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Project Updates ( April, May, June – 2020)

Thanks for supporting us & giving a lot of suggestions. Most of them implemented & released successfully.


WiserNotify Product Updates

In the last three months, We have added many notification designs & widgets options. Also added advanced configuration options that enable you to control & manage the notification.

Added new notification templates & customization options

  • Now, every notification type has 9+ awesome designs. Thanks for suggesting or giving a reference design. All designs include in-built collector popup.
  • 100% notification design & text customization. We have built options like text editor, border, shadow, entry-exit animation, icon GIF support, and set icon priority order like map image, custom icon & country flag & many more. Also, the built notification resizer option so you can change the notification size as your need.
  • New Widgets added like call me, subscribe, announcement & many more.

Please keep sharing the idea. We want to add it for you in the future.

Released new integrations

For more detail, visit

Let us know if we are missing your favorite tool. We want to add it for you. You can send us a request to [email protected].

Building new notification control features:

  • Skip seen notification option released. Using it, you can stop showing the same data already seen in the notification to the visitor.
  • You can set the limit & show fix number of notifications per page.
  • Precise targeting options are added like UTM source, cookies, referring site & new/return.
  • Set notification display priority order.
  • Apply timing-related settings on the notification level. Previously it was domain level.

Built agency module & released agency plan

  • We have launched the agency pricing plan.
  • Add & manage staff.
  • Create plans for the client.
  • Create client accounts & assign them plans.
  • Branding option for the client.

We are growing fast.

  • Currently, 200+ websites are using it
  • 1,100 + notifications are live
  • Serving daily approx 3,50,000 notification impressions.

New things are coming soon!

Please join our social media network & we are actively posting new updates about WiserNotify features.

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