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eCommerce Themes – Key Features Your Theme Should Have

Since the internet has become a part of everyday life, every entrepreneur needs to move their businesses to an online platform.

Without a doubt, the quality of your items is critical, and your clients will not reach your products unless you have an easy-to-use & intuitive website design.

Everyone strives to dazzle internet consumers with their online businesses, and the eCommerce industry becomes more competitive by the day.

Do you have any idea? Websites’ first impressions can be formed in less than 50 milliseconds. During this period, the majority of your visitors will determine whether or not to stay on your website.

So make damn sure that fractions of a second are enthralling.

However, the eCommerce website’s look, functionality, and site’s impression on visitors rely on an eCommerce theme.

Therefore, while developing a new eCommerce website or opting to update an old one, think about the ecommerce features that would encourage people to stay and return.

In this piece, we have highlighted the best ecommerce theme features that your site should have in order to grow your shop successfully.

Let’s begin by discussing the significance of the eCommerce theme.

Why Should You Choose an eCommerce Theme With Care?

We’re all aware that the number of available themes is steadily growing. And each theme adheres to a certain niche.

The theme you choose should be appropriate for the content of your website.

If you’re launching a blog, for example, you’ll want a theme that increases readability; if you’re creating a fashion store, your site should be visually appealing and give a pleasant user experience.

Certain themes come with a plethora of choices for personalization. Due to poor coding, these features might be difficult to make any change and utilize plugins. You might pay for another theme or pay a developer to modify it in such a case.

Some eCommerce themes look excellent but take too much time to load, which is also not good for better UX. Google also dislikes slow sites.

In a nutshell, the theme is in charge of the entire website’s functioning as well as its appearance.

Therefore, be certain that the theme you pick contains all of the best eCommerce theme features listed below.

Must-Have Features for Your Ecommerce Theme

When picking an eCommerce theme for your website, there are a few aspects that you should keep in mind.

Let’s get started digging them!

Key features for an eCommerce theme

The eCommerce theme should be 100% responsive

Globally, there are more than 5 billion mobile phone users. Therefore, there is an enormous opportunity for your online store to thrive.

As of currently, mobile eCommerce purchase holds more than 35% of all online purchases.

If your shop doesn’t quickly adapt screen size, you risk losing a major percentage of your client base.

Ensure the theme you select is flexible & mobile responsive to eliminate this risk.

You should further conduct a responsiveness test to verify that the theme works properly with all screen sizes and that the content looks appropriate.

Website Design matters

It is critical to select a theme that is appropriate for your business and appealing to your visitors.

Various themes out there with shiny colors and complicated functionality, but if you run a small shop selling artisan goods, this type of theme won’t work for you.

Also, make sure your theme has a user-friendly design so that users can enjoy surfing on your site.

Make it easy for them to find the product they are looking for. If they find it hard, surely they will leave.

Moreover, test the theme on different screen sizes so that it looks fab on every device.


You’re unlikely to spot a theme that meets all your requirements, so you need a customization option to twist and tweak the default layout

Customization is available with every theme but restricted to some level, or very few customization options can’t help you.

Therefore, ensure that the theme allows you to customize the complete theme without any coding skills.

Plugin Support

Plugins are developed to perform specific functions for themes or websites. The vast majority of renowned themes are plugin-compatible.

However, you will be needed to add plugins for certain reasons, such as media player plugins, SEO plugins, Social proof plugins, form builder plugins, and so on.

Therefore, you may go to the theme’s site and check its specifications to see whether it is compatible or not.

Additionally, make sure that the theme you select should not be labeled as “All-in-one,” as this kind of theme most probably does not allow users to add something new.

Ensure the highest possible page loading speed

The success of your website and a higher SEO score are dependent on its loading speed. The theme you choose has a direct impact on the speed of your website.

As a result, check your preferred theme’s speed is sufficient.

Checking the page loading speed with GTmetrix or other page load tests is the best approach to evaluate your theme’s performance.

Theme bloat is another factor to think about when it comes to performance. Having the best eCommerce theme features is good, but overloading of features might slower the speed.

Hence, go for a theme that has all the useful ecommerce features that you want to use rather than overloaded features.

Cross-browser compatibility

Browser compatibility refers to the ability of your website to be properly ‘translated’ by a certain browser so that it can appear and function properly.

The theme may operate correctly in one browser but create issues in others.

So that, if you want to reach your whole target audience, you must ensure that the theme is cross-browser compatible.

Theme Support

Premium themes provide technical support for a few months after that. If you need support after that, you will be required to pay monthly or to take a subscription,

On the other hand, some free eCommerce theme comes with the same support feature and documentation, and some have no support options.

While making a decision for an eCommerce theme, make sure it has proper documentation and support options so that you can easily come out from any technical issue that occurs.  

Positive Reviews

You should consider what other consumers have thought about the theme.

If the theme has a significant amount of positive reviews and downloads, then considering that theme might help you.

Essential eCommerce features

Effective CTA

These small marketing elements may make or break a deal.

The CTA directs the user to the buy button, which significantly improves the buying process. As a result, income is boosted.

Effective CTA such as urgency alert for stock out or free gifts for subscribers might help to convert lead into a customer.

A shopping cart that is well-designed & functional

The shopping cart’s design is what aids in the completion of the order and increases conversion.

A complicated shopping cart, as well as an inability of qualities or info, can easily sway a customer’s choice to quit.

If the procedure runs easily and flawlessly, it is a signal of a smart shopping cart.

Multiple payment gateway integrations

< p>A payment gateway connects your eCommerce theme to the online payment system and allows your site to accept payments.

You can incorporate a variety of payment channels that are suitable for your eCommerce theme.

Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are examples of payment gateways. If you don’t have them, it might be ruining your consumers’ experience and losing a hard-won deal.

Checkout That Is Simple To Use

The average rate of abandonment in online shopping carts is 69.89%.

A well-designed, user-friendly checkout is one of the eCommerce features that will prevent cart abandonment and keep customers returning to your company.

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Are you all set to go live with your online store?

Pay close attention to this guideline of best ecommerce theme features before installing your theme.

The more approaches you put into selecting the appropriate theme, the better. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a true fit.

Once you’ve discovered the perfect theme for you, the user can always utilize a plugin or other tweak to carry any additional capabilities to power on your website.

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