Boost Thinkific Course Enrollments
Ways to Use Social Proof to Boost Thinkific Course Enrollments

11 Ways to Use Social Proof to Increase Thinkific Course Enrollments

Before the world could learn online, when people wanted to decide how to learn or where to learn, they’d often turn to friends or family to seek advice around their own experiences with similar courses.

E-learning is booming; in a post covid world where everything & everyone is going online, e-learning platforms have seen massive growth.

The demand for quality content creators is increasing. Numbers are growing every day, and students have many options to choose from.

But how do your students validate the quality of your course?

Ask yourself, how do you validate that your courses are generating the most revenue?

By the number of students, right?

The same thing happens on the other end, where students validate the quality of your course by looking at the other students.

That’s social proof; it gives you validation.

Some facts about social proof

I’m not going to deep dive into social proof, assuming that you already know what social proof is.

You must be putting all your efforts & money into getting traffic through SEO, ads, social media, e-mails, etc.

You must be getting a lot of traffic as well.

Are you able to sell online courses to enough visitors?

If you’re, great!!!! Let’s increase your online course sales.

But if you don’t, I’m here to show you how you can sell online courses to more visitors using social proof by building trust.

Let's take a sneak peek into it.

Give your website a “live” feel

Notification used: Live notification

Live Visitor Count Notification

Think about a pizza place around a corner where no one eats. Would you go there?

No, right!!!

Instead, you would go to a place two blocks away from where a lot of people eat even though it is far.

You can give your website that live feeling too. Use live notification and show the number of live visitors on your website, all in real-time.

Best place to use: Home page/Landing page, course listing page

Trigger point: after 5s of a page visit

Show students, they’re not alone

Notifications used: Conversion count

Conversion Count Notification

No one wants to be your first customer until or unless you’re Seth Godin selling the first copy of the newly launched book.

Let your customers know that they’re not the only ones enrolling in your customers. Show the number of students who enrolled in these thinkific courses before them and trigger buy action.

Best place to use: Course listing page, check out page

Trigger point: after 20-30% scroll

Encourage Students

Notification used: Conversion

Conversion Notification

Students just don’t go to your site and make a purchase instantly.

They look at what other students are doing.

Show real-time course enrolment to encourage students to take action.

Best place to use: Course listing page, check out page

Trigger moment: exit intent

Use word of mouth

Notification used: Reviews

Review Notification

Nothing works better than reviews.

Word of mouth can do miracles. When someone else is talking about your course, it creates an impact and influences others to make buy decisions.

Use review notifications to show reviews from Google, Facebook, and other review platforms.

Best place to use: Works everywhere

Trigger moment: after 5s of visit or after 50% scroll

Show your popularity

Notifications used: Video

Youtube Video Stats Notification

Use youtube stats to show your popularity and get more subscribers with the subscribe button right on your website.

Best place to use: Home/landing page

Trigger moment: after 50-60% scroll

Show discounts

Widget used: Timer

Countdown timer widget

Discounts are one of the best sales strategies; you can’t disagree with that.

Use timer to show limited period discount to boost your sales

Best place to use: Home/landing page, course listing page, offer page

Trigger moment: instantly on a visit

New course updates

Widget used: Announcement

Announcement Widget

Announce your upcoming courses using this widget.

Notify your new & existing visitors about the new courses.

Best place to use: Home/landing page, course listing page

Trigger moment: after 5-10s of visit or 50% scroll

Get more attendees

Widget used: Announcement - Ads

Announcement Widget

Notify your visitors about the webinar and get more people to attend it.

Best place to use: Home/landing page

Trigger moment: after 80-100% scroll

Engage more students

Widget used: Video pop-up

Video Pop-up widget

Let your students watch a preview of your thinkific course before making a purchase.

Explain to them the importance of your course using video pop-ups

Best place to use: Home/landing page, course listing page

Trigger moment: Exit intent or after 15-20s of visit

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Free E-books

Widget used: Announcement Download

E-book download widget

Everyone loves freebies.

Add value through e-books and let them know about the quality of your content.=

Pop widgets and let your customers know about your e-books.

Show them the total download count to boost confidence.

Get more e-book downloads and generate more leads.

More leads, more conversions.

Best place to use: Home/landing page, course listing page

Trigger moment: on a visit or after 10-20s or exit intent

Influence students

Widget used: Social Media Counter

Social Media Counter Widget

Use your social media reach to influence new visitors.

Show off your popularity, also get more followers with CTA widgets.

Best place to use: Home/landing page

Trigger moment: after 40-50% scroll or after 10-15s of page.

You can show all these notifications with only one tool- WiserNotify.

Wisernotify helps you automate your social proof. It offers beautiful notification design templates with full customization.

It also offers pro features like A/B testing, in-line text, data & timing control settings & 250+ direct integrations to target your audience intelligently.

On average, wisernotify users have seen a 17% increase in their conversion rate, you can use it to sell Thinkific online courses too.

We’re excited to see what you do with all these notifications, widgets & pro features.