Store in 2023

Dropshipping business has been becoming as one of the most lucrative business options for people throughout the world. But during the beginning, it is obvious to be tight on the budget and hence one cannot afford making wrong choices on dropshipping apps for shopify.

The shopify app store provides several options for people to support their dropshipping business. The user friendly and merchant friendly shopify apps have been making the dropshipping business effective for everyone.

To build an effective and useful ecommerce business, one has to make sure that their dropshipping business is built carefully. Since it requires attention and perfection on the same time, we have accumulated the best shopify apps among the many dropshipping apps options available over the internet.

One can read about the 9 best dropshipping apps which are one of the most popular shopify apps that can help you streamline your online business of dropshipping and provide you and your customers with better results.

Below are the best drop shipping apps for shopify available in the shopify stores which might come for both a paid and a free plan. These third party apps from the shopify store provide you with enhanced sales, better customer service with more sales and reduces cart abandonment.

Hence, let us connect with the best shopify app for your dropshipping process.

What Are Shopify Dropshipping Apps?

Shopify app store contains several dropshipping apps that have the capability to provide unique service solutions for your dropshipping store. These app helps to create your dropshipping process manageable and easy to handle thoroughly.

One can take the help of these best shopify dropshipping apps which can provide your business with abilities like easy order fulfillment, quick shipping or fast shipping, order tracking, etc. with advanced features over their dropshipping model.

These apps for shopify dropshipping process come for people as a helping hand over their business. They tend to ease up the process and provide desired results within just a few clicks and without having to waste their time.

With the support of the easy integration of these apps on your shopify dropshipping store, one can save time and money on the same hand.

What Are The Benefits Of Shopify Dropshipping Apps?

Shopify is considered to be as the most trusted platform by the people who have invested their time in dropshipping products. Even for the ones who are about to start dropshipping to create a global network, Shopify can be trusted with eyes closed.

Talking about benefits of using the Shopify dropshipping app, their platform has been constantly working to provide people with substantial advantages in the terms of marketing, building customer relations and managing store administrations.

From the views of dropshipping store owners, Shopify has some significant benefits in the terms mentioned below

  • Flexibility of the apps for shopify merchants
  • Availability of customization
  • Easy to operate and control for new dropshippers becoming customers
  • Have multiple options and provides large choices
  • Acts as a one stop dropshipping solution
  • Is a pocket friendly option over other apps

There are other aspects of dropshipping such as logistics and sourcing which are generally taken care through the dropshipping suppliers.

Hence, one can take time to focus upon other important aspects of business like expansion of your company and building a consumer base which has a lot of potential.

13 Best Shopify dropshipping app


If you are in search of integration of your online store directly with the platform of AliExpress, then Oberlo is the option for best shopify dropshipping apps. One can integrate Oberlo only through the Shopify store to easily import products and sell them online through your platform.

This dropshipping app of Oberlo helps in easy working of your business and comes with multiple features to make your task easier.


Talking about the features, this app helps business owners with different issues and can resolve time taking tasks within seconds. Some of the features incorporated in this app are mention below.

Importing Products Quickly: There is a major alliance between the app of Oberlo with AliExpress. Hence, if your business sells products through the platform of AliExpress, then Oberlo can provide you with best and qualitative products through the rich database of AliExpress. Your clients can add products along with importation of bulk products with just one click.

Customized products: Oberlo offers competitive advantages to your business since it allows customization of products and personalized packaging through their app which leads to consumers finding premium products. New customers might get attracted to your business with segments from Oberlo like private labelling and variant mapping which can eventually turn profitable for your company.

Tracking of Sales and Shipment: Oberlo comes with an interactive dashboard which allows you to track your sales and shipment. One can easily analyze the current product status and allows you to evaluate profit made. Order tracking allows you to interact with your customers and helps in resolving their queries within seconds.

Some other features of this app includes multilingual support, price automation and automated product inventory. Oberlo can make your audience grow with availability of quality products and friendly product prices.


  • Provides value for money and is one of the best option available for such competitive prices
  • Easy to set up due to integration of Shopify
  • Filtering for products becomes easier
  • Different pricing plans are available and there is no use of money unnecessarily
  • Allows you to run your shopify store on autopilot mode


Considering about the price and plans of Oberlo, then as mentioned, one does not have to spend unnecessarily. Oberlo provides two different plans, one comes for free plan but with limited features while the second option comes as the Boss Plan for a price of $29.90 with all the features available on their app.


Spocket is considered as one of the most prominent dropshipping apps available for business owners to use. Their app tends to focus on quality products and suppliers which majorly come from the region of US and Europe.

People can order sample products from suppliers through Spocket and has fast deliveries which are generally done between a time period of 5 business days even across continents.


Top features of Spocket includes various aspects of their app. Some of the best features which is available for dropshippers are mentioned below.

Order in One Click: Spocket allows dropshippers to make their tasks easier and hence, one can order supplies with just one click through a hassle-free process.

Auto-update of Inventory: Another amazing feature of this app is auto-update of inventory which happens automatically according to the previous orders made through your account.

Some of the other amazing features present in this app for shopify includes real-time order tracking for fast shipping of products, niche products from both external and local suppliers, supplier vetting and adaptability with different search engines extensions like Chrome.


  • Interactive user interface
  • reliable suppliers
  • Incredible inventory management
  • Help center and responsive customers service
  • Branded invoices


Spocket comes with both free trial option and with a paid plan which starts from a price of $24.99 which can be opted by the dropshippers according to their needs and demands.

DSers – AliExpress Dropshipping

DSers is another qualified and well-known AliExpress dropshipping app present in the Shopify store. It is an application developed to help online merchants sell products from AliExpress. Consumers in the current world prefer great product sourcing with fast shipping time.


There are a few unique features present on the platform of DSers which makes it different from other dropshipping apps and can be noted from the information given below.

Bulk Orders: DSers support the selling of bulk orders and bundle products through their platform.

Offers: DSers provides dropshippers with amazing offers through their platform. Some of the offers which are generally available are buy one get one offer.

Some of the other features that DSers involves are optimization of supplier, automatic pricing, variants mapping, multiple store management and import list.


  • Active support team
  • Live and online training options
  • No impact on the speed of your page
  • Integration of multiple platforms


The pricing and plans available for people to opt through DSers are the free plan and the paid plan. One can opt for the free plan with limited features or else can opt for the paid plan which starts with a price of $19.90 with significant features for boosting sales.


If you are looking for a unique app which integrates both fashion and technology, then Trendsi is your dropshipping app. It is a US based warehouse and distribution centers which provides clothing supplies to dropshippers.


In the fashion segment of the shopify sales funnel dropshipping industry, Trendsi provides huge benefits with their features to dropshippers. One can read the available features through their app below in the article.

Fast Shippment & Returns: Trendsi understands the fashion world and hence is always available for fast shipping with shipping information and works perfectly during return of orders as well.

Custom designs of Packages: The packages which are ordered through the support of Trendsi can be designed according to your wishes and hence one can fully satisfy the need of their customers.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, people also get access to features like inventory sync and no beforehand inventory costs.


  • Helping support team
  • Well managed website with good interface
  • Huge availability existing products
  • Presence of qualitative products
  • Products tend to be similar to the image shown on the upsell apps


Amazingly, Trendsi is a completely free app which provides all the features available on their shopify reports app for free. People need to pay only when they order a product from the suppliers available on their platform.

CJ Dropshipping

Sourcing and listing of products at a competitive price is difficult for dropshippers, but with the help of CJ Dropshipping, one can make it an easy taks. Moreover, this shopify inventory management app helps in easy order fulfillment.

Among many dropshipping apps, CJ Dropshipping allows you to find good products from different B2C markets like AliExpress and Ebay.


Supports Multiple Marketplaces: CJ Dropshipping contains multiple markets throughout the world to provide numerous options for dropshippers to choose from.

There are other different features such as quality inspection of parcels, cash on delivery option and excellent order fulfillment.


  • Active customer service
  • Reasonable prices
  • Various options for support
  • Accepts bulk orders


CJ Dropshipping comes among the free shopify dropshipping apps and hence does not charges any fees. Although, one must be able to pay the service fees after buying a product.


DropCommerce is a platform which is built for both the suppliers and the customers. This allows smooth dropshipping services for people without any hassle. Shopify store owners can use this dropshipping app to import products of high quality directly into their stores.

One can receive about 30% discounted products through this Shopify discount app and can then resell those for the actual retail price providing a huge profit margin.


No Transaction Fees: One of the biggest features of DropCommerce is that it does not requires any transaction fees for dropshippers and suppliers.

Conversion of Currency: It is easier for both suppliers and dropshippers to get currency according to their own preference. Hence, conversion of currency is one of the best options available as a feature.

Some of the other features accessible in this shopify app for dropshippers involves codes for tracking shipments, easy store management, logistic responsibilities and all week customer support.


  • Easy to adapt and use with good interface
  • Presence of account manager
  • Order fulfillment with focus on quality


First time users of this apps for shopify allows 14 day free-trial and the paid plan starts for a price of $19 per month.


Zendrop works as a global dropshipping apps for shopify which connects dropshipping suppliers with right merchants and stores. Although, it has its main focus on US dropshipping and ships only from the location of US and China. But this platform is constructed by dropshippers for other dropshippers to cut down the delivery time. Hence, the app understands the issues that one might face within their businesses.


Fulfillment of US Dropshipping: Zendrop mainly focuses on the region of US and makes the task easier for people dropshipping from this region.

Custom Branding: This apps for shopify allows people to custom design their brands and eventually gain recognition within their customers.

Some other features which Zendrop provides to their users are availability of Zendrop Academy to learn the working of their app, real-time analytics with bundles and subscription boxes.


  • Active shipping
  • Presence of detailed instructions
  • Reliable companies available


The pricing of this app comes according to the features you opt for. The starting price of this app is about $49 per month.


As the name suggests, Importify is a Shopify reports app which allows importing products to your online store through options available in more than 30 famous marketplaces. People can import different things to their store on Woocommerce, Wix, Jumpseller or even on your particular store.


There are several features that Importify can offer to your online store. Some of such amazing features are listed below.

Product Description Editor: Importify provides a built- in product description editor which store owners can use to describe the titles, variants available, pricing, package weight, etc. according to their need.

Some of the other features available on this apps for shopify include aspects like variant mapping, pricing rules based on profit margin and custom templates to choose from according to the needs of your business.


  • Availability of supplier change
  • Collections can be made automatically
  • Import products with just one click
  • Navigation through different products is easier


Their plans start with a pricing at the rate of $14.95 per month.


If your dropshipping business has to take up a luxury turn, then this apps for shopify is your resort to bringing out a high end turn to your business. Modalyst is a Shopify reports app created to provide products from luxury brands like Calvin Klein, Chanel, etc. which dropshippers can use to provide the same items through their stores.


US Suppliers: Modalyst majorly offers products from US based suppliers for dropshippers.

Worldwide Shipping: If you are not a US based dropshipper, then you don't have to worry since Modalyst supplies to over 80 countries throughout the world.

Apart from the above mentioned features, people can also receive API partnership with platforms like AliExpress and availability of their private dropshipping program.


  • Costs low
  • Availability of various product options


The pricing of Modalyst comes for free with automated features until you source 25 products from their app. Although, to source upto 250 products, it might cost about $35 per month.


Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative forms of business present in today's world and with more people opting for such business methods, one should always know how to keep themselves always on the top. With the best shopify dropshipping apps mentioned in the article, one would definitely see an increase in the sales of their business with improved customers.


Is Dropshipping On Shopify Worth It?

One can say that dropshipping through the platform of Shopify is definitely worth it since the platform offers different apps which makes the task easier for the dropshippers and provides features which are easy to use and learn.

Which is the best Shopify dropshipping apps with US, EU and other suppliers?

The above mentioned options apps for Shopify are best to be used for dropshipping with US, European and other suppliers based in different countries. With such lucrative options available, one will resolve all of their business tasks easily.

Why Do You Need to Use Dropshipping Apps on Shopify?

Dropshipping apps makes the work easier for business owners. Dropshipping apps through Shopify allows easy product sourcing, generates organic traffic and allows dropshippers to sell according to the needs of their company and their audience.

How would dropshipping work for my business?

Dropshipping might resolve different issues of your business like inventory source, automated fulfillment of your products and allowing you to sell lucratively with a hassle free process.

Which drop shipping product is most profitable?

People dropship a variety of products and each of them provides some or the other type of profit to their business. Although, products in the categories of clothing, health and wellness, skin care and hair care products bring the most profit range for people invested in dropshipping.


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