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13 Best Shopify Discount Apps for 2024: Boost Sales Now

There’s no denying that adding extensive offers and discounts on your Shopify store can help you boost sales. Discount codes and coupons can greatly impact your brand, but how do they work?

There are a lot of great apps for Shopify, like discount apps, cross-sell apps, upsell apps, stock alert apps, marketing apps, and more, that can help you to increase sales and loyalty among your customers.

Consumers are always searching for a discounted rate on their favorite products. It makes them happy, and that brings more sales for your shop. But how to add bulk discounts on your online store?

To help you out, We’ve handpicked the 13 best Shopify discount apps that can fit your budget and needs and help you grow your entire store spontaneously. Let’s dive in.

Why Offer Discounts on your Shopify Store?

The word “Discount” is enough to grab customers’ attention and make their influence buy the product.

Offer discounts on your Shopify store to encourage customers to purchase and build loyalty. Discounts can help you move inventory that isn’t selling, attract new customers, reward your existing customers and incentivize them to keep coming back.

Discounts can encourage customers to buy more than originally planned, increasing your average order value. Lastly, discounts can help you stand out from the competition and give customers the sense that they are getting great value when they shop with you.

Here are some benefits of using coupon codes or multiple discounts on your store-

  • Lower Advertising Costs,
  • Increase Traffic,
  • Enhance your branding,
  • Increase Customer loyalty,
  • Increase conversion rates.

13 Topmost Shopify Discount Apps


WiserNotify is one of the best social proof and pop-up building Shopify apps to help you create urgency, increase trust and sales, and boost conversion rates.

It offers 10+ social proof notifications and 20+ Urgency CTA widgets, including live visitor count, real-time conversion, sales counts, countdown timer widgets, reviews, sales popups, and more. You can display announcements and existing discount offers in unique ways like on Feed, popup, and inline text.

In addition, eye-catching widgets allow you to display social media share options, recent reviews, limited discount codes, limited stock notifications, a countdown timer of the announcement, and a blinking tab.

With 50+ inbuilt template designs and 30+ languages supported, the WiserNotify app can help you grab customer attention and increase Shopify sales .


  • Eye-catching design to showcase various notifications,
  • Date and time control to set notification time, delay notifications, and many more,
  • A/B testing to test multiple variants and compare performance,
  • Advanced reporting to track performance and get weekly reports,
  • Manage notification loops,
  • Integrate with 200+ popular business tools like marketing, page builder, CRM, reviews, and more.


Free plan available.

WiserNotify CTA Image
Accelerate Shopify Growth with Social Proof

Add notifications that convert visitors into customers.


Selly helps businesses to increase sales and conversion rates by offering flexible and customized discount codes such as BOGO, free gifts, free shipping, and 20% off.

In addition, it has powerful tools such as bundle up-sell, cross-sell, goal motivator, and quantity breaks to recommend customers to add more products.

Selly also helps improve customer retention by displaying discount coupon codes on the order status page so customers can use them next time they make a purchase. The app has a user-friendly interface that is suitable for beginners and professionals.

It allows full customization of font and color to match your brand and supports multi-language.


  • Easy Customization of color, font, and Style.
  • Supports multi-languages,
  • Increase sales with customized discount codes, free gift, free shipping, BOGO, and 20% off codes.
  • Powerful features like Upsell popups, cross-sell, bundles, quantity breaks, wholesale, custom pricing, and many more.


  • The plan starts at $29 per month.

Wide Bundles – Quantity breaks

Wide Bundles allows you to create offers, bundles, and quantity breaks on your products for the online stores on Shopify. In addition, you can customize the offers to match your store design.

You can change the structure, edit texts, customize colors and style, add a quantity button, and more to make it look as you want.

Further, you can configure your offers, add options and add blinking texts on the offers to showcase the discount. You can create volume discounts and mix and match bundles to increase AOV.

It can integrate with all the upsell apps, the side carts, and the page builders.


  • Add bundle to your products,
  • Customize everything to match your store,
  • Add custom texts to increase sales and customer engagement,
  • Integrate with Upsell apps, Side carts, and page builders.


The basic plan starts at $16 per month.

VolumeBoost – Volume Discount

Volume Boost lets you set up discounted pricing campaigns for your product pages. You can easily create a bulk discount campaign with numerous discount types, cart-saving messages, and import/export offers.

It allows you to create bulk discounts to reward your customer for buying bulk products at reducing the product price or group of products. In addition, you can import more than one offer at a time by adding the required value to a CSV file.

Further, you can implement a discount box on your cart page, create multiple customer tags, and set a limit to the quantity of your bulk discount offer. The app offers three options for installation – Automatic installation, Expert installation, and manual installation.

You can also activate bulk discounts based on the country and display a custom message in your cart selection to activate custom upsell messages.


  • Effortlessly implement a discount box on your cart page,
  • Manage and limit bulk discount offers based on country, quantity, and time-bound,
  • Display custom messages and banners in the cart section.
  • Create and store multiple customer tags,
  • Show or hide customized discount offers from certain groups of customers,
  • Import/Export bulk discount offers in CSV file.


The basic version starts at $10 per month.

(AIOD) All Automatic Discounts

AIOD is one of the popular Shopify discount apps that allows merchants to offer automatic discounts for product bundles, high-volume discounts, bulk pricing, and more.

It is also a best upsell app that allows merchants can easily create & manage offers, mix-match offers, and have flexible customization options to create store-wide discount offers or schedule for short-term promotions.

You can set different offers like Bundle, Wholesale, BOGO, volume discounts, free gifts, and many more. It also provides customers with a discount code with an automatic offer, and the multiple discount code can be applied to a single order from Shopify.


  • Discount options include bundles, quantity breaks, a free gift, BOGO offers, bulk discounts, and more.
  • Automatic discount code generator for customers,
  • Stack multiple discount codes on the cart, upsell popup displays, and tiered promotions.
  • Multiple discounts to a single cart.


Free plan.

Bundle Products and Discounts – by Thimatic

The Bundle Products and Discount app helps merchants boost store sales and revenue with volume discounts to upsell and combo bundles to cross-sell products.

It helps to improve revenue rapidly by producing robust merchandise and creating bundles with a single product. It allows you to create bundle recommendations on the Cart page, influencing shoppers to purchase more.

In addition, you can even schedule specific bundle discounts in advance, like for upcoming occasions, Christmas & New Year.


  • Influence customers with multiple products with volume discount offers,
  • Create bulk discounts on different pages,
  • Schedule discounts for different occasions,
  • Cart upsell with volume discounts and Cross-sell with product discounts.


The price starts at $7.99 per month.

Bulk Discount Code Generator -by Seguno

The bulk discount code generator helps Shopify stores to create unlimited discounts and import them directly into Shopify.

You can create unique discount code to keep your customers coming back while avoiding the abuse of discount codes. The app will generate large sets of unique discount codes and share them on different sites in a few clicks.

It allows users to track sales and usage inside the Shopify dashboard, filter unwanted characters and words automatically, modify code sets at any time, and export codes to CSV directly from the app.


  • Export codes in CSV files,
  • Modify codes sets at any time,
  • Create unlimited codes,
  • Preview example codes,
  • Import unlimited codes into Shopify.


Free plan

Wholesale Discount -by Wholesale Helper

Wholesale discounts offer specific wholesale pricing to your wholesale customers. You can smoothly set up and run a B2B wholesale store with WPD.

It offers flexible discounts, tiered pricing, wholesale shipping rates, custom signup forms, net payment terms, and more. In addition, you can offer your customers specific prices, a percentage discount, or volume/tiered discounts.

It allows customers to fill out Wholesale signup forms with Auto-tagging and advanced shipping rates. The app can be integrated with 30+ apps, platforms, and software, including Page builders, Advanced search & filter, Loyalty apps, and many more.


  • Create specific pricing, a percentage discount, or volume/tiered discounts for your Wholesale customers,
  • Bulk import/export of individual variant prices,
  • Customizable Wholesale signup form,
  • Offer net terms for flexible payment options.


The basic plan starts at $19.99 per month.

Bold Discount -by BoldCommerce

Bold discounts provide an easy way to create custom promotions that attract and convert customers.

You can manage multiple sales and automatically set start/end dates to turn off sales and discount offers. In addition, you can re-use the promotions later on different occasions.

It allows you to add custom sales icons to influence customers and highlight the discounted products to grab customers’ attention. Further, you can create urgency among the customers by adding fully customized countdown timers on your product page.

The auto-tag feature automatically populates the sale collections with a click.



The price starts at $19.99 per month

Quantity Breaks And Gifts

Quantity breaks and gifts help increase sales with quantity and tiered discount pricing. With 5k+ active users and a 4.5-star rating on the Shopify app store, it is one of the popular discount apps for Shopify.

You can set up tiered discounts and pricing tiers for different customers with just a few clicks. The user-friendly dashboard makes it simple for users to add a specific number of products or cart values to make customers eligible for a discount.

There are 8 in-built templates, fully customizable to match your brand. You can display the pricing table anywhere on the product pages with a simple click editor. It allows users to create discounts for multiple product variants that make customers to buy multiple product variants or only similar variants.


  • Cross-sell by showing relevant products on pages,
  • Tier discounts and Volume discounts,
  • Mix & Match discount for combo items,
  • User-friendly dashboard and Customizable templates,
  • 24/7 Customer support with live chat and developer assistants.


The basic plan starts at $7.95 per month.

Discount Ninja

Discount Ninja is a powerful promotional engine that allows you to set up promotions that influence people to convert.

It allows users with 10 types of promotions like Gift with purchase, buy one -get one, Tiered BOGO, Spend X -Get Y, Volume discounts, Percentage, Buy X – Get Y Cross-sell, and more. It adds automatic discounts based on cart value or content.

It is fully customizable, allowing you to edit the style of the discount prices widget that matches your brand. You can display discount badges on your product or collection pages to highlight the offers.

It also highlights the total savings for the customer on the cart page. Customers can combine a Shopify discount code and Multiple discount promotions to get more benefits that help increase customer retention and engagement.


  • Integrate seamlessly with your theme,
  • Choose anything from 10 promotional types,
  • Customize widgets to make it look like your brand style with no code,
  • Combine and stack multiple promotions.


The pricing starts at $49 per month.

Personal Discount

The personal discount app is one of the promising discount apps for Shopify that encourages customers to purchase.

It helps to enhance your marketing emails by automatically sending unique discount codes to your customers when they signup for your email list, create an account on your store, make their first purchase, abandon their cart, or have any special occasion like Birthday.

The app integrates with popular email services providers like AWeber, MailChimp, Campaigner, ConvertKit, Ontraport, Shopify, Shopify email, Zoho campaigns, and more. There are many campaign types: Welcome new subscribers, recover abandoned carts, thank first-time customers, make follow-up purchases, and more.


  • Support the unique discount coupon code,
  • Integrated with Popular email service providers,
  • Encourage them to signup for the email list or create an account,
  • The individual expiry date for each code,
  • Different campaign types: Welcome, next purchase, abandoned, and more.


Free for 30 discount codes per month


Discountify helps you increase sales using discounted sale campaigns by discount offers. It allows you to select products and add discounts to the prices easily.

You can schedule campaigns by setting the time for start/end. In addition, you can edit the products in the live campaigns by Auto-update and encourage customers to purchase by showing reduced prices on the product.

You can highlight campaigns with price drops and sale labels. Further, display the new price besides the crossed-out original one and product badges to boost customer conversions.

You can customize the widget to let customers know how much they saved and change discounts. With a few clicks, you can set and organize discounted products with different filters, such as collections, tags, vendors, and more.

Run your campaigns automatically, and set discounts to start and end at the right time with a custom timezone based. Keep an eye on your sales campaigns by viewing the history of orders, revenue top sales campaigns, and more.


  • Filter products by collections, tags, vendors, and more and their discounted prices.
  • Schedule the start and end time of the campaign for an automatic run,
  • Apply discounts to products added to discounted collections/tags.
  • Track sale campaigns with one glance.


Free plan available

Which is the best discount app for Shopify?

There are a lot of great discount apps for Shopify that can help you to increase sales and loyalty among your customers. Each app offers unique features to help you set up discounts, loyalty, bulk discount code generator, and even referral programs.

Some apps allow schedule sales, create automatic discounts, multiple automatic discounts, offer quantity discounts, percentage discounts, and discount campaign to entice customers make a purchase and make more sales for online store owners.

We’ve handpicked the 13 best discount apps with premium features that fit every budget.


Discounts are a great way to boost sales, but only if used correctly.

The apps on this list are some of the best discount apps for Shopify, and they can help you boost your sales while still making a profit. With so many options available, choosing the right app for your store is important. Consider your needs and budget, and then take the time to test out a few apps to see which one works.


You can use discount apps that add unlimited discount levels to your online store.

From the Shopify Dashboard, go to discounts. The first thing you’ll need to do is create a discount code in your Shopify admin. To do this, go to Discounts > Create Discount. From there, you can create a percent off or fixed amount discount, choose a duration, and add any other conditions you want to apply to the discount.

Once you’ve created your discount, you can add it to your Shopify checkout by going to Settings > Checkout and scrolling down to the ‘Discounts’ section. Here, you can automatically add a discount to your cart or have your customers enter a coupon code at checkout.

And that’s all there is to it! Setting up a coupon code for your Shopify online store.

Setting up an automatic discount in Shopify is easy. You can choose the right app to simplify your process and set up an automatic discount on Shopify.

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