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Top 10 Microsite builders to sell digital products (2022)

If you’re a small business owner, digital marketer, subject expert (trainer) or creator who wants to build a store that sells your digital products & services, then you’re at the right place.

After doing in-depth research, we’ve found that “Microsite Platforms” are the best fit for your business.

With microsite builder, you can build a one-page site and sell your digital goods like online courses, webinars, eBooks, audiobooks, softwares, memberships and services. If you’re someone who wants to sell digital products more effectively, then you need a useful microsite builder.

That’s why, In this article we’ve handpicked & reviewed Top 10 best microsite builders with their features, uniqueness and pricing plans so that you can pick the best one for your business.

Without any further delay, Let’s begin!

What is a Microsite & who should use it?

A microsite is a single web page mainly designed for a specific product or service. It’s simple, clean, user-friendly, and contains only a particular product or service. This type of website helps businesses promote their digital products most effectively so that customers can get the details about products and its benefits and proceed to call-to-action (CTA).

You should use Microsite if you want to:

  • Launch new digital products
  • Promote specific product or service
  • Increase conversion
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Build new audiences
  • Achieve any specific results

Many companies are also using these microsite platforms to build a separate store and launch a limited edition product without interrupting the main platform.

One of the best examples of using microsite is – Open Spotify”, where you can directly play songs and access the web application.

Now, it’s time to take a look at the Top 10 Best Microsite Builders and find which one is best for your business. Let’s begin!

Top 10 Best Microsite Builders to sell digital products (2022)

#1 Sellfy



Sellfy is one of the most popular and useful microsite builders. With this platform, you can build an eye-catching and mobile responsive store that helps you sell digital products.

It comes with a drag and drop feature that helps you to build & launch your microsite in five minutes without any technical issues.

With this platform, you can sell digital products like eBooks/PDFs, print-on-demand merchandise, event tickets, tutorials, photography and memberships.

It’s a simple three steps process to use Sellfy:

  • Create a microsite with a drag and drop feature
  • Add your digital products
  • Promote and sell effectively

Sellfy is a highly-secured platform and allows you to sell digital products in three easy steps. It comes with built-in marketing features that help to promote your products on social media platforms and increase conversion.

Sellfy priority support is available 24/7 to resolve your queries instantly if you’re facing any issues.

Key Features of Sellfy

✅ Easy to use platform

✅ Sell digital goods like ebooks, audiobooks, softwares, tutorials and memberships

✅ Comes with drag and drop site builder

✅ Build mobile responsive microsite in five minutes

✅ High priority support 24/7

✅ Built-in marketing features

✅ Offer 14-days free trial (No credit card)

✅ Allows third-party integrations

Pricing Plans

Sellfy offers four amazing plans:

  • Free Plan with basic features
  • Starter Plan that costs $19/month
  • Business Plan that costs $49/month
  • Premium Plan that costs $99/month

With 30-days Money-back Guarantee.

Sellfy is useful for “small business owners, creators and digital marketers”.

#2 Podia



If you’re a creator, business owner or marketer and planning to build your community to promote and sell your digital goods, then surely Podia is one of the best platforms for your business.

Podia is the best microsite builder that helps you to build & sell courses, webinars, digital products and build community. With this platform, you can build an attractive microsite and promote your online courses and digital products in the most effective, efficient and scalable way.

This platform also has many built-in advanced features like full customization of a microsite, email marketing, live chat widget, affiliate marketing program etc. These features help you to level up your business and boost sales.

Podia allows third-party platform integration so that you can use all necessary features required to promote and sell courses, webinars and digital products.

Its drag and drop feature and user-friendly interface help you build a store in minutes. You can create an attractive store because you’ll get full customization options inside the editor.

For any queries, you can ask for support 24/7, and your queries will be resolved in minutes.

Key Features of Podia

✅ Easy to use platform

✅ Build an attractive microsite in minutes

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Built-in advanced features

✅ Sell digital products

✅ High-priority support 24/7 Live chat

✅ Allows third-party integrations

✅ Comes with 14-days free trial (No credit card required)

✅ Zero transaction fees

Pricing Plans

Podia comes with three amazing plans:

  • Mover Plan that costs $39/month
  • Shaker Plan that costs $89/month
  • Earthquake Plan that costs $199/month

It comes with 14-days Free Trial (No credit card required).

Podia Best Suitable For: “Small business owners, entrepreneurs, creators and subject experts (trainer)”.

#3 Teachable



Teachable is the most popular online course platform that helps you to create & sell your digital courses via a microsite.

If you don’t have any idea about creating a course, don’t worry because teachable helps you create your course in minutes; upload your recorded videos and put a name to your course. That’s it; you’ve created a complete course of your own.

After creating a course, you need a beautiful microsite that specifically promotes and sells your course. For this, teachable offers pre-built templates that you can fully customize accordingly and build your site in minutes.

The teachable platform comes with all the necessary features required to build and sell your courses like pre-built templates, an ea
sy-to-build course system, payment gateways integration (like PayPal or Stripe), and an eye-catching interface for your students to start learning.

If you’re a subject matter expert (trainer), creator or entrepreneur and want to build your course to sell, then Teachable is the best fit platform.

Key Features of Teachable

✅ Pre-built eye-catching templates

✅ Easy to build course system

✅ Full customization options

✅ Allows payment gateways integration

✅ You can create a professional certificate for your course

✅ Monthly recurring subscription feature

✅ Easy to use and user-friendly

✅ Built-in advanced features

✅ Beginner-friendly platform

✅ Support multiple currency options

Pricing Plans

Teachable offers four amazing plans:

  • Free Plan with limited features
  • Basic Plan that costs $29/month
  • Pro Plan that costs $99/month
  • Business Plan that costs $249/month

Teachable is suitable  for “creators, subject matter experts and marketers”.

#4 Thrivecart



If you want to grow your income by selling digital products, Thrivecart helps you boost your sales.

You can build a highly convertible one-page site in minutes with its drag and drop feature. You’ll get a full customization editor so that you can create a one-page site as per your look & feel.

Thrivecart also offers many built-in features that can help you to increase your conversion like pop-up cart, upsell, affiliate program, recurring payments, bump offers and many more that engage customers and increase your sales. It also allows third-party integrations like payment gateways, marketing tools and many more.

With Thrivecart, you can see real-time traffic insights so that you can understand your potential customers and improve your performance accordingly.

It’s an easy to use platform with a user-friendly interface, and anyone can create and sell digital products with this platform. It comes with so many built-in features that increase your sales.

Key Features of Thrivecart

✅ Easy to build a one-page site

✅ Eye-catching pre-built templates

✅ Comes with drag and drop editor

✅ Built-in advanced features to increase sales

✅ Allows third-party integrations

✅ One-click upsells & bump offers

✅ Embeddable checkout

✅ You can create your affiliate program

✅ Available for A/B testing

✅ Sell digital products & memberships

Pricing Plans

It comes with lifetime access at $495 only.

Thrivecart is best suitable for: “Entrepreneurs, business owners, agency owners and digital marketers”.

#5 Payhip



Payhip is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to sell your digital products and memberships.

With Payhip, you can sell ebooks, audiobooks, softwares, courses or any memberships directly to your potential customers.

Payhip is a microsite builder that helps you build a one-page store where you can list your digital products and sell them via integrated payment gateways like PayPal & Stripe. It’s so easy to use this platform because of its user-friendly interface and drag and drop editor.

With Payhip, you can create a mobile responsive and convertible one-page site that showcases your digital products most effectively. Also, you can use Payhip’s built-in advanced features like coupon system, affiliate program, embed checkout, offers and email marketing tools that help you increase sales.

It’s a highly secured platform, and customers can quickly download your products after successful payment.

Key Features of Payhip

✅ Easy to build one-page site builder

✅ Comes with drag and drop editor

✅ Responsive & eye-catching templates

✅ Built-in advanced features to increase sales like email marketing, affiliate program

✅ Secured payment gateways (PayPal/ Stripe)

✅ 24/7 customers support

✅ Sell any digital products faster

Pricing Plans

Payhip comes with three amazing plans:

  • Free Forever plan with basic features
  • Plus Plan that costs $29/month
  • Pro Plan that costs $99/month

You can start with its free plan, and later you can switch to its paid plan.

Payhip is best suitable for: “small business owners, entrepreneurs and digital marketers”.

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#6 Instamojo



Instamojo helps you convert your visitors into customers by creating a one-page convertible product page for your digital products.

Instamojo is one of the most popular payment gateway platforms, but it has its page builder so that customers can directly create a page, add products and sell it.

If you have digital products like ebooks, audiobooks, softwares, event tickets, pdfs then use the Instamojo page builder and create a powerful one-page store in minutes.

It’s one of the most powerful page builders and has built-in features like payment gateways, prebuilt templates, marketing & analysis tools etc.

Instamojo offers pre-built templates so you can simply customize the page and add your digital products. It also comes with 100+ payment gateways integration that helps you sell worldwide.

Instamojo is a perfect match for beginners because you can build a one-page store in minutes, easily add products, and use built-in features to promote and sell products via 100+ payment gateways.

Key Features of Instamojo

✅ Easy to use page builder

✅ Comes with 20+ beautiful templates

✅ 100+ payment gateways integration

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Build a responsive page in minutes

✅ Built-in advanced features to promote

✅ Beginner-friendly platform

✅ Complete store management dashboard

✅ Priority support 24/7

Pricing Plans

Instamojo offers four plans:

  • Lite Plan it’s completely free with basic features
  • Starter Plan that costs $53.44/year
  • Growth Plan that costs $133.63/year
  • Customized Plan (Ask for a quote)

It comes with a 14-days Money-back Guarantee.

Instamojo is suitable for: “small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers”.

#7 SendOwl



SendOwl is an all-in-one solution to sell your digital products to potential customers.

With SendOwl, you can sell digital products like ebooks, audiobooks, photography, softwares, memberships, event tickets, license keys, online courses and many more.

SendOwl helps you build a professional one-page store that makes the customer’s journey easier and increases sales.

It’s an integrated checkout platform, and you can link SendOwl with your existing website so that customers can purchase the product through SendOwl checkout.

This platform has many built-in advanced features like coupon codes, one-click upsells, affiliate programs, email marketing tools, boost sales and product update emails. These features help you to increase sales and build engagement with customers.

It’s an open platform for beginners to advance; anyone can use this tool and sell digital products worldwide without any technical issues.

Key Features of SendOwl

✅ Easy to use platform

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Build responsive checkout page

✅ You can integrate with existing website

✅ Built-in advanced features to boost sales

✅ Pre-built checkout templates

✅ Comes with flexible payment gateways

✅ It has bumper offers & affiliate program

✅ One-click upsells & cart abandonment

✅ You can track, analyze and get a report

Pricing Plans

SendOwl comes with three plans:

  • Standard Plan that costs $15/month
  • Premium Plan that costs $24/month
  • Business Plan that costs $39/month

It comes with a 30-days Free Trial (No credit card required).

SendOwl is best suitable for: “beginners, small business owners, creators and marketers”.

#8 FastSpring



If you’re from the SaaS industry or planning to build and sell SaaS software or digital products, then FastSpring is an all-in-one solution for you.

It’s the most professional e-commerce platform that you can use to promote your SaaS softwares in the most effective, efficient and scalable way.

FastSpring comes with all necessary features like global payment gateways, branded checkout, third-party integrations, subscriptions management, automated billing, global tax collection and risk management. Also, it supports 20 currencies and 15+ languages.

Many businesses use this platform to promote and sell their SaaS softwares effectively and increase revenue by 40% without any complexities. With its branded checkout system, you’ll see a boost in sales.

You can build powerful and convertible pages because of its full customization editor. It allows third-party platform Integrations like PayPal, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, WordPress and many more.

Key Features of FastSpring

✅ Mainly used for SaaS/Digital softwares

✅ Easy to use platform

✅ Full customization editor

✅ Secure payment gateways globally

✅ Allows third-party platform integration

✅ Branded checkout system

✅ Subscription & billing management

✅ High-priority support 24/7

Pricing Plans

FastSpring does not offer any specific plan; you need to ask for a quote based on your work requirements.

FastSpring Best Suitable For: “Enterprise, business owners and Professionals”.

#9 Samcart



The easiest way to sell your digital products is to sell on Samcart.

Samcart is one of the popular e-commerce stores that help you build a one-page store and sell your digital products more effectively.

If you’re a digital product to sell and looking for a platform where you can create a powerful, convertible page, add your digital products and sell them, then Samcart helps you in everything.

You can build an eye-catching and convertible one-page store where you can add your digital product in the most effective way that increases sales and conversions.

With Samcart, you can sell almost anything digitally like online courses, ebooks, audiobooks, memberships, coaching, consulting and many more products.

You should start building an eye-catching, mobile responsive and convertible one-page store by using its drag and drop editor. Many beautiful pre-built templates are available; you can pick and customize accordingly.

Once you’ve successfully created a page, you need to use Samcart’s built-in features like order bumps, secure payment gateways integration, one-click upsells, automated subscription and cart recovery so that you’ll boost your sales.

Samcart comes with an easy management dashboard to handle your entire store and check insights. It allows third-party integrations for better enhancement.

Key Features of Samcart

✅ Comes with drag and drop builder

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Eye-catching pre-built templates

✅ Comes with full customization editor

✅ Flexible payment gateways

✅ Built-in advanced features

✅ High-priority support 24/7

✅ Easy order management system

✅ You can see insights and analysis report

✅ Allow A/B testing

✅ Allows third-party integration

Pricing Plans

Samcart offers three plans:

  • Launch Plan that costs $39/month
  • Grow Plan that costs $79/month
  • Scale Plan that costs $159/month

You can start with a 14-days Free Trial. And later, you can switch to any paid plan with a 30-days Money-back Guarantee.

Samcart Best Suitable For: “Small business owners, entrepreneurs, digital marketers and creators”.

#10 MemberPress



If you’re planning to sell your membership subscriptions, you need a MemberPress platform that can manage your entire membership subscription and grow your business.

MemberPress is a wordpress plugin that is mainly used to manage membership subscriptions.

If you’re a wordpress website and want to build a powerful membership site for your business, then “MemberPress” is the best match plugin for your business.

With MemberPress, you can create an eye-catching membership website, customize checkout, a billing system, an easy-to-manage dashboard, and secure payment gateways integration.

You’ll get many built-in features like paywall power, coupon codes, community building, Drip content, affiliate program and subscription plugin. These features help you to increase sales and manage the entire store.

Key Features of MemberPress

✅ Unlimited membership levels

✅ Easy to use platform

✅ Built-in advanced features

✅ multiple payment gateways integration

✅ Content dripping

✅ Easy to set up a membership website

✅ Manage subscriptions & billing system

✅ Separate dashboard for joined members

Pricing Plans

MemberPress comes with three plans:

  • Basic Plan that costs $179/year
  • Plus Plan that costs $299/year
  • Pro Plan that costs $399/year

It comes with a 14-days Money-back Guarantee.

MemberPress Best Suitable For: “Small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals”.

7 Benefits of using Microsite for your business

A microsite is one of the best ways to launch any specific limited edition product in the market, test and receive results accordingly. There are so many benefits of using microsite in business, and we’ve picked seven key benefits below:

Benefit #1 – Fast to build a microsite

Building a microsite takes less time because it’s a one-page site and is mainly created for a specific product.

Benefit #2 – Help you to get desired results from potential customers

When you build a one-page site for a specific product, then you’ll make it powerful, convertible and eye-catching that encourages customers to do what you want after reviewing your microsite.

Benefit #3 – To build awareness

When companies build a microsite, they’ll use it for a limited edition product to create awareness about their upcoming product.

Benefit #4 – SEO-friendly

A microsite is SEO-friendly, and if you create a site for a specific purpose, you’ll get a better ranking on search engines.

Benefit #5 – Accurate Results

Businesses are using analytics tools in microsites because it’s easy to track specific types of customers’ activities on microsites and analyze results.

Benefit #6 – High-performance

Many companies have a giant website with tons of products and services, making website performance slow. That’s why using a microsite for a particular purpose can give you high-performance loading speed.

Benefit #7 – A/B Testing

With Microsite, it’s easy to do A/B testing because you can create two separate one-page sites for a product and do A/B testing accordingly.

These are seven amazing benefits of using microsites for your business.

Which Microsite builder is best for your business?

Finally, we’ve reviewed the Top 10 Best Microsite Builders with their features, uniqueness, pricing plans and benefits of using microsites.

We’ve found that each platform comes with its uniqueness, so you need to pick based on your business requirements.

I suggest you take a free trial of each platform and compare which platform can fulfill your work requirements.

A microsite is a future, and many businesses will use microsite to promote their specific product. Now it’s your turn to adapt to this change and level up your business with microsites. Drop your comment and tell me which Microsite builder you like the most?

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