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Impactful Testimonial statistics

12 Testimonial Stats Prove They Can Increase Sales by 34%

From glowing reviews on Amazon to viral social media posts, testimonials are shaping the way we buy, experience, and trust brands.

But the true impact of testimonials goes far beyond a few positive words.

Get ready to explore the surprising statistics that will change the way you think about testimonials and social proof.

Some Top Testimonial Statistics

72% of customers trust a business more after reading positive reviews and testimonials.

Showing online reviews and testimonials can boost sales by 270%.

About 92% of business buyers read reviews and testimonials before buying.

Video testimonials can increase website traffic by 157%.

51% of business buyers rely on personal recommendations when deciding what to buy.

Positive testimonials on sales pages increase sales by 34%.

Why Testimonials Matter Now More Than Ever

Testimonials are powerful advertising tools that enhance your credibility and influence the purchasing choices of potential customers.

Moreover, they create a strong bond between your business and consumers.

The main aim of online testimonials is to establish deeper trust with your customers and provide social proof that your product or service is trustworthy.

Consumers trust online testimonials and read them before buying a product.

In fact, in every industry where there is cut-throat competition, they help your brand stand out and influence potential customers to choose you.

Positive testimonials and reviews influence rankings on search engine optimisation or SEO search engines, to place your website on top Google listings, driving better conversion rates.

The Science Behind Persuasive Testimonials

Testimonials make use of the customer’s psyche to extract the desired result. They leverage social proof, authority, and emotional resonance to achieve trust and credibility.

Consumers are inclined towards following the actions of other consumers, especially if they are unsure of what to do.

Testimonials provide social proof that consumers are influenced by the testimonials of others when making a purchase decision.

Furthermore, customers trust online reviews from a figure of authority or experts in that particular area more than usual branded content, which persuades them to buy your service.

Testimonials that provide concrete results of the products are more reliable than ambiguous statements and build a strong image of the product in the mind of the customer, which makes them more likely to buy your product.

Key Testimonial Statistics and Trends

Testimonials can be used to build brand loyalty and drive conversions while also improving your credibility through the emotion conveyed by the client.

The testimonial statistics given below are specific to certain parameters. Let’s have a look.

Customer Testimonials Statistics for B2B

Given below are some B2B statistics (business to business):

1. Around 92.4% of B2B customers read online reviews and testimonials to make purchasing decisions.

Most B2B buyers trust online reviews and follow them in order to make an informed purchasing decision. Testimonials give a trustworthy account of the product or service in question.

2. Putting customer testimonials regularly on your product page can increase your annual revenue by 62%.

Impactful Testimonial Statistics


3. Customers who interact with a positive review are 58% more likely to convert.

Custmer Interaction with Review


4. Putting positive testimonials on sales pages increase conversions by 34%

People say testimonial videos on the website homepage make them more likely to use the service or buy their products. It is an effective way to increase conversion rates.

Testimonial Impact On Sales and Conversions Showing Stats


Customer Testimonials Statistics for B2C

Described below are some B2C statistics (business to customer):

5. 72% of customers say that positive reviews and testimonials strengthen their trust in a business.

Trust in a brand depends greatly upon how many reviews are positive. A good brand is bound to have more positive reviews than negative ones, which helps develop trust in it.

6. 92% of customers are reluctant to buy a product if there are no customer reviews.

Testimonial Impact On Consumer Trust

7. 88% of customers trust online reviews and testimonials just as much as peer recommendations.

How much People Trust Testimonial Showing Stats

8. Displaying 5-star online reviews and testimonials can increase conversion rates by 270%.

Putting reviews and testimonials on the sales pages increases conversions considerably.

Testimonial Video Statistics

Here are some video testimonial statistics:

9. A customer is 2.1 times more likely to remember testimonial videos than written reviews, making them essential for engagement benefits.

Creating video testimonials can significantly enhance the emotional connection and authenticity perceived by potential customers.

The customer will remember a testimonial video demonstrating the use and benefits of the products much longer than a written review, thereby increasing the probability of buying it.

10. 79% of customers bought a company product or service because they watched a video testimonial.

Stats Showing the impact of video testimonial

11. Testimonial videos created by an actual person (user-generated content) get 85% more views than branded content.

Stats Showing the impact of video testimonial

12. Video testimonials can improve organic search traffic to a website by up to 157%.

Testimonial videos are effective in increasing the web traffic of a website by a great percentage.

If you’re interested in exploring video testimonial statistics in more detail, here you go: 15+ Video Testimonial Statistics & Trends (New 2024 Data)

Testimonial Placement Strategy

Strategic placement of testimonials on your homepage, landing pages, and product pages near CTAs is important to attract more consumers and increase sales.

This will ultimately help increase your conversion rates along with establishing deeper trust with your customers.

Where to Place Testimonials for Optimal Conversion Rates

Let’s talk about the strategic placement of testimonials and how that can help improve conversion rates.

Website Pages: Where Testimonials Drive Action

The use of testimonials can significantly improve web traffic and boost search engine optimization compared to websites that don’t use them but only if rightfully placed.

If placed on the homepage, they help build trust and credibility with new users who visit your site and increase sales.

When they are placed alongside product pages, their benefits can be easily highlighted and assure potential customers.

On checkout or conversion pages, it reduces doubt and reinforces purchase decisions.

Lastly, a dedicated reviews testimonials page serves as a comprehensive source of social proof.

Landing Pages: Strategic Testimonial Integration to Increase Conversions

To optimise the landing page, place testimonials in strategic locations for the best results.

Begin with a persuasive testimonial displayed on the top of the page to draw the attention of more customers.

You can put testimonials near the main CTA to reassure visitors right before they take action.

Testimonials matter when they are meaningful and address the pains and benefits of using your service.

Thus, it also helps in improving star ratings of your website.

Marketing Materials: The Right Testimonial at the Right Stage

Tailoring a testimonial is key during different touch points for effective decision-making.

Begin with the awareness stage, in which testimonials you make to your audience and establish trust through general benefits.

When the consumer’s trust is acquired, proceed to highlight particular features and overcome doubt related to your service.

Lastly, include success stories related to your product to drive the point home. As reviews increase, more customers will come in, thereby increasing conversions.

The Power of Storytelling in Testimonials: Why Consumers Trust Online Reviews

Bringing forth a story’s power in testimonials heightens engagement and persuasion on many levels.

Stories work far better than facts alone when it comes to influencing choices.

They help testimonials look more credible as they show real-life experiences which build trust.

Stories clearly bring out product advantages and outcomes, bringing in potential buyers and improving the star rating of your website.

Wrap up

With the current competition in the market, testimonials are important when it comes to making purchases and boosting business prosperity.

They provide social proof, increase credibility and gain trust with potential consumers. The above-listed B2B and B2C statistics underscore their importance in the success of a business.

Thus, embracing testimonials as a core component of marketing strategy is essential for businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors and build good, lasting relationships with their customers.



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Your website conversion rate can be considered ‘good’ if it lies somewhere between 2-5% in all industries, though it still varies from business to business. A good conversion rate helps your website rise in the Google business listings and generate more significant revenue.

Testimonials and reviews help develop trust in a brand which in turn brings in more customers. They also give the current customers a reason to keep engaging with the brand. Therefore, the revenue a brand generates also increases.

Testimonials help prove the credibility of your product, attracting more customers. That helps improve your website’s online presence and search engine rankings. Your SEO improves as a result.

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