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12 Best Themes for Shopify Store in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Individuals and businesses have adopted online purchasing, giving customers additional alternatives.

Also, owning an eCommerce website allows businesses to connect to as many shoppers as possible.

The Covid-19 epidemic has fostered the expansion of online businesses. Global eCommerce is expected to reach up to $5.55 trillion by 2022, according to Shopify figures.

If your organization typically sells its items primarily through a physical location, it’s time to broaden your scope and develop an eCommerce website.

However, new e-commerce sites are launched daily by novices and skilled business owners. This increases competitiveness, making it even more necessary to differentiate yourself from others.

So, how do you set yourself out from the rest of the market? Picking the best Shopify theme for your online presence is a simple way to start.

Best does not necessarily indicate a stunning look; other significant factors should also be evaluated.

In this writing, we have mentioned some qualities you should look for in a Shopify theme, along with the list of the best free and paid Shopify themes.

So, Let’s get started!

Features To Look In Shopify Theme

Below is a checklist of must-have characteristics to assist you in choosing the best Shopify theme for your shop among the many options available.

Product Catalog Size:

You may narrow down your options in the Shopify Theme Store by the number of items they cover.

You’ll need a theme that allows users to add your complete collection while making it browser-friendly.

While selling 10 or fewer goods, you could be better suited to staying with a more specialized theme with more possibilities for designing your homepage.


Smartphones contribute more than half of all online traffic. You can’t afford to ignore your mobile traffic. Choose a mobile-friendly theme that is easier to read on your portable devices. Analyze how the theme appears on your phone before adopting it.

Easy To Navigate:

Select a theme with clear and precise navigation. Make sure you avoid those with confusing menus. People will not look at the stuff if they can’t determine how to browse your site.

Seek For Quicker Page Loading:

To put it mildly, a slow-loading website is infuriating. Some elements outside your control contribute to your website’s slowness, but there are several you can influence:

  • Reduce the number of times you modify the theme’s code.
  • Change or prevent excessive pictures and videos.
  • If you’re making a website, use system fonts.

Using these reduces the cognitive load we outlined before, encouraging you to increase the performance of your website.

Provide A Plethora Of Trust Facets:

As the name implies, a trust signal is a signifier on your website indicating that your site is reliable. These may include a fantastic refund policy, social proof, extensive product descriptions, FAQs, and blog posts regarding your sector and experience.

This indicates that you are genuine, trustworthy, and deserving of your customers’ business. Ascertain that the theme you select allows you to add the trust signals you need for your business.


Support can make the whole process considerably more accessible if you’re building your own Shopify website without the help of an expert.

Your theme may not provide extra assistance beyond their resources in certain circumstances, necessitating you to engage outside support to complete your site. Therefore, You should also consider the developer’s aid.

Now, let us glance at several of the best Shopify themes on the market today. We’ve gone over everything that’s at the core of your approach.

12 Best Themes for Shopify Store

1. Debut (Free)

The Debut Shopify theme is at the top of the list: it’s highly configurable, lightning-fast, simple to use, and adaptable enough to handle a variety of stores despite warehouse size. Furthermore, it looks fantastic on both desktop and mobile devices.

This free e-commerce theme can significantly support you in showcasing your goods.

You’ll benefit from a variety of benefits.

Debut has it all, including a carousel, a live search option, testimonials, a promotional banner, and product filtering.

You may also add a video to your website to share your narrative or promote a new product launch.

This theme is distributed and supported by Shopify.

2. Blockshop (Premium)

Bright colors and vivid fonts give the Blockshop theme a quite natural & professional vibe.

The theme is incredibly affordable, enabling you to save money on app subscriptions while giving you the major highlights to increase website speed.

There are four visually appealing styles included with the theme. These can give the backbone for your site style that you can subsequently tweak.

Blockshop features a large grid-based design that helps you highlight your Shopify store’s top goods.

A currency converter, multi-column drop-down menus, and a blog section are available features. Every product page also includes social share buttons, making it simple for your customers to convey the word about your products.

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3. Pipeline (Premium)

Pipeline breathes new energy into the essential scrolling experience. This theme uses a parallax effect to provide the illusion of depth as you scroll down the page.

The pipeline stands out due to its distinctive design aspects. It is more than just a simple theme; it’s explicitly designed for more comprehensive product catalogs, so this may be excellent for your business if you’re expanding your shop.

This theme allows you to create multi-column menus for your customers’ convenience, and you can also improve your SEO with that. There are an infinite variety of options available.

Additionally, the theme allows easy modification to build your desired store.

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4. Minimal (Free)

Minimal is a Shopify theme that won’t disappoint if you want something elegant and clean. It includes a variety of styles featuring antique shops, fashion, and furniture.

It is a free Shopify theme with a phenomenal track record for user-friendliness and backend customization.

The Minimal theme contains a stunning slider that enables huge photos of your top items as one of its main features.

It offers easy navigation, many additional features, and different blocks to show your goods and collections.

Product image zoom, product image animation function, and a sidebar module make it one of the finest free Shopify themes.

5. Brooklyn (Free)

Brooklyn is also another Shopify-created theme. It uses a mobile-first dynamic design strategy so that you can anticipate fantastic mobility though on a phone or tablet.

One of the most valuable elements is the header carousel, which allows you to highlight various goods at the top of your page.

In addition, you’ll have a dynamic product grid that functions as a showcase for your best-selling products.

For a myriad of purposes, a slide-out cart makes shopping more enjoyable.

Let your store stand out with the excellent and remarkable Brooklyn and get your online business off to a flying start.

6. Ella (Premium)

Ella is the most popular Shopify theme, with over 16k purchases and a 5-star review. It’s easy to see why.

It is flexible and adaptable, with all the essential materials and more.

You could also design your unique header and footer.

The theme is mobile-friendly and cross-browser familiar, giving a hassle-free purchasing experience.

Ella has convinced you to market and sell attire or, indeed, anything online.

It has 16 free child themes, each with its look and functionality.

Ella is an excellent option for developing a Shopify store because it has several demos and layouts.

7. Boundless (Free)

A highly modern but minimalist Shopify design that performs well on mobile and desktop devices.

The gallery of images is another crucial element. The image collection binds everything together, letting you show only the product photos that link to the product pages.

Still, consider that demo glimpses use a complete content package that ideally complements each function.

The menu elements are always visible owing to the sticky structure, and the homepage carousel with a fade effect gives a unique style.

8. Narrative (Free)

It’s akin to creating a tale to create a great online store. Narrative is a free Shopify theme that offers a variety of colors and styles to express your store’s story.

This theme has all the essential capabilities that make it perfect for small businesses and startups just starting.

In general, the Narrative subject lends itself well to visual storytelling.

You may personalize anything from blockquotes to graphics, guiding your clients through your brand’s journey.

When selling a few things online, you can surely select Narrative because it has a large layout version and several other intriguing characteristics.

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9. Handy (Premium)

Handy is a mobile-friendly Shopify theme created to provide an extremely intuitive smartphone purchasing experience.

The theme has a simple content structure that allows you to exhibit your items in greater depth and with a quick peek. The theme includes various apps to build a landing page, display social proof, find suppliers, and many more.

Handy doesn’t sacrifice any standard functionality you’d typically expect in a best Shopify theme while being created primarily for smaller screen devices and mCommerce.

The theme also contains a multi-column menu displaying several categories, a rapid add-to-cart pop-up mechanism for better engagement, and spaces for conducting deals and offers.

10. Thalia (Free)

Thalia is the Shopify theme you’ve been looking for when you want a neat design for your business.

It is a free Shopify theme that’s ideal for fashion stores, but it’s also adaptable and able to fit a range of other scenarios easily.

A responsive slideshow, intelligent filters, color swatches, and a slide-out (Ajax) cart are available.

You may also explore the configuration features, as you’ll have full access to the typography, colors, and designs.

Thalia is a top choice, with just enough capabilities to provide versatility to aspiring developers without being overwhelmed.

11. Wokiee (Premium)

Wookie is a creative tool, not just a Shopify theme. It is well geared for mobile customers and provides 86 homepage templates and other aesthetic options for visual merchandising.

Wookie is a versatile Shopify theme for eCommerce enterprises.

Using slightly elevated layouts, you can quickly create responsive frameworks for your home, product, and other sites.

It comes with more than 99 content blocks and hundreds of page styles to let you present items as you want.

It’s a fantastic feature for increasing user involvement and website visits.

Wookie has features for comparing goods and adding them to a wishlist or shopping cart.

It holds everything you need to build an extremely responsive website with a great UX, so try the Wookie Shopify theme.

12. Express (Free)

Express is a Shopify theme that was created to get you online quickly.

It is also a unique mobile-first free Shopify theme that allows consumers to swiftly add things to their cart without exiting the page on your site.

Instead of highlighting only one collection, the site has a highlighted items collection.

The Express theme includes many content areas that may be easily customized to transform the basic look into something unique for your company.

The Express theme was created to make the shopping procedure as short and painless as possible.

Wrapping it Up

To summarize, selecting the best Shopify theme for your shots on goal will make it easier to run your business and put you ahead of the competition.

Visitors will visit another website if your appearance does not appeal to them or if searching for products in your catalog is difficult.

There are a plethora of unique Shopify themes currently available. We’ve narrowed down the finest options for you; now it’s your turn to choose.

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