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How to Increase E-Book Downloads?

Ebook downloads are essential because they’re usually a key to turning interested visitors into paying customers. The more you can get your ebook in front of as many people as possible, the better chances you have of gaining traction, making sales, and increasing your online visibility and authority in your niche market.

In this article, we’ll show you how to leverage the power of social proof to dramatically increase your ebook downloads and attract new customers who are eager to buy what you have to offer.

EBooks are great tools that any business can utilize, but they often come with a cost:

where will you get your downloaders from?

How to build landing pages for e-books?

How to increase E-book downloads?

Sure, you could go out and buy advertising or try to make agreements with eBook websites.

These strategies have their place and time, but getting people who already like your brand to become fans of your brand is always preferable.

Want more free ebook downloads? Here are some suggestions that you may put to action right away.

1. Use a Single, Clear Call-to-Action

2. Hook Visitors with a Strong Headline

3. Use Eye-Catching Images

4. Build Credibility with Social Proof

5. Preview the Benefits, Not Just the Content

6. Ask your audience to leave reviews of your book

7. Keep Lead Gen Forms Short and Simple

So, with the help of these seven actionable ways, you can get More Free eBook Downloads:

Use a Single, Clear Call-to-Action

Promoting your free ebook is about more than just creating a download link and sitting back. It would help if you made a plan for promoting your ebook to ensure that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

To give yourself a better chance of getting discovered, you need to make sure that your call-to-action (CTA) is clear and obvious, so readers will know what they need to do next.

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Hook Visitors with a Strong Headline

Whenever anyone visits your webpage, you have only a few seconds to create a strong impression in front of them. A strong headline will always help you to meet your objective. A strong headline is a key element that engages your visitor for more time to your website with interest. Make sure your headlines are clearly reflecting the topic which you want to convey.

Draw attention with a headline emphasizing the immediate benefit of free ebook downloads!

To ensure readers know what they’ll be getting when they click through, mention free ebook downloads at least once in every section of your post (above and below headlines).

Build Credibility with Social Proof

People are drawn to what’s popular. To increase your ebook downloads, you have to make your book as popular as possible, and social proof is a great way to do that.

If many people download it, other people will want it, too. This is how we’re all wired. Social proof comes in many forms. It can be sales numbers or quotes from readers (reviews).

The higher these numbers are for your ebook, or if your reviews include big names in business or media (think Stephen King), then the more interest people will show when they visit your product page at Amazon (or any retailer). Downloading an ebook isn’t hard, but going through with that purchase can be.

There are many tools available in the market which helps you add social proof without writing a single line of code

Wisernotify is one such tool that offers social proof notifications that will help you generate pop-ups of reviews, show the number of downloads, and many more. Wisernotify helps you increase downloads by showing social proof notifications whenever a visitor lands on your e-book landing page.

It also offers an e-book download widget that allows you to create a unique widget for your ebook. Users can download your e-book right away on your landing page.

Try WiserNotify now.

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Preview the Benefits, Not Just the Content

Most people are familiar with how to give a sales pitch: focus on what’s in it for them. But when you’re marketing your ebook, that’s not enough. You need to do more than tell them how great your ebook is; you need to show it.

  • Give readers an enticing preview of what they can expect from your ebook so that when they download it, they feel confident about their purchase.
  • And don’t just drop a few details in either; include multiple pages from your ebook so that visitors get to see its structure and format.
  • If possible, allow visitors to sample some of your content for free by offering an excerpt on your site. Not only will these features make readers want to buy, but they’ll act as strong social proof, which will entice others (as well as lend credibility and search engine optimization benefits).

Ask your audience to leave reviews of your ebook.

Don’t wait for sales to come in; request reviews and ratings of your ebook from friends, family, and supporters!

A simple email like

Hey [name],

I’ve been working on a new project recently (link), and I’d love it if you could help me out by leaving a review or rating.

If you have any questions or anything, just let me know!

Thanks so much!

It can be very effective.

Keep Lead Gen Forms Short and Simple

One thing that might be holding you back from getting lots of downloads is your lead generation form. Keep your record short and straightforward to make it easier for people to download your ebook.

It’s also important to personalize each arrangement by using a reader’s name in a Dear [first name] greeting, rather than just Dear [insert name here]. These minor tweaks will increase conversions, which means more free ebook downloads!

You can also add these types of attractive lines for users

  • “Download our free eBook Marketing Toolkit now.”
  • “Complete with templates and checklists created just for a reader like you.”
  • “So you can start selling more ebooks right away.”

Use Eye-Catching Images

Images can be a huge factor in deciding whether or not someone will download your book. You might be concerned about how much money it costs to get high-quality images for your ebook if you’re starting.

However, there are plenty of free resources for finding royalty-free images that can be used for ebooks. Sites like Flickr and Wikimedia Commons contain hundreds of photos that can be used for creative projects like ebooks!

If there’s one thing that may boost your ebook landing pages to success, it’s an eye-catching design. Furthermore, it has a strong impression on visitors and motivates them to study more.

As a result, let’s learn from the professionals to spark new ideas for your ebook landing pages.

List of the 5 top ebook landing pages examples


An ebook landing page isn’t your standard sales page. It’s focused, specific, and designed to promote a single product (in most cases).


Image Credit:

If you want to create professional-looking ebook landing pages, plenty of proven templates include all the elements needed to convert more browsers into buyers. The examples below showcase how practical these ebook landing pages can be when executed well. For explore more ideas on using social proof on your landing page.



Image Credit:

Among these all ebook landing pages examples, landing page of Lido is very creative, thorough theme. That informs readers about your ebook, e-course, or online publishing.

This ebook will teach you all you need to know about Smart Knowledge, as well as the importance of design and psychology in your life.

You have to fill up your information and begin generating leads.


Image Credit:

This landing page for ebook is a simple, one-page design with minimal clutter. By placing all of your most important information and call to action (which links directly to your ebook) at the top, you ensure that your visitors are going to read everything you have put in place.


These two factors are critical to a successful ebook landing page: The headline and text offer.


Image Credit:

Hubspot knows how to do both in a way that will catch your attention and compel you to want more. These headline copywriting examples use words like hacks, quick, and excellent. The second factor is an enticing offer.


The colors used in a well-designed landing page like Optimonk are essential for making them easily visible and exciting. Using bright colors on the landing page for ebooks like red, orange, blue, etc., makes it look attractive to visitors and gives them trust and interest in what your product or service is all about.


Image Credit:

Use these colors on the landing page for ebooks and others to create an eye-catching design. Don’t forget to use gradients in your plans, which gives excellent visual effects.


Offering free deals is an amazing way to attract readers to make a download ebook. Making the first ebook free permits you to charge for sequels because readers will be familiar with the book’s content and style, so they will be ready to download your eBook. While it may appear that the effort involved in publishing an ebook ends once it is published, there is a lot more to increasing ebook download than meets the eye. If you follow these suggestions for increasing ebook download, your effort will have a much greater effect!

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