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How to create the perfect Micro-Moments marketing strategy

Micro-moment marketing is a new style of marketing that has risen as a result of the advent and widespread acceptance of smartphones and tablets, as well as the overall advancement of technology.

When your target audience grabs their smartphones or tablets to swiftly seek out additional information on a topic or potential purchase, you have less than 3 seconds to capitalize on the micro-moment opportunity.

In order to get things done, the smartphone has become indispensable. According to our newest research, 75% of individuals claim their smartphones help them be more productive.

What exactly is micro-moment marketing, and why is it so important? Continue reading to learn more.

What is Micro moment marketing?

The micro-moment is the game-changer for both customers and brands. Micro-moments are those in which consumers spent more time on mobile devices to do something, to watch something, to discover something, to learn something, or to buy something. In this case, the expectations of customers are higher than ever, so they want immediate answers that satisfy their micro-moment or expectations.

Micro-moment examples:

  • I-want-to-know
  • I-want-to-go
  • I-want-to-do
  • I-want-to-buy
Micro-moment examples

Every day, there are a number of these moments—checking the time, emailing a spouse, social media conversing with acquaintances.

Let’s take a hypothetical example of a clothing store to understand each term of micro-moment marketing.

1. I want to know moments

At this moment, a person wants only some information about a product but not to commit to buying or purchasing it yet.

It means this phase is only for researching or exploring.

Example: What type of clothes to attend a marriage?

How to find an educative micro-moment?

You can find the queries or the questions put by your targeted audience. You can take the help of Quora, Reddit, or Google search to find out what type of information your audience is searching for.

The best way to answer such queries is by putting the product reviews or valuable information in the form of blogs on your website or directly answering the questions on platforms like Quora and Reddit.

From the above example of clothes, you can put the reviews and testimonials about your clothes on your website and Google search with a rich snippet feature.

2. I want to go moments.

This moment is a location-based moment for users who may be in search of travel distance or product.

If someone searches for Indian restaurants on Google search expecting Google will show a list of nearby restaurants.

Example: South-Indian restaurants near me

How to find the “go micro-moment”?

These moments depend specifically on the location of your ideal audience. For example, if a person wants to travel somewhere, he will look for conditions, traffic, or an alternative route to his destination. In another case, he may be looking for a local business to buy some products or services.

For this micro-moment marketing, you need to register your business with your local directory websites, Google My Business, and optimize your website for local SEO.

From the above clothing store example, the person can register his store with the local directories of those who have a preferred niche of clothing stores, optimize the website for local SEO, and register on Google My Business.

3. I want to do moments

In this type of moment, people want help for completing a task with new ideas so they could be searching for step-by-step instruction, blogs, and videos that can help to complete their task.

Example: How to make a shoe rack?

How to find the “do micro-moment”?

As the name suggests, people are looking for a solution to complete their tasks. It may include fixing a tv remote or writing an essay on a certain topic.

For micro-moment marketing, you can write an instruction manual or a blog article, where you can guide the audience through a step-by-step process to fix something or provide a solution.

The best way to go is with video tutorials on your website, youtube, or on a search engine.

From the example of a clothing store, the person can show a video tutorial on how to stitch the cloth, do embroidery, or fix any problem related to clothes like removing stains or ink marks, etc.

4. I want to buy moment

When customers are genuinely ready to make a purchase, this is a significant time for businesses. People are asking for assistance in determining what to buy and how to buy it at this time.

Example: Where can I buy Nike T-shirts?

How to find the “buy micro-moment”?

The buy micro-moments genuinely pay off when the customer is willing to purchase something. People are searching for products or services to buy it.

For the buy micro-moment, you can build a landing page, show ads on different social platforms, and run PPC campaigns to provide better offers and bring them to the product or service page of your website.

From the above example of the Cloth store, the person can run PPC campaigns or social media campaigns on keywords like “buy a t-shirt online, or buy clothes online, or shop clothes online, or buy clothes for men, women, & kids, etc., and use rich snippets to showcase the product on his website.

Why does micro-moment marketing matter?

game-changing micro moments

Micro-moments are a full game-changer in terms of marketing. Users are looking for a business, product, or service that meets a need rather than a brand. Because of this transformation in user intent, micro-moment marketing is now more relevant.

You have to take advantage of micro-moments to improve marketing ROI. I know it is not so simple, but you might wonder, what if my desktop traffic is the majority of my traffic? What if mobile traffic reports for only 5% of my total monthly traffic?

Brands that have a strategy for recognizing and satisfying consumer’s demands in these micro-moments will be successful in the future.

For the best performance and growth of your brand, you need to know these factors for Micro moment marketing.

Be in attendance:

People have spent time searching for a particular product that is short, so it’s difficult to reach your target audience. For the strong implementation of conversion, you have to create a message which users can easily understand.

Use Micro moment marketing by creating content so users can learn, buy, or can understand. For all these parameters, Your attendance or presence is most important.

Builds brand awareness:

There are a number of possibilities available to people in any business, whether you’re
a customer or a brand.

Micro-moment marketing, on the other hand, can help you raise brand awareness among your target demographic. Increasing brand awareness can help your business avoid bankruptcy or keep operating.

For raising awareness of your company or brand, you can publish ads, posts, question-answers, and blogs about your services or product.

Be accountable:

Micro-moments aren’t trending down, and with the booming significance of technology in consumers’ daily lives, they’ll only become more popular. Serve your audience and their micro-moments to stay on top of things.

Provide all types of resources and information to users so they can stay to purchase online, or visit your store, or can call your brand.

Now, the most important thing is how you can advertise to micro-moments?

On the Final Note

Marketing is all about reaching your potential customer or audience. It’s not about the number of leads; it’s about the quality of leads you generate like enterprise leads.

Micro-marketing can be successful for businesses with proper strategy and performance. Monitoring, understanding, and learning from each micro-moment is vital for running successful micro-moment campaigns.

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